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“Constant Rejection and No Feedback”


written by Grad1234 on 06/10/2016

I signed up for Give a Grad a Go around five weeks ago. I was initially attracted by the sleek website and how easy it was to apply for jobs. My initial contact with the consultants went well, there was an assessment call the next morning, discussing my CV and experience as well as my future career which I felt went really well. A few days later a consultant reviewed my CV and was complimented on my grades, experience and overall CV, the only feedback being that I should add a small interests section at the bottom.

That was the end of both the feedback and the positives for the company.

Over the past 5 weeks I have applied for around 30 postings. Initially just in consulting and analyst roles but after so many rejections branched out into general finance and start ups (both areas I was interested and have experience in).

Aside from one application I was immediately sent an automated rejection email, stating they hadn't even sent my CV to the company. I received a call from a consultant notifying me of an opportunity I hadn't applied for but was seen to be a good fit. After a few emails and a follow up phone call we agreed I should be put forward for the job. A month later and I heard nothing back.

The final straw was when I applied for a niche research role that I already had a lot of experience in. I received a brief phone call from a consultant, confused as to why I'd applied for the role. I notified them of my extensive experience in that area and was told to hang on as they would call me back. Five days later I got a rejection email, my CV would not be forwarded to the company.

I sent an email to Give a Grad a Go, difficult as rejection are sent from an automated no reply email and there is no general inquiries email. I sent it to a consultant I had previously emailed and asked to be forwarded on to whoever had handled my application. Again I received no reply.

Give a Grad a Go are by far the worst recruitment company I have dealt with, I have had far more luck when applying to rivals or even to incredibly competitive graduate schemes, many of which I am in the later interview stages of. Obviously they are all seeing something in me that Give a Grad a Go are missing. I could understand if I was making it past the first stage and being rejected after interview but 30 first round rejections seems very strange. The lack of feedback and general poor level of service offered are shocking considering they specialize in Graduates who rely on some feedback to improve. I understand feedback can't be given in all cases but after 30 rejections and an email request i'd expect an exception to be made.

All in all, a very poor recruitment consultancy and a complete waste of time. Very few positives (one?) to be taken from any stage of contact with this firm. Your time would be better served dealing with any other recruitment path.

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