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written by Giddypip on 09/10/2023

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY I sent an enquiry through their website for a full packing and moving service. Moving from Cheshire, England to Conwy County, Wales. I received a message asking for videos of the items to be included in the move, which I duly sent in. I then received a quote of £2700. Move dates were finally narrowed down for the second week in September. WeCare Removals asked for £200 to be sent via bank transfer with a further £500 to be sent once a specific day was confirmed. They do not accept card payments. The balance was due the day before the move, again by bank transfer, and it was only when I received the final invoice that I realised the quote had not included VAT meaning that £2700 became £3240. After rechecking the emails I received from the company, I found at the bottom of their signature, a line to the effect that VAT is excluded from quotes. This really should be made clear in the main body of the emails. All that aside, I paid the full amount requested and looked forward to finally moving. In the later emails from WeCare Removals they had stated that I could expect 2 teams of 3-4 people, this to me means 6-8 people, nope, 3 people turned up on the day. These 3 people were also not expecting to pack! After explaining that I had paid for a full packing and moving service, 2 of the men commenced packing while 1 got on the phone to the office. The office contacted me and stated that I had only paid for a moving service and that if I wanted them to pack it would cost £1200 + VAT which I would be expected to pay there and then. I argued that I had paid for a full packing and moving service, their reply was ‘check your emails, it does not say anything about packing’. I did check my emails, and it didn’t say anything about packing however it also didn’t say that it was for moving only and as I had sent a request for a full packing and moving service, why would I expect the quote to be for anything else? They wouldn’t budge, they said if I didn’t pay they would leave the job, I didn’t have the cash available and they would not accept credit card payment. I had to phone around family to beg to borrow the money. I felt like I was being held to ransom. What can you do on the day that you are moving? Then as if that wasn’t enough, mid afternoon I received an email (luckily I had been checking my emails throughout the day) saying that the packers/movers had contacted the office and that everything was not going to fit in on the 2 vans that they had sent. If I wanted all of my items to go, I had to pay another £2700 + VAT for a ‘2nd trip’. I immediately got on the phone to WeCare Removals stating that I had sent the video clips of my items and that if they had made a mistake in their estimates, this should not be laid at my door. Bear in mind that between the time of the videos being sent and the day of the move, I had disposed of some items of furniture so they had less to take than originally planned. Again they stated that if I did not pay the extra, they would not complete the job., Absolutely no way was I paying that. I went on Facebook making an urgent plea for help, did a Google search and found a wonderful gentleman who came out within the hour to collect the items that WeCare Removals would not take. He stored them overnight and delivered them the next day, all for only £400. Still extra that I shouldn’t have had to pay but far less than the £2700 + VAT that WeCare Removals tried to extort out of me. The final problem was that due to the delays and the minimal amount of packers the company had sent, it was getting late in the day and the estate agents where I needed to collect the keys from was due to close before I would be able to get there. I contacted them explaining the problems encountered and the manager very kindly said she would wait behind for me. Luckily for her, it was only an extra 30 minutes. I have nothing bad to say about the guys that actually did the packing. While it was a bit haphazard, everything got there and they worked non stop all day, finally leaving the new place about 9.30 pm. A day that I thought was going to cost £2700 ended up costing £5080. I cannot stress this enough, DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. They made an already stressful day into an absolute nightmare.

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written by Rhodes473 on 16/09/2021

***WARNING***: USE THIS COMPANY AT YOUR PERIL! I have reported them to the police! On the day of the move, I was hit with unforeseen additional costs despite being given a fixed price of £1,000. They claimed my items were not on the inventory list I had supposedly filled. However, I had NEVER personally filled out an inventory. I was promised a team of professional movers but got two non-uniformed unprofessional movers in a dirty small van. One spoke no English so I could not communicate at all with him. My advice to anyone reading this review is to RUN a mile away from a business who only insists on taking payments only via bank transfers or cash. Via this method of payment, when things go wrong, customers cannot raise a charge-back and this is exactly what has happened to me. We Care Removals is one of the brand names of Kent Removals – when you deal with WeCare, you are asked to pay money into Kent Removals’ bank account. This was confirmed to me in writing by their staff. Upon checking the records of KentRemovalsLTD on the U.K. registrar of companies called Company House, it shows company’s owner. However, You will never speak with him and only ever speak to an English man, who in the beginning is very professional, cracking jokes, etc. until you pay money. Contact made on 6/9/21 after finding WeCareRemovals online and was emailed a fixed quote of £1,000 for removals & storage by a team of “professional movers.” 10 hanging boxes, protective furniture covers for mattress, glass furniture, to be provided. Staff insisted on payment only via bank transfer or cash. This rang warning bells but ignored intuition & made full payment on 11/9/21. 13/9/21 at 8.45am, 2 non-uniformed men in a tattered dirty van arrived with cling film (claimed they were no furniture covers available) and 6 hanging boxes. One spoke no English so I could not communicate with him. Claimed my items were not on the inventory list and showed what appeared to look like an app on their phone, where they could see this so called inventory list. Alarmed as I had never personally filled out an inventory list, made a call to this company who said there are additional costs for items not on inventory list. I questioned this inventory list as had never personally filled one and asked to see one which they claimed I had filled. The man hung up the phone at me - I made 3 attempts to speak with him & each time he ended the call. I spent almost an hour in limbo trying to clarify there was to be no additional last-minute costs. He eventually sent an email with screenshot of an “inventory list” I had supposedly filled - the items listed & quantity were incorrect and I had never personally filled out the inventory list he sent to me. For example, the inventory list stated I had a TV stand, two chest of drawers, etc. I did NOT have such EVER in my possession. I had not filled this list and had never done so as I never had a TV stand, never had two chest of drawers, etc. He eventually acknowledged that I did not fill this, it was their error and I will not be charged extra. He then started saying there will be additional costs for “delayed loading time.” It was almost 10:00am, I was extremely stressed & feeling trapped in a hostage situation with different costs arising at the time of my move. I had spent 1hr 15mins battling an inventory list I did not personally fill now had to battle with new issue of extra costs for “delayed waiting time.” As I tried to find out more, He refused to talk with me -phones went unanswered. Eventually, a lady with very limited English picked up the phone and claimed she was not aware of the issue & would pass message to the man. At this stage, knew I could not entrust these individuals with my things in long term storage given their behaviours. Who knew what additional extra cost could crop up when they had my things in their storage? Given everything that had happened, I could not continue with their service. Asked for full refund & it was denied. And that is how I have lost £1,000! They have since spent all their time flagging my reviews as fake but I have shown evidence to the companies who regulate reviews. Please AVOID this company! I am still fighting to get my £1,000 back and have joined forces with others who have gone through similar to report them to the police, etc. They spend all their time flagging negative reviews on other review platforms and recently took down their Facebook page which had so many bad reviews. I am not the only one who had this nasty experience! They’re plenty others! Please, please, STAY away from this company or be like me who is now fighting to reclaim her £1,000!

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“Brilliant, reliable service”


written by IGLB70 on 04/02/2017

I'd only ever call these guys now - their communication was brilliant, they were 100% punctual at pick up & delivery, & the guys were helpful & cheerful. Fantastic.

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“House move”


written by CraigAshford on 01/02/2017

Excellent, professional service at very reasonable cost. Amazing company, the customer services was great. I would not hesitate to recommend this company.

Litt's Response to CraigAshford's Review

Written on: 01/02/2017

Thank you for the feedback left. Much appreciated. Louis

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