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Latest Reviews

“Just rude”


written by on 22/02/2023

I received a call, a voicemail and an email advising that I had been shortlisted for a job. I called back half an hour later but no response. Having tried three more times unsuccessfully, I called again from a different number. This time, there was still no answer, but the consultant immediately phoned back. After advising who I was and which job it was regarding, I was immediately cut off and, perhaps needless to say, never heard from the company again.

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written by Matty321 on 25/02/2022

Everything went really well. He was very helpful, and communicative, and thanks to his effort, I got a job with lot of opportunities and trainings involved. I would definitely recommend Rise Technical Recruitment to anyone, as It is a good company with a great team that wants to negotiate the best conditions for the employees.

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“Terrible Service Hard Sell Tactics”


written by Kaylin220 on 19/10/2021

We found the service appalling. Poorly selected candidate. Refused to replace. Aggressive rather than apologetic. I would not used them again.

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“Worst recruitment company ever!”


written by Madalynnr259 on 25/07/2021

I applied for a vacancy through Rise Recruitment, they said they had forwarded my details to the company in question. I was then approached by a different recruitment company who actually forwarded my details on, I was offered the job and accepted. I asked if the company had received my details from Rise Recruitment and they confirmed they never received my application! If you want to be put forward for a job DO NOT, I cannot stress this enough, DO NOT use Rise Recruitment!

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“Not Great, Not Bad”


written by KaelKincaid on 18/01/2018

The organisation of interviews was good, though the particular person I was in contact with was obviously very busy, as there didn't seem to be much time in regards to care. When it came to making a decision between two jobs one from Rise Technical and the other from another organisation then I suddenly got more care and longer discussions with a tone that felt more open. To phrase more aptly. I felt like I wasn't cared about until it actually mattered if they would get their cut. However in saying this, the service does deliver and has been more organised than other services I have used. Not great, Not bad, just good.

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written by Enriqued230 on 24/10/2017

Hopeless total lack of communication and you think you have applied but they have done nothing and not sent your CV or application to the company. Never Again. Removed myself from their books.

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“Same as most agencies to be fair.”


written by Isabelz6 on 19/11/2015

Like many agencies, they advertise jobs that do not exist, they ad could be several years old, they just want to get candidates onto their books. The other thing they might try to do is ask questions about your references and get contact details with a view to selling them their services, a very bad idea if you want to keep former employers on side. I had a conversation with them regarding a potential position and basically I was asked what i'd done before and what sort of equipment i'd used, because the consultants are mostly not technical, they work from a list and if you don't mention one thing, no matter how simple (like knowing how to use a soldering iron) they'll tell you your not right for the role. For one role I was told that I didn't have PCB design experience, despite having my own PCB design/etching equipment at home and despite having a successful Youtube channel dedicated to designing and building electronics projects. But again, being fair to them, all this is no different to most recruitment agencies and indeed most office spaces, these admin types don't understand what engineers do, we're seen as "dirty workers" and not as innovators.

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written by Gixerthoupete on 06/11/2015

One of the best agency's around. Looked after and helped me a lot.the person I dealt with risk is my contact there. He is one of the best people I have dealt with and I have been contracting for 12 years. Hes helpful and very knowledgable and a massive credit to his company. I believe he should be management.

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“Pattern emerging”


written by p6691 on 27/10/2015

I like all those below have had no response from Rise in ref with a job that I am fully qualified and capable of doing. This job has been advertised for several months and I have applied several times and even rang to speak to Mr Dawson who must be a very busy man as he is either in meetings or not there and never returns his calls, maybe he should employ a secretary to organize his day. I received an email from Rise today with the a fore mentioned job so i rang Rise and to my surprise Mr Dawson was one again in meetings this is after the chap who answered the phone said yes i could talk to him.....surly the offices are not that big that you cannot see across the room. Overall this company are not worth the phone call and i feel sorry for the people who use them, quick buck and run company who obviously do not vet C.Vs sent to them very well.

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“Couldn't believe the lack of interest”


written by MSEdwards on 13/10/2015

I'll just paste a copy of an email sent to the 'so called'Owner. It should explain what this outfit are like. Read the other reviews, they're much the same. Dear, I am writing today as a result of being totally disillusioned with the claims on your web site. I applied for a vacancy for an Electrical Contracts Manager based in Leeds, on the 7th October. The job has been re-posted on your own web site three times. The most recent being on the 25th September. Last week, I emailed the person responsible for the recruiter, asking for an update on my application. This morning, I emailed again and as yet, have not received a reply. I have made three phone calls to your office over the last week, each time being told, that he  is either not available or on the phone to a client. There was a lot of laughing at the time someone answered my call this morning. While I do think that there is a place for humour in most environments, I do think that a professional image should be maintained while dealing with what I think, is the core of your business. i.e. the candidates, who without these hard working people, you would not have a business. I was again informed that he would call me back within 15 minutes. That call was made to Rise at 10.25 this morning. I realise that you must have a large number of employees and you say that there are hundreds of thousands of engineers on the database, but how many of those 'candidates' are already placed and not looking for employment? My point is, that there can't be hundreds of thousands of people all phoning and emailing your man at the same time as me. From your own company website: Our Philosophy: To efficiently organise engineering talent on a permanent and contract basis across our committed client base. Our Values: Passionate to deliver a service based on honesty, integrity, efficiency and professionalism Keeping it simple and hassle free Respecting internal processes Never doing anything which compromises our mission to provide a high quality service. Where, can I please ask, is anything like the service you claim to provide, include my application? I haven't received any integrity, efficiency or professionalism and how can I measure your 'High Quality Service'? It would be a real shame if I was to lose the chance of getting this vacancy, but all I can imagine, is that the profile claimed within his  LinkedIn page, as with his own cv,I am sorry to have to write directly to you, but I am so angry, that a business who makes so many claims of how good they are, can't even reply to an email or return a telephone call. That is not how I think a business should be managed. If you would like to speak to me regarding this email, I would be happy to speak to you. My number is (withheld) Kind regards Click here to Reply or Forward 5.03 GB (33%) of 15 GB used Manage Terms - Privacy Last account activity: 51 minutes ago Details Add to circles Show details

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“Rise Recruitment phones us toting for bussiness”


written by on 04/09/2015

Rise technical contacted the company i work for looking for business, Sebastian was his name and when he was told to call back as the department he wanted was closed, he proceeded to be rude sarcastic with a very disgusting phone manner. As i struggled to deal with the abuse i put him onto the companies director which he was extremely rude and then hung up on him. I hate cold callers and recruitment acengies toting for business but in no way should a company looking to extend their customer base phone up potential clients and hurl abuse at them and hang up when they are the ones that phoned us, It was that vile that we asked them not to call again as if thats how they speak to people we don't want to know

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written by 57McCulloch on 12/08/2015

Absolute clueless clowns. My CV with 25 years of cutting edge knowledge. I keep getting the knock back as i'm 1 1/2 hours away from the job. I Do not believe that is the choice a recruiter should make. If I was using them and found out I did not get to see my CV I would be livid. Cutting edge engineering on kit worth millions of pounds with specialist skills that less than 1% of those in the industry can do? As I said they do not know what they are reading. LinkedIn will go to show they come from bar jobs, waitressing or straight from school. Thankfully I do not have to pay them.

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“Rise Technical Recruitment Ltd - ZERO STARS”


written by on 30/03/2015

I had a similar experience to the previous reviewer. I applied for a role that my background and experience would be perfect for. The recruiter John Leng never returned any of my calls. I then flagged this to their Company Director. No reply from him either. So that is what they think about their potential candidates. Steer well clear of this company.

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“Hopeless clueless and don`t even bother”


written by Hurley127 on 09/01/2015

I have an engineering degree and many years of experience in my field and feel I am quite employable , I have I applied for at least six jobs on the Rise Technical Recruitment website with no success at all, I have emailed them to ask about jobs i have applied for to the reply of, job has already gone ( so why are you still advertising it ? ) or no reply at all , I also get the feeling the people there have not got a clue about engineering and just set up a website for a fast buck , I would not recommend this company to anyone who is looking or advertising a job in engineering.

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