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“Business Pro Designs - Lying Thieving Criminals”

Written on: 10/05/2012 by lduthie (1 review written)

Do not use business pro designs. It is a company built on lying, thieving and stealing. These people work on cold selling, pushy and dishonest claims, do not deliver on services promised, and then lie again and again to keep money that is not rightfully theirs, in effect stealing from good hardworking people.
This is our business experience, and I am more than happy to share information, answer questions or debate on any of the issues I have outlined. The business website is Business Pro Designs, they also have an alias of Business pro creative, they have a facebook page, plenty of videos on youtube and their website -
They will tell you that their business is based in the UK. It is not, it is based in India. On the webpage you can click on a flag for your country which will give you a national number from which to contact them. This is a nice touch, but it always goes straight through to India. There is no one in your own country to speak with.
They all go under phony aliases for their real names which of course, does make it easier to remember English names etc. The man that managed our account, his Indian name is ‘Shayantan Majumder’ – his alias ‘Ron Spencer’. He was an ‘accounts manager’. Here are some other English and Indian names that their company uses. His manager was apparently ‘Chris Hart’ although he was never actually there for me to speak to although I requested numerous times. ‘Jason Smith’ ‘Babit’ and ‘Mr Avimannu’ . This company claims to operate in India, UK, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Ireland, Canada and South Africa. Here is their actual address - J1/14, Block EP, Sector V, Salt Lake Electronics Complex, Kolkata, West Bengal - 700 091 (India)
On the 11th November after continuous phone calls made to our business from Ron Spencer at Business Pro Designs I made a payment to this company for NZ$1047. This was for what they called the ‘Silver SEO package’ for three months of website optimisation. I recently had a new website done for our business in August 2011 and not having the time or knowledge to optimise myself I had been thinking about out sourcing for a while. They had wanted me to pay for 6 months of SEO but I was adamant that I would do a trial for 3 months. Of course payment had to be made upfront to them, not even that but on the same day I was speaking to them. The pressure from them was immense for payment. I did not pay them on the same day, maybe a couple of weeks later after doing plenty of research, read reviews (a lot of them bad, some good) but what clinched the deal is they gave me the contact for somebody in New Zealand they had recently done a website for. I checked out the website, rung the owner and he vouched that they were a good company that had delivered on what was promised. I paid on the 11th November using paypal for the amount of NZ$1047.
On the 28th November after a couple of weeks they sent me a pre SEO benchmark report, which consisted of random generic information compiled, mostly that had no relevance to my website and was complete and utter rubbish. It stated we live in Taupo where our business is actually in Te Anau, pretty major difference if you live in New Zealand and are trying to optimise for location. The keywords that they proposed to optimise for also had little or nothing to do with our business so I came up with a list of keywords, corrected our location and they ‘started’ the job.

From then on they proceeded to send me a SEO report at the end of each month for December, January and February. These reports consisted of supposed back links, social bookmarking links and blog comments all meant to raise the public profile of the site. After receiving the December SEO report on the 18th of January, I realised what a huge mistake I had made. All the links were either missing, completely irrelevant to us or inaccurate. I wrote back to ‘Shayantan Majumder’ (Ron Spencer) several times stating how unhappy I was with the service provided and didn’t hear back from him until the 21st February where he wrote his ‘sincere apologies’ and attached another useless SEO ‘traffic’ report for the month of January. He also wrote ‘for me to study the report and keep him posted with all the areas that needed improvement’.
I replied with
‘I am unsatisfied with both SEO reports. The December and January SEO report are both unsatisfactory and not what I paid for nor what was promised.
On the latest SEO report:
#5 backlinking URL is blocked by my antivirus programme on my computer citing that the site can transmit malicious software or has been involved in online scams or fraud.
Most of these websites that you have linked us to are completely irrelevant to our business and what we do.
On the social bookmarking links that have obviously been thrown together at the last minute there are several spelling and grammar mistakes repeatedly made on each comment.
None of the blog comment URL’s are valid.
On your websites page that talks about web packages that you offer you claim that you make ‘directory submission to relevant sites’ and ‘submit articles to relevant sites’. When I was sold the package at the beginning I was also assured that you could understand our business so as to optimize our website. There is nothing in the SEO reports that would indicate to me that any of the work that has been done is relevant to our business and our region.
I also see no results through Google Analytics or search rankings at all.’

‘Shayantan Majumder’ (Ron Spencer) replied enquiring what antivirus programme I used as if to incite that it was the fault of the virus programme. He also made several promises to call me after excuses like ‘he was away’ and ‘his dad was having heart surgery’.
I didn’t hear from him again until the 7th March when he sent me another ‘SEO report’ for the month of February. It was another pathetic attempt at SEO, I replied:

‘Hi Ron,
I have now had a chance to look through the February SEO report.
1 – You answered a question on a public forum that was asked over one year ago
2 – You placed this comment under a video of Taihape ‘Experience a breathtaking view that reaches far and wide to the horizon at Fiordland. Tread the paths of his people. And enjoy the company of us, his descendants, and the stories and food we will share with you.’ This comment has got little or nothing to do with our business, and it is extremely embarrassing to us.
3 – The blog comment that you placed was in response to a blog entry made in 2008. Your english is appalling, and I would definitely not want to visit our website after reading that.
4 – The comment on blog four doesnt make any sense and has bad grammar but it is a bit better than number 3.
5 – This website was blocked by my computer security.
6 and 7 are completely identical in terms of content, and absolutely no use as a link to generate traffic to our site
10 – there is no link there
make my has been repeated twice.
16 – there is no link
Any other links I havn’t mentioned are mostly either not relevant to us and have multiple and repetitive links that almost mirror each other from one site to the next.
The 6th social bookmarking link is invalid.
Blog comment 1 is not there
Comment 2 has got no link or relevance to our website and grammar and spelling are incorrect
Comment 3 is not there
Comment 4 is not there
Comment 5 is not there
Comment 6 is not there
Comment 7 is not there
Comment 8 is not there
Comment 9 is not there
comment 10 not valid
comment 11 not valid
comment 12 not there
comment 13 complete rubbish!
comment 14 no blog entry
comment 15 not there
If you would like me to I will go through all of your other SEO reports and point out why I am unhappy with these also. They are all either missing links, irrelevant or badly written.
On your websites page that talks about web packages that you offer you claim that you make ‘directory submission to relevant sites’ and ‘submit articles to relevant sites’. When I was sold the package at the beginning I was also assured that you could understand our business so as to optimize our website. There is nothing in the SEO reports that would indicate to me that any of the work that has been done is relevant to our business and our region.
There has been no change at all to our Google analytics.
You obviously have no idea of the ins and outs of our business, what we do, what we offer. This is made clear by your completely irrelevant comments on completely irrelevant websites. You cant offer SEO to a small New Zealand business, when your English grammar and spelling is ALWAYS incorrect, you seem to have little or no understanding of the area we live in and you have not done your research as to what my business offers. What you have done is verging on being very dishonest, most of the links you have given me in my report are inaccurate and if I hadn’t checked these I would never know that. Your company might be able to build a website for me based on information I gave you (although I very much doubt any of the grammar or spelling would be correct) and you may be able to Search engine optimise for an Indian website, but you are clearly incapable of doing any optimisation for my business.
Your attempt at SEO for my business has not improved my search rankings whatsoever, moreover the links that you have placed are damaging to our business and make us look like junk.
I would like a full refund immediately. I dont want you to access my website with the FTP details I gave you back in December, and I dont want you to make any changes. If a refund is made to us immediately I will leave these issues, move on and try to undo the damage that you have done with your attempts at SEO on our website. If you do not give us a full refund I will be following this up with every review website that I possibly can, and stating how I was approached by you, what I was promised and how you have failed to deliver on that. I will also be contacting my bank to request immediate reversal of funds paid to you.
Look forward to hearing from you immediately. ‘

What followed was emails back and forth until I finally received a phone call from him where he assured me, he would either sort it out or I would receive a full refund. This is an email I received from Shayantan Majumder on the 20th March

‘Hope this email finds you well.

Am looking forward to get on a call with you tomorrow. If we cannot resolve this then we ‘ll be more than happy to have you a full refund of the monies paid to Business pro Designs that has been charged to you to carry out the SEO work.

Therefore, kindly let me know a good time to reach out to you. Look forward to hearing back from you soon.

P.S. – I am normally available from 2.00 PM onwards NZ time.

Many Thanks
Ron Spencer’

The phone call consisted of him putting me through to another ‘technician’ who said that said there would be a new ‘technician’ handling my account from now on that had a better understanding of English. I straight away refused the offer, said I wasn’t interested and asked for a refund. He tried to argue for a little while before transferring back to Ron Spencer who said that if I would send through my paypal details they would transfer a refund immediately. He also said he would be in contact with me later that week to make sure it was processed. That was on the 21st March.

I was of course very sceptical by this stage, so within a week I had contacted Paypal to open a dispute. Paypal wouldn’t even open a dispute as they will not start disputes regarding services and it had been over 3 months since the payment was made. Needless to say, I will not use Paypal again in the future.
Over the next couple of months I wrote several emails, and made very many phone calls. The time and money I have wasted on this company would be upwards of $4000 and as a small business completely unfeasible. A week after promising the refund I received an email from Shayantan Majumder (Ron Spencer) claiming a death in his family and that he would be away for several weeks. There is nothing so low as to lie about a family member dying to get out of paying somebody back money. There were more excuses following: the accounts team was processing it (although Ron Spencer is apparently an accounts manager), paypal were not allowing india to make payments, and they didn’t have my paypal details, and asking for bank account details. The worst excuse came after a phone call where Ron Spencer (Shayantan Majumder) told my husband that paypal had already taken the money out of their account as a result of the dispute I had opened. I had told them already that I was going to start a dispute with Paypal, they obviously remembered this and tried to pass the responsibility on to Paypal. Of course there was no way this could have been true, there was no dispute with paypal, paypal have no right to access money from accounts, and I would have been notified immediately. We spent over half an hour on the phone asking for confirmation sent to us for this and he kept saying he could not do this, until he finally said he would ask the accounts team to ‘process it’. When I told him in an email that there was no dispute with paypal, he responded humbly asking for my paypal details once again.
Here is an email received on the 29th March ‘Our accounts team has initiated the refund – I will follow up with them and let you know the time frame it would take to reflect on your account.’
As predicted of course, never received any sort of refund and on the 4th May sent one final email before deciding to stop wasting my time and instead use my time to let others know of our experience. Businesses like this should not be allowed to continue in the world of technology and word of mouth that we live in. This company is not a scam company, they do actually offer and in ‘some’ cases follow through on website design and pathetically poor attempts at Search Engine Optimisation. This is what I find the most offensive throughout this whole sickening, time wasting process. They are always polite, always courteous, they are a valid company but will do ANYTHING to take your money and keep it. They will lie to you, all the while being very polite but quietly manipulative. Please learn from my mistakes and do no use this company for ANYTHING. They will not deliver on the services promised and are liars and thieves.

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