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KWT's review of Devil May Cry 2


Devil May Cry 2 is the eager awaited follow up to the...”

Written on: 22/04/2004 by KWT (6 reviews written)

Good Points
Sharp graphics, suitable music, somewhat compelling.

Bad Points
Way too short, way too easy and way too repetitive.

General Comments
Devil May Cry 2 is the eager awaited follow up to the successful Devil May Cry, a game that I still consider to be something very special indeed. The original game for those who haven't played it was a game which came from the Resident Evil school of thought and really brought survival horror to the next logical stage - a much faster pace, much more intense action, a incredible stylish feel and a control system combining swords and guns which made you wonder how Jill and Chris could ever have survived in the Resident Evil world. These foundations should surely have set up a sequel which should have been twice as good or at least as good as the original game.

Oh dear then Capcom, where did it go all wrong? It amazes me greatly in playing and finishing Devil May Cry 2, it beggars belief how two game that looks and sounds so similar to each other actually feel so different to play. I mean all the classic ingredients are present, bigger guns, more demon transformations, extra playable characters, sharp visuals and bigger bosses waited to be sliced apart but why on earth then is Devil May Cry 2 so incredibly shallow and repetitive?

First of all the story is just something of a mess and is lacking in all the wrong places. New characters just appear for no good reason, plot threads are introduced as though you should already know what is going on - even when you don't and the story is so convoluted and down right confusing there is just no sense of being involved and the pace of the game suffers as a whole. What ever happen to the wise cracks of the original Dante that would taunt a demon before killing it? Ok the original game has some pretty shocking dialogue but at least it tried to engage the player, here he comes across as a silent type, a metal gear demon solid snake if you will that makes you wonder why did Capcom not choose to flesh his character out a little bit. Combine this with Lucia who virtually has no charm or charisma, a bad guy who is no way as threatening as the original Dark Knight and you are left with one mess of a plot.

In the same way the story appears to be an ill conceived afterthought, Capcom has just seemingly decided to throw as many bosses at us just to make us think this game is more exciting. Bosses fights seem to be tacked on and pop up for no reason at all. They appear at the end of the mission (or even at the beginning) and are just so ridiculously easy to beat. No strategies are even required compared with that of the original. Basically just run in a safe spot, switch to your guns and blast to kingdom come.

The reliance on the sword in the last game in creating your own combos was very satisfying and yet they are not integral to this sequel at all. They are left by the way side here mainly because the enemies don't actually pose any real threat, which takes away what little scare factor the game already had. The weapons you acquire quickly become boring as hell compared with previous examples of Alastor or Ifrit from the first game. Capcom seems to have unnecessary toned down the game and come on, this isn't what fans want is it?

Capcom have emphasised a lot of stylish factor by given Dante and Lucia new moves that weren't present in the original. Abilities such as shooting in different directions, acrobatic moves in matrix style running up walls and shooting in all directions whilst jumping may all appear to be visually impressive but they are all so easy to perform. What happen here? Giving these moves to the seasoned player, enemies are so easily blown to pieces. What happen to studying and learning different combos so that a different attack strategy can be used on different enemies? Before you know it, you'll be blasting through Devil May Cry 2 on the Must Die Difficulty just for the fun of it. The sad thing about these new enchantments is that the game play never improves. Why? Because you'll never need to use them, that's why. They might sound like improvements on paper but when they're detrimental to the gameplay or just plain unnecessary well, what's the point?

Though I have been so critical of the game, I am still awarding it 7/10 purely on the principle that Devil May Cry 2 can't really be called a 'bad' game. Though the game has obvious shortcomings, what it does, it does well. Strong visuals combined with the intense action make for a solid if repetitive, gaming experience. The game just feels so soulless compared with that of the original, a game that seemingly lacks every single ingredient, which made the original game such a success. If you haven't played the original, chances are you will enjoy this but for more experienced players, you will feel the same disappointment I did.

In trying to make the game appeal to a mainstream audience, Capcom have accidentally taken out all the things, which have made it worth playing in the first place; something that can be said for quite a few titles these days. I hope Capcom think seriously about making another Devil May Cry, if it is as disappointing as this then chances are this series of game will come to a premature end, which would be a crying (no pun intended!) shame.

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