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“I have been with Utility Warehouse Discount Club...”

Written on: 12/10/2009

I have been with Utility Warehouse Discount Club (Telecom Plus PLC) UWDC for five years as a customer. The words 'scam' are totally misleading on some of these reviews (giving the impression of fraud). They are now a FTSE 250 company, voted Small British PLC of the Year on 13.3.09 in the Financial Times and received six Top Reviews (inc. 4 'Best Buy' awards by 'Which' in the last two years). I always follow the 'Which', Financial Times, Shares and Investors Chronicle magazines, who ALL rave about the best British PLC on the market. With over 300,000 customers, they won't always get it right.... but their customer service for me and familiy members has been second to none..... So the word 'scam' should really mean SCAM - Serious Company Advancing the Market. I am not a distributor, just a very happy customer, paying less money out, with a great company.... I also get a rebate on my shopping every month reducing my bills. My broadband is fast (new computer and in an LLU area)..... so stop whining - if you don't like them, then change.... but don't try and put off others, who WILL get a great deal and service with UWDC!

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Gracek's Comment

Written on: 08/04/2010

I found this review very helpful because...some people were calling it a scam yet I've just joined it. It's good to read reviews from people who have been customers for a while and benefited from it.

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Tc40's Comment

Written on: 03/11/2013

Looks like all the energy supplies will be getting their just deserts in the near future, "UNLESS OF COURSE ALL THE NEWS STORIES ARE INCORRECT AS SOME IN THIS FORUM MAY SAY " guess you feel a bit embarrassed now,
My suggestion to Utility warehouse is to do something now if you want to keep your customers, as it is only going to get worse, and many will soon be fleeing from you. how about a policy where you tell your agents to tell the truth when signing customers up.
What goes around comes around, and that goes for the customer support staff not just the MD's
I've heard the Co-operative are offering energy with promises of fair prices, share of profits and honesty, I'll keep you informed when I change to them in January.

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Bettyboopfan's Comment

Written on: 05/09/2013

I have always found UW to offer a great service, found their staff at their call centre to be helpful and friendly. I am we'll pleased with my smart phone and the cash back card, we have now switched our gas and electric to UW, a comment on here states that UW are more expensive than Brit Gas, well as far as I know Brit Gas do not offer family and friends discount or cash back card both of these can help reduce the cost of our Utilities Bills. Also UW do not claim to be the cheapest, so if Brit Gas have reduced their prices I am sure UW will do so to so they can always be below Brit Gas prices. Also want to point out I am not a Distributor and not paid by the company to say what I have said, just a very satisfied customer.

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Tc40's Comment

Written on: 25/06/2013

For someone to write 5* positive feedback for an ENERGY supplier it must be because they either are asked to by the company paid to by the company or they have a financial interest in the company, why would anyone write positive feedback regarding an energy supplying company??? fair enough a Laptop, A restaurant, a printer, camera etc, even a phone, but seriously if you cannot think of anything better to do than protect a corrupt, lying, cheating, scamming company, then you need to look at your life seriously.... look at the feedback from genuine users....better still do a price comparison online and see how low on the list UW now are, and even more expensive than British Gas who have increased their prices .

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Dennishamand's Comment

Written on: 03/11/2013

Every cost comparison site is financed by the companies listed on there so they all expect their fare share of referrals so how can they be impartial.
What impresses me is that Utility Warehouse does not pay for advertising.
They will not pay the cost comparison sites for promoting them so how can you expect them in high ratings if they are listed at all.
I have done direct comparisons with the printed tariffs of various companies. They were actually more expensive than I what was already paying with Utility Warehouse yet at the same time the cost comparison sites were promising to save money by using the tariffs that were more expensive.
How does that work out then?
In my experience documentation beats conversation.
My services are definitely cheaper with Utility Warehouse and I have the option to make them cheaper still.
The high street or online shops I am already spending with generate a even bigger saving on my Utility Warehouse bill.
Last month this shopping further reduced our bill by an extra £81.65 (37.19% extra saving)
I paid £137.92 including the vat for the month.
I live in a 4 bed detached house with my wife and we run our Cost Consultancy business from home.
We use 2 landlines & calls, 2 mobiles & calls, 1 fixed broadband, 1 mobile broadband, gas & electricity.
The total bill for all these services was only £219.57 which already is great value. Then through the shopping cash back we paid just £137.92 which is even better value.
As self employed people we only exist by ensuring we look after our day to day costs. Keep the costs down we make profit which pays our wages which generate the quality of our life style.
As a Cost Consultant we find that Utility Warehouse gives us peace of mind and as they say, documented facts beat conversation.
We hope this helps others in the quest to reduce their bills!

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Martin12345678's Comment

Written on: 06/06/2013

this firm stinks. I had a relative round last night and entertained him and gave him presents. He already has been told that we are not interested in this company but what do we find when he has left but a leaflet on Utility Warehouse. this has left us wondering just how genuine his lovely comments and friendly manner were. We thought that we were entertaining a family member not a sales person in disguise!!

It should not be promoted by the Consumer Organisation. How can the Reviews given to the Consumer Organisation Which be genuine? They get good and bad reviews from genuine customers of genuine firms. In your case the members who submit reviews to Which have a monetary interest in getting good reviews out there because how else would you make your monthly discount and get paid for signing up innocent unsuspecting family members and friends? You are giving reviews to Which when you have a monetary interest .

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Cassandrared's Comment

Written on: 01/12/2012

I agree with the word "scam". They have never got my electricity bill right. At a certain point there was nobody living in the flat and they billed me for those months 280 pounds!!, which then got back after threatening them (a one-bedroom flat with nobody living there!). I have switched back to Southern electric, even though their tariff is slightly higher, but at least they keep with what they say, they don't make false promises. I do not advise Utility Warehouse to anyone, regarding electricity. Get out while you can.

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Written on: 25/04/2012

Yes il second that. When I've advised someone a genuine way of reducing their out goings. They have responded by saying" I've read bad reviews about this company and I wouldn't go with them" .
Personally anyone who takes a strangers opinion over a close friends recommendations is saying something different. They are scared of change or don't know enough about true facts of the company.
Someone comments on the fact that the UW were going to break into their property and install a pre payment ? Ha ha . Look at the end of the day you have to pay your bills. Whoever you are with you have to pay them. You dont have to wait for the metre man anymore just phone your supplier and give them the latest readings . Keep yourself in line with what you owe.
What the Utility warehouses has to offer is the cheeper tariffs and then the opportunity to reduce even further with a cash back card and share and save plan ( recommend a friend ) with cheeper tariffs and these two extra options then no other supplier out there can beat us . FACT !
personaly I saved £48 with my cash back option this month and no way would any of the big 6 be able to do that for you.

Utility warehouse . Top company five star for me

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