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maverick1on1's review of Bose Wave® Music System


“Ok what is the Acoustic Wave Music System I hear...”

Written on: 19/08/2005 by maverick1on1 (3 reviews written)

Good Points
Very easy to use, with NO setting up required ...... Straight out of the box, simply plug it in to the mains and it's ready to "BLOW" you away with the best music output you will ever come across!

Bad Points
Expensive to buy initially, but once you've listened to the output, you'll be glad you invested in this little beauty.

General Comments
Ok what is the Acoustic Wave Music System I hear (some of you) say........ well either check out the Bose web site (Under WAVE Systems) OR simply look at those glossy ad's in the likes of your SKY TV Magazine etc to see what I am about to rave about?

Well for many years like most of you out there, I had been putting up with the appalling output of my aging stereo CD player and midi system, wishing I could one day turn up the volume with out the fear of either the speakers blowing up or with having the music that was 'blaring out', sound as if it was recorded in an old garden shed.

So I started to look around for a nice new, up-to- date system that would not only look good along side my other home cinema equipment, but was also reasonably portable to move around the house if the need arose and thus started my long haul mission to find the right beast for me. But almost straight away from the off, within a few days of traipsing around a few of the high street stores, such as the Sony Centre, Dixon's, Richer Sounds, etc ......... I almost felt like giving up as most of the sales staff I spoke to ended up trying to bamboozle me with technology and to fob me off with so many pieces of separate equipment to make up the ideal Music System, I almost felt that I would firstly need to build an extension to my living room to house it all and then to pass an Electricians Degree to then simply attempt to wire it all together!!!

This latter problem became very clear when a bored sales man, on a Tuesday morning in my local Richer Sounds store offered to set up some of the equipment that he had previously suggested, to allow me to hear the 'amazing' output it would give, and never a more funnier spectacle could you have witnessed! As not only did it take him nearly 2 hours to unpack and wire the separate amps, CD player, etc together, he then had to try three sets of B&OF speakers with it to get it to finally work (good job I had the time to witness this fiasco) and when it was finally up and running, I will admit that the CD's he then played on it sounded good, but the miles of cable's and the many plugs that needed their own separate sockets started to put me off and when I asked if there was anything neater, with less wires (or even wireless speakers) he came up with so many excuses and suggestions (i.e. Build a cupboard next to my TV to house it all in and rip up the floors to lay the cables across the room) I decided to give up and to put up with what I already had?

Then by accident whilst on my way to a restaurant one evening, I stumbled across one of the few high street outlets for the Bose range and finally saw the Acoustic Wave Music System in the flesh and I must admit the adverts in the glossy magazines did not do it justice, so the very next day, I went back to this shop and my affair with the Bose range began.

Firstly the sales man was not your usually pushy type, he simply plugged one of these systems in to the mains, popped in a CD and proceeded to fill the store with what I can only describe as a Concert Hall performance ......... from this tiny, self contained unit ........... I was amazed and blown away. And as if that was not enough, he then offered to loan me one to TRY AT HOME, to see what I thought in the comfort of my own home and not being a fool, I took up this offer and I never looked back.

On getting it home, within a matter of less than 10 minutes, I had it out of the box and filling my home with the most clear and natural sound I had ever heard and when I cranked up the volume, allowing me to hear it from one end of my house, to the other, it was still crystal clear and not suffering from the reverb that so plagued my old stereo............. I had to ask myself why over all these years had I put up with such poor music reproduction from my old systems!

But the Bose "Acoustic Wave Music System" is not only great at playing your CD's, it also has a built in Radio, which though not a DAB unit, still puts out a great sound (dependant on reception) that you can actually understand what is being said by the DJ's between songs, it's so clear that you almost feel as if they are sitting in the room with you.

As for the unit it's self, it's not only small and self contained (only wire coming off it is the power lead and the speakers are built in also), it also has built in easy-carry handles allowing you to easily move it from room to room, as you need to ............[in fact I have even used it outside in the garden, during several barbeques] and wherever you set it up, the sound output is unbelievable, even outside, it filled the garden with sound and I have a fairly large garden!

So, did I buy one, YES I did as well as one of the add-on 5 CD Music Changers, which in fact allows you to set the system up with 6 CD's (using the top mounted one as well) and leaving it to do its thing, whilst you enjoy yourself elsewhere (this was very handy for the barbeques) and since getting my own one, I found another great use for it, by hooking it up to my main TV set, the output it gives you ( using the auxiliary input on the back of the Bose and the outputs on my TV set) puts my surround sound multi speaker system to shame!!!

How the four tiny speakers inside of this little box of tricks does it, is beyond me and you really do have to hear it for yourself, as like me you too have probably seen the ads for this strangely shaped music system and wondered why it is so different from all the other systems available on the market, well they do say Hearing Is Believing and I would simply suggest that you either try one out for yourself (they offer a Home trial, via some dealers OR via their website) OR visit the nearest dealer to yourself, take in your favourite CD and ask to try it out in the shop ........... I can guarantee you will be impressed not only with the sound reproduction, but also with the neatness of the unit.

Would I recommend it to my friends, I already have and would I buy another one myself .............. well if the price was a bit lower, possibly, but as it is so portable I simply move my one around the house when needed, though I have just ordered one of their new MP3 playing "Wave Systems" which is a smaller CD Player, with built in Radio which I intend to use in the bedroom, hooked up to my TV in there to save having to bring the main one upstairs.

I hope this helps you with regard to the Bose Acoustic Wave Music System ........... But do not take just my word for it; try one for yourself, after all if you do not like it (which I doubt very much) you can always send it back (?). But I do have one word of caution about buying this or any of the Bose range, via "Ebay"............... I've seen quite a lot of them for sale on the auction site, but you should be aware that many of them are American (110v) models, with NO UK WARRANTY (though I doubt you will need the warranty part?) and unless you can collect the item in person from the sellers home (not a pub car park or motorway junction!!!) I would err on the side of caution and try your local dealer (???)

Why do I suggest my local dealer, well Bose do not discount their range at all, but if you buy from a (decent) local retailer, they may (as mine did) offer you a bit of a deal ............ the Acoustic Wave System, plus the 5 CD Changer weigh in at £1180.00 ......... and whilst Bose are offering £185 off when bought together, brining this total down to £995 ......... it's still a very substantial figure, but due to the current economic climate like me, you may be able to get this figure down a bit more ( you will not know if you do not ask?) ......... or alternatively they may throw something in for free to keep you sweet ? (If they do this latter one, ask for the Power Case which helps to protect the system if you take it out and about with you Or the Power Pack, which hold a power supply to run the system independently to the mains!).

Good luck if you decide to go for one and like me I doubt you will regret it.

  • Value For Money

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Wibble2006's Response to maverick1on1's Review

Written on: 07/03/2006

This guy is obviously from Bose lol. Talk about an "over sell" lol

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Maverick1On1's Response to maverick1on1's Review

Written on: 08/03/2006

I can only presume your a '1 watt light bulb' ...... [ i.e. a bit DIM] LOL
If I worked for Bose, I would not recommend you trying to screw a discount out the sales staff ... would I?
I can only guess that "wibble2006" has not tried or heard one of these systems [Don't knock it until you've tried it!].
And one last note, I've just bought a second Brand New system off Ebay for £600 [with CD Changer] ...... (a £500 saving over Bose or their retailers) and on hearing my system at a works Open Evening, several of my customers ( I sell Motorbikes NOT Hifi's!) have now taken the plunge themselves.
>So "wibble2006", start saving your pennies and try one for yourself???
............... LOL ;-)

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