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“I give Western Union 5 stars for security because...”

Written on: 10/01/2010

I give Western Union 5 stars for security because their security is so high that no one can use their services, NO ONE AT ALL.

If you're thinking about using Western Union online or by phone DON'T DO IT.

When a customer calls their USA phone number you get an illiterate person in Asia, Mexico...they cannot even spell words like "Avenue" you have to explain everything which makes a 1 minute phone call into a 9 or 10 minute call.

Western Union has very high security procedures which is why many people get denied business on the grounds that they present a potential for mis-use or fraud....Poor old Western Union has even been sued by state governments such as Arizona over bad business practices - these were leading factors as to why Western Union became such a strange company.

Online and phone sends are basically now limited to people with Gold card memberships that have been applied for and utilized at brick and mortar locations - they want to make sure you have a legitimate non-fraud related history with the company.

After another year of this after Western Union has lost 100 million dollars in profit because they reject all new customers (as you can see by reading these posts) then MAYBE they will have to start accepting customers again, right now WESTERN UNION ONLINE IS BASICALLY A GHOST SHIP, THEY DO NOT ACCEPT BUSINESS FROM ANYONE UNLESS YOU ARE ONE OF A SMALL PORTION (LESS THAN 1/10TH OF 1% OF THE COUNTRY THAT HAS A GOLD CARD MEMEBERSHIP NUMBER AND A PROVEN HISTORY OF LEGIT BUSINESS WITH WESTERN UNION. THE SAME GOES FOR 1800 CALL CASH...THIS IS ALSO A GHOST SHIP. THERE IS NO WESTERN UNION.

They probably don't care though, afterall being a subsidiary of the largest payment processing company in the world (First Data) means they have leeway to go into negative territory financially (and can do so for years, perhaps infdefintely and still conduct enough creative accounting to be "in business").

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