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“This is the worse service ever!!! Do NOT use this...”

Written on: 04/01/2010

This is the worse service ever!!! Do NOT use this ticket agency. BTW This is not a travel agency; they only issue the tickets with not liability on their part. But they do not mention that until you have a problem

You are better off buying the ticket directly from the airline.

They do NOT have customer service at all. And, they will refer you eventually to the airline if ANY issues arise.

The airlines do NOT take their tickets, especially the paper tickets issued by them. I do not know if this is legal but it happened to me. It is IMPOSSIBLE to solve any issues with their tickets. You have to buy new ticket. Of course, you buy the tickets with your own money.

Reimbursement? You must be kidding, you are out of luck.

Ask for the reschedule fee; it is just as expensive as buying another ticket.

Best Travel Store, Inc. will make references to links in their websites and mentioning treats and articles that you never hear off. They will send you a reply that reads as follows.

Do NOT this service: it is awful/terrible. If you do, you will be writing or posting in this site, just like I did today.


Best Travel Store cannot be held responsible when required reservation and payment rules that are posted in a very conspicuous manner are not followed. Furthermore, Best Travel Store cannot assume responsibility, legal or otherwise, for any information provided by any third party, including the airline providing transportation. Any such dispute is between you and the applicable party that provided you with (erroneous) information.


United Airlines is solely responsible for all expenses resulting from the delay on the return portion of your trip per Warsaw and Montreal Conventions Article 19.

United may be further responsible for expenses resulting from your lack of the required transit visa in case you can prove that they failed to provide you with accurate information about travel requirements for Belarus. Note that it is not enough that you simply prove that they told you that staying within the Moscow airport international area relieves you of transit visa requirement, but you must also prove that you asked specifically about travel to your final destination in Belarus, which does require the transit visa.

Best Travel Store fulfilled its obligations to the passenger fully by providing conspicuously placed and accurate transit visa requirement information and by providing a valid United Airlines ticket for round trip travel to Belarus.


Marko Cadez


Best Travel Store, Inc.


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