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“Great Flexibility ”

written by MikeJamesSussex on 12/07/2022

Love to put together our own holiday, not limited by package deals. TR means we can choose dates, flights, accommodation and transfers all in one place. Easy to use and great value! Have used many times before and will do so again.

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“Would book with them again always reliable and helpful”

written by Calabonaiscool on 08/07/2022

Have used travel republic many times. They efficiently refunded our money when holiday cancelled during covid so happily used them again. When our return flight was cancelled a week before departure this time they went over and beyond to sort for us. We didn’t have to do any of the sorting. Very grateful to them for the pressure being taken of us. Will definitely recommend and use again without hesitation

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“Customer service ”

written by geo33 on 26/06/2022

Only a couple of weeks before travel, got an email saying our flights had changed, significantly! After reviewing our options, we were able to book different flights that were almost spot on with our original booking, however! It was myself that informed customer service of the flights we ended up booking, they hadn't initially offered them as an option. Sunexpress are a new airline, but they are jointly owned by Turkish Airlines and Lufthansa, no issues with them at all. Taxi transfer? Don't book through the agent, much cheaper just to turn up and jump in a taxi, although agree a price before you get in! Its only 20 minutes to Lara Beach, so should be no more than 15 Euros.

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“Problems making payments online”

written by 103Miller on 11/06/2022

I have tried 3 times to make a payment online 3 times an error came up. Had to email to get someone to call me back after waiting 51 minutes in a queue only to get cut off. Each time they say they will report it to I T as no one else us experiencing any problems. ???

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“Transfer was not organised. But charged £66.00.”

written by FARAFONOVA on 11/06/2022

Booked return transfer for £66.00. Was not met in the early hours with a small child at the airport. Complained to Trustpilot. Received an answer that I will be contacted by in country group. Letter was Signed. Nobody contacted me and I had to buy a taxi again. No need to describe our frustration.

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“Great good value”

written by Avery4 on 11/06/2022

Easy to book, good price, lots of email updates, helpful staff when contacting to ask questions, would recommend

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“Always good value”

written by VMD0 on 04/06/2022

Very good value and staff are very helpful and sort out any problems quickly

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“Excellent yet again”

written by Valerieh444 on 24/05/2022

Have now booked with Travel Republic several times and have never had any problems. Great prices and easy to book online. Would definitely recommend.

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“Fast, easy, affordable ”

written by on 20/05/2022

Looked around on different websites to find a decent deal for a last minute budget holiday. This was the most reliable with the best reviews. I only had one issue with my flights not being confirmed, but it was quickly resolved by the customer service team with no issues. It was the first overseas holiday I had ever organized and taken myself, so I was sceptical about literally every detail. The holiday went smoothly, all information from this website was clear and direct and I was given plenty of receipts and updates. Only issue I had was my return flights, but that was entirely to do with the company I flew with, and not to do with travel republic. However I was grateful for all the confirmation pages/emails and receipts for my flight given to me from this website, as it made the ordeal go smoother with lots of back up evidence incase of emergency.

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“Cheapest online ”

written by Changykhan on 20/05/2022

Shopped around for quotes on hotels in Egypt and I got a brilliant price from Travel Replubic. Easy emailed voucher and download to phone easily.

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“Efficient, hassle free & very resonable pricing”

written by Jillian2022 on 14/05/2022

Travel republic booking system easy to use. Lots of choice. Once picked-kept you updated regularly, when payments due etc. any enquiries can be emailed 24hrs & replied to within a few days. No request was an issue and all dealt with professionally. Have used this site three times before and will use again. Thank You.

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“Las Dalias”

written by CamdenTemple on 11/05/2022

Did a late booking for our holiday everything went very smooothly and all deocuments were e mailed immediately. No problems whatsoever. Would recommend.

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“Easy to communicate with and no hassle ”

written by VickieB on 09/05/2022

Easy to communicate with and no issues. Asked a question and they got back to me via the hotel within a couple of days.

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“Cancelled Flight”

written by BarronKnight on 25/04/2022

Flight was Cancelled was not informed by Email, when I went to check in on the airlines website message said flight changed to 11am check in for 9am, the time at the time was 9am and we was having breakfast at the hotel impossible to get to the airport on time, called the airline they informed me the flight was changed on the 1st April 2022 and they Emailed Travel Republic to let them know, I don't understand how comes our flight was changed more than three weeks before we even travelled and no one let us know by Email or phone call not happy with the service we received this time been using Travel Republic for more than Ten years now.

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“Great prices, but slow contact centre”

written by Coyle216 on 20/04/2022

Great prices and hassle free, but if you have a issue you have to email as couldn't get through by phone. Takes days to get back to you. But once they do it's sorted straight away. All in all I think travel Republic is great

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“Too little too late.”

written by 61O'Neill on 14/04/2022

Had to phone travel Republic 2 days before start of holiday because check in details for flights not sent. Waited over an hour to get through.eventually got sorted but limited seats left on plane.ended up behind some bouncing child screaming right through flight. Not a good start to holiday. Also we were charged approx 60 euro for taking our cases on return easy jet flight.felt a bit robbed as we were able to take the same size cases on other flights.make sure you check size guide before you go.

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“No problems”

written by Leonard459 on 28/03/2022

Easy to book, problem with original booking as the hotel wasn't opening until later in the year but was quickly sorted. Thank you

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“Effortless experience ”

written by Joslyno204 on 13/02/2022

From searching for holiday to making booking and receiving all information for our trip I did not have one single problem. The whole experience was stress free and enjoyable. Our trip was was likewise and everything went without a problem. We had a great week.

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“Awful booking experience. Hotel was awful.”

written by Jo888 on 25/01/2022

Hotel room was in desperate need of decorating. Paint peeling off walls, lots of mould on walls, extractor fan in bathroom not working causing terrible condensation in bedroom. Shower leaks under bathroom door into bedroom. Safe was not fixed and could be picked up in one hand and taken away. No hair dryer or tea making facilities. Breakfast was in a different hotel. Gym was not open.

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“Great service as first choice for any holiday”

written by Danielle77 on 26/11/2021

So simple to book,.The website is clear and easy to use.I have added a friend onto a trip to Dubai and was straightforwrd,staff very helpful.I wont use anyone else

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Asked by Colbro186 on 22nd May 2017 Report this content
Does Travel Republic have a standard after travel complaints form, if so, how do I download a copy?

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Answers (2)
Report this content Madmags123 Written on: 22/05/2017
Sorry to say I don't know as didn't need one. All was good for my holiday.
Report this content geoffreytro Written on: 22/05/2017
I do not believe they have a standard form. Go to their "contact us" or FAQ section of their website. In my experience you will not get a satisfactory resolution and this service, or lack of service, should be factored into your decision making when booking with them. Unless you are prepared to use small claims or other legal process there is minimal resolution or escalation
Asked by monkeymagic13 on 14th February 2016 Report this content
Has anyone done the villas in Florida using Travel Republic? If so what was your experience?

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Answers (2)
Report this content heidiandiain Written on: 16/02/2016
No, my holiday was in Sicily. But beware that the ATOL cover is far more limited than you might expect. In my case, I got no support from Travel Republic over pricy, more or less compulsory, add-ons when I picked up a hire car that I paid for through Travel Republic under the impression that it was all-inclusive. It seems there's a loophole where ATOL covers aspects that Travel Republic directly provides but other aspects are not covered, where TR acts as an agent, not a provider. I've no idea how you'd know what was covered. So, beware what you buy from or through TR.
Report this content monkeymagic13 Written on: 17/02/2016
Really. I have decided not to use them due to the fact that l've not heard anyone have a villa from there. Thanks for replying its appreciated. 
Asked by robbiematty on 7th June 2015 Report this content
My friend recently booked a hotel with yourselves and you contacted them a few days before to say the hotel was not available. How often does this happen? I have used them before and I have found a hotel I want to book for our holiday to Turkey in July but scared in case I am stranded with nowhere to stay of our choice.

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Answers (23)
Report this content MarkyLon36 Written on: 08/06/2015
I've been using Travelrepublic for over five years for hotel accommodation. Never had an issue. Hotels booked are what I got every time. Good customer service and got to say, really competitive prices. I don't think you'll have any issues.
Report this content DPhillips Written on: 08/06/2015
I've never had a problem booking abroad
Report this content DTMcGinn Written on: 08/06/2015
I have used Travel Republic twice and never had any problems with them. On both occasions got the hotel and rooms we booked and no issues with flights or transfers either.
Report this content HolidayQueen97 Written on: 08/06/2015
This happened to me however I got told at the arriving airport & got put in a less superior hotel. This ruined my holiday & when it came to complaining upon return we discovered that because the hotel is booked through a different company & not through travel Republic, this was not covered by ABTA....I was so shocked as I did everything through them. I won't book with them again - they're customer service was appauling.
Report this content jwatkins Written on: 08/06/2015
I have used Travel Republic for years and they have never let me down. I'm sorry you were unlucky. I would recommend them unconditionally. 
Report this content satisfiedcustomer26 Written on: 08/06/2015
I would personally phone Travel Republic and ask them how this happened. Get their side of the story. It may just be that the hotel was greedy and accepted double bookings?
Report this content Gedwhite Written on: 08/06/2015
I am unsure as to the frequency of this happening but I had no issues with booking through travel Republic. Just check they are ABTA Bonded before booking. Good luck
Report this content Guswynn Written on: 08/06/2015
I have used travel republic on various occassions in the past. I will use them as my first choice for any future holidays I book as they provide an A* service. The service they provide is very detailed and quality
Report this content jennyliannebiggs Written on: 08/06/2015
I also have been using Travel Republic for about 5 years and never had a problem.
Report this content Paulbrannan Written on: 08/06/2015
I've been using Travel Republic for several years now and I've never experienced any issues like that at all. I would have advised your friend to call their customer services and ask for their help. They're usually very helpful and on point with their service and be looking to resolve any issues, especially something as urgent as that.
Report this content Mallywat Written on: 08/06/2015
I have never had such a problem, but have not been informed of extra Hotel taxes which I had to pay on leaving, annoying.
Report this content Northonian Written on: 08/06/2015
We have booked with TR over twenty times and never ever had a hotel cancel on us. Maybe they was an issue at the cncelled hotel and your friends were lucky that TR offered an alternative hotel Who knows?
Report this content ellejay54 Written on: 08/06/2015
Never had a problem in the hundreds of times I've used them.Great prices and customer service!
Report this content gennivive Written on: 08/06/2015
This is our first time using this service, but i have found the staff very helpful.The best thing i would recommend, is to email the hotel yourself and ask about available rooms as you as thinking of going there.If they have the vacancies you require, then book the holiday and them send another email with your booking reference.Hope that helps. kind regards
Report this content dogscott Written on: 08/06/2015
Whilst on a driving holiday in Sicily I was contacted by my daughters in the UK informing me that a hotel had apparent building issues and that we would need alternative accommodation. Having this kind of hassle whilst on holiday and expected to resolve on pay as you go phones especially when Travel Republic have an automated phone queuing system was "not fun" The lesson I learned is that they are only a booking agent, if you have a problem you have to deal directly with the hotel (this I found out afterwards, is in their terms and conditions). are the same. My advice to avoid this is to use a larger company and use price match to get Travel Republic rates.
Report this content steve26 Written on: 08/06/2015
To be honest i have only booked with travel republic once and everything was fantastic and i wouldnt hesitate to book with them again
Report this content eddi1950uk Written on: 09/06/2015
I booked a holiday to Turkey with Travel Republic and had no problems whatsoever. All the arrangements, flights, transfers, etc went very smoothly and their customer service was exceptional.
Report this content Sunflower84 Written on: 09/06/2015
This has never happened to me. The hotel has always been as booked.
Report this content Ilovetravelling Written on: 09/06/2015
I've never had an issue with them. Always booked and stayed exactly where stated
Report this content PPeng Written on: 09/06/2015
I have being using them for years & have never had a problem, even when we had to change a holiday because of illness, they have always given an excellent service. Maybe its because the hotel that was originally booked by your friend has had problems which is not Travel Republic fault, this happened to us a very long time ago with another company.
Report this content NBurnett Written on: 09/06/2015
This has never happened to me with Travelrepublic. I would guess it's an unfortunate one-off situation and shouldn't put you off going with them in the future. It's a no frills service but as such the prices are very competitive and it's a good way of going abroad relatively cheaply.
Report this content JoMcWillbo Written on: 10/06/2015
I've only used them once but they were excellent with Customer Servicing. I have had this happen to me before even when booking with Thompson's etc last minute hotel changes. They should be able to offer you another suitable hotel if you speak to them.
Report this content mick19672-1 Written on: 24/08/2015
BE VERY CAREFUL! They ruined my holiday in Turkey,sent me to a resort I didn't want go to because (they said) the hotel was overbooked although they sent me confirmation it was booked.They will take your money and lie to you. Call the hotel directly to confirm. Do not trust TR, THEY ARE LIARS and conduct themselves using bad business practice. DO NOT USE TRAVEL REPUBLIC (sorry for shouting!).
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Asked by lbeck on 26th June 2014 Report this content
Can you recommend a shuttle bus from faro to Lagos. Thanks

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Answers (8)
Report this content onetraveller Written on: 27/06/2014
You can book one from the arrivals lounge at the airport, although we booked it online. Our flight arrived late at night and the coach took about 1.5-2 hours to get to Praya de Rocha, it goes all around the houses and as its dark there is nothing to look at. It was relatively inexpensive, but slow. The following year we hired a car. This didn't cost a great deal more, the journey was about 45 mins and we had the car for the week. (good fuel usage policy as well)
Report this content ashsen Written on: 27/06/2014
Sorry cannot help as I have not done this particular trip.
Report this content robert renshaw Written on: 27/06/2014
hello, I go to Greece a lot and use a company called A2B shuttle they might have a shuttle service in faro as well .try them I have used them in spain. you can also try the hopper (could be road hopper) not sure but you can find it on the net.hope this helps
Report this content joana_santos Written on: 27/06/2014
hi! public transportation in Portugal is usually quite cheap. i am sure if you ask at the airport they can recommend some of the local ones. from faro city center to lagos takes about 2hours and it costs 11.80 with return. to go from the airport to the city center takes 20 minutes and it costs around 1.90 each way. this might be the cheapest option. hope this helps. joana
Report this content Bellx15 Written on: 27/06/2014
I used 'Holiday Taxis' last June. They were fine.
Report this content Jenny Burridge Written on: 01/07/2014
I booked my shuttle bus through Travel Republic. I have used this service twice and it is very efficient. The bus companies were called Green Bus and A2B. I believe A2B have the concession for the whole of Faro Airport. In October 2013 I travelled to Ferragudo with A2B and their office was positioned at the far end on the right as you walk into the arrivals lounge after baggage collection. We travelled to our destination in a private car with one other couple but on our return it was a 6/8 seater minibus. Our previous visit had been to Olus D'Agua near Albufeira and was by minibus in both directions. Hope this is helpful.
Report this content jennyliannebiggs Written on: 08/06/2015
If you want a shuttle bus then use resort hoppa not A2B. However be prepared to wait at arrivals for up to 45 mins. It will take about 2 hours. The best option is a private transfer. A bit more expensive but does go direct. I always use private transfer after nearly missing a flight back due to having to wait at each hotel for other pick ups.
Report this content ellejay54 Written on: 08/06/2015
Have you tried a speedy shuttle through travel republic?
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Asked by eliase on 3rd February 2014 Report this content
How can I know...If i will book holidays with it is safe?

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Answers (62)
Report this content michellelouise0086 Written on: 04/02/2014
Hi, I was a little wary at first as have never heard of them, but I took a chance and would gladly do it again! They were well priced and very professional. I normally only ever go for high street travel agents, but as I was travelling with my 6 girl mates, they were all keen to keep the price low. Everything went smoothly and they were readily available on the phone with helpful staff that answered all of my questions. Hope this helps. :)
Report this content Reidybib Written on: 04/02/2014
I have travelled with Travel Republic twice and not had any problems. They email all the documents to you and if you go on their website it does say that they are a member of Abta and Atol so you could check them out that way. We have booked to travel with them in October this year and received our confirmation from them by email by return.
Report this content Jankol Written on: 04/02/2014
We've booked several times with them and never had any problems. However I appreciate that is no guarantee.
Report this content annamarie5907 Written on: 04/02/2014
I have booked with TR a couple 2 or 3 times, the last one being a holiday to Minorca in October, we booked a week on a self catering basis and we had booked and paid. We were going for a specific reason and it was out of season over there and a couple of weeks before we went we were informed the apartment owner had decided to close early and our apartment was no longer available. T.R sorted us out a 4 * hotel on a B&B basis, they gave us a couple of options and the hotel we went for was excellent, and a lot for expensive that the s/catering money we had paid. So, in summary, the dealings I have had with T.R would encourage me to use them again, I used then initially on the recommendation of a friend and I have be delighted with their service.
Report this content WilliamsinCorfu Written on: 04/02/2014
Yes, Travelrepublic is perfectly safe and reliable. You will get a good service.
Report this content Chelle674 Written on: 04/02/2014
They are ABTA and ATOL protected so if anything happens you are covered. There is detailed information on their website. I have used them for my last 3 holidays and have had no problems with any aspect of the booking. I would recommend them fully! As a solo traveller I was advised by pushy travel agents not to use web bookings but I found it much better value and the service I have received every time had been fantastic! Hope this helps :)
Report this content Louiekins Written on: 04/02/2014
I booked a family holiday with them last year and everything went smoothly. They always e-mailed me to let me know what was happening and there were no hidden charges. The price I was quoted was the price I paid.
Report this content Heenan73 Written on: 04/02/2014
There are no guarantees on the Internet, ever, and I'd always consider paying by credit card, not debit card, as that gives you a way of reclaiming lost money. But to answer your specific question, Travel Republic have been around for years; I use them several times a year and have never had a problem or felt unsafe. Many hundreds of thousands - if not millions - of people have used their service; they have trading relationships with all the major companies in the travel industry. While they may not always provide a perfect holiday, I've never heard accusations of NOT being as safe as houses. Also, if you Google "travel republic reviews" you'll see what others have said about them.
Report this content Entangled Written on: 04/02/2014
We travelled to London for a city break through Travelrepublic about 6 months ago and we could not have been happier with the service. It was a very safe and secure way to book, and they took care of every detail. I don't have experience of booking a longer holidsy through the company, but they were certainly very efficient with what they did for us. I was also able to speak to someone over the phone to go over finer details of the trip, so that was also quite reassuring, as it can sometimes feel like a leap of faith when you are just clicking buttons! Have a great holiday!
Report this content dmac53 Written on: 04/02/2014
I can only speak from personal experience but have used Travel Republic for several years now and never had a problem with any aspect of the holiday. I have booked not only hotels and flights but also car parking and transfers, all without a problem so I would recommend. If you mean 'safe' as in if the company was to cease trading then you are as safe with them as with any other holiday provider who is ABTA and ATOL bonded.
Report this content CPERYC Written on: 04/02/2014
We booked with them last year a flight, private transfer and hotel. I was nervous about arriving at the airport without a rep but the directions to the private transfer office were easy to follow and they were expecting us, despite our flight being delayed. Much better than booking a package and traveling by coach with a rep rabbiting on.
Report this content Takingastroll Written on: 04/02/2014
It worked for us , last year when we travelled to Spain, booking a car, room and flight, which you had to do individually through the site, what I would say is they are / were not a Travel Agent IATA with guarantees , the staff were very pleasant as we had an IT issue which they sorted out , and everything including the holiday worked out very well, competative, and a few choices that others did not offer - its all down to you and what your looking for and how you holiday.
Report this content moviestarnana Written on: 04/02/2014
Our party of 4 adults used Travel Republic in June 2013 for a 5 night trip to Barcelona and everything was handled very efficiently. Prompt email confirmation of flights and hotel bookings, complete with ATOL certificate. I had reason to telephone Travel Republic with a query about passport information for entering Spain and they handled the query straight away, no problem about getting through. All in all a positive experience, and a well established and safe company to deal with.
Report this content Tommie55 Written on: 04/02/2014
I been using travel republic for years what you see is what you pay,no hidden extras it alway a good price and safe
Report this content AlanAtSky Written on: 04/02/2014
You don't. Booking with Travel Republic is a risk. My last experience was being left in a Rome hotel lobby without a reservation; a reservation I booked through travel republic. Using their helpline was no use either - they said they would sort the booking out & then went home for the weekend without sorting anything. Managed to book & pay for another room myself - lucky there was a vacancy. Took me 6 months of them claiming no responsibility to get a refund. TR are agents only & seemingly claim no responsibility for any errors or foul ups. USE THEM AT YOUR RISK.
Report this content sarahwin38 Written on: 04/02/2014
I used travel republic twice last year, booked both holidays 24 hours before departure. They give you all the information you need, just need a printer to print all your documentation off. They are excellent on price, detail and all reviews I looked into spoke very highly of them, I had no issues with them and have spoke to various people about them. They are atol protected and you can contact them easily with any queries. I myself am looking at 2 holidays this year and will definitely be using them again, I hope this helps.
Report this content rachaeljane13 Written on: 04/02/2014
Ive booked and been with them twice - with no problems. Im booking again next week for a trip to Dubai at the end of the month. Ive used other sites of course for various trips but always check Travel Republic first. Hope this helps.
Report this content Fluffy1 Written on: 04/02/2014
Travel republic are very safe. I booked a holiday with them last year. I knew what hotel ,dates and flights I needed and got exactly what I wanted including transfers to and from the hotel to the airport. Some people say that they don't want the hassle of building up their own package deal but in my opinion there is no hassle. It was so straight forward to build and even managed to save me money which companies which offer"the whole package"couldn't . I would definitely book through travel republic again. What could be more appealing than booking exactly what you want and save money. Hope you find this helpful.
Report this content JaneCyprus Written on: 04/02/2014
I have used them on a number of occasions over the years and have never had any problems. I have always found them both professional and efficient. As for being safe, like Reidbib says, they are full ABTA members (ABTA 43805).
Report this content NBurnett Written on: 04/02/2014
You are ATOL protected. Everything is done via Internet and email so the prices are good. If you are comfortable using Internet and email then you will be fine. If you want to take the 'belt and braces' approach, then use your credit card to pay. You have to pay an extra 2.5% (if I remember correctly) to pay using your credit card but you'll enjoy the extra protection it affords (payment needs to be over £100.00 to get the credit card protection by the way). I was a bit wary the first time too but I would happily use them again.
Report this content NickRemington Written on: 04/02/2014
We booked for the first time last year. We got everything we required as it was described. Prices were very keen and communication very good. I would have no hesitation using TR in the future and would equally recommend to others
Report this content RIchard868 Written on: 04/02/2014
I have used Travel Republic many times and have never had a problem. They have a low deposit room reservation service with the balance bring claimed automatically nearer the time of travel and the system has always been flawless. Add to this competitive prices and a web site which incorporates extensive customer feedback for their listed hotels, as well as extensive local information. I always look at them first, and I have never had a "dud" booking with them.
Report this content JennyBurridge Written on: 04/02/2014
I have used Travel Republic in the past and will continue to use them. I would happily recommend them.
Report this content cheekytreen Written on: 04/02/2014
I have booked with Travel republic a few times, and have never had any issues using them. All documents are emailed to you.Very professional service, and would not hesitate to use them again. I last booked with them in September 2013, and I was very happy with the service, they are also offer very competitive prices.
Report this content paulandjoyce Written on: 04/02/2014
I have booked with on several occasions and never had a problem yet.
Report this content delphini86 Written on: 04/02/2014
Travelrepublic are a well established and reputable on-line travel company.i had an issue 4 years ago when a no-frills airline called kiss flights went bust and travelrepublic sent me a text alert at work,thus enabling me to rebook flights before prices went through the roof.they were most helpful in making a claim for a refund.most companies nowadays charge a small fee,usually £5 for atol protection.they are not always the cheapest,but certainly competitive and most reliable.
Report this content LynnandDave Written on: 04/02/2014
Used travel republic for years and years book well over 14 holidays with no problem even long haul to America this is always our first choice never had any problems always there to help top class travel agent !!!!
Report this content brandybenjie Written on: 04/02/2014
great service,beats most other sites operators i have tried over the last few years.ideal if you are flexible in your dates as you can choose the best rate for flights.Download all the vouchers you need depending on whether you just book flight,hotel or the complete package including parking and transfers.will be using them again this May,have only had a small problem concerning using a debit card which for whatever reason the wemsite couldnt accept so ended up using credit card with credit charge applied.Would recommend them as i have already done with friends.
Report this content Allank43 Written on: 04/02/2014
I booked 1 night at a Holiday Inn in Eastleigh last year. They were below the Holiday Inn site so when I checked with them they couldn't/wouldn't match it so I took a chance and booked with them. No problems and can recommend them
Report this content Guswynn Written on: 04/02/2014
I used the company last year for our holiday to Lanzarote. They were excellent from start to finish. Book with confidence book only with Travelrepublic
Report this content kacraig Written on: 04/02/2014
I travelled in September last year. No issues at all. Very smooth process, and got what I'd bought.
Report this content AJAS Written on: 04/02/2014
I have booked holidays through TravelRepublic a few times and have always found them to be very reliable. Your holiday is also protected as they are members of ABTA and ATOL. I have been very happy with TravelRepublic and will use them again in future.
Report this content grannydanny Written on: 04/02/2014
I have used Travel Republic for many years now and they have always been most efficient and I have never had the slightest problem. I even booked an hotel in Turkey last September 2013 at a fantastically low price and it worked beautifully.
Report this content bethpavlovic Written on: 04/02/2014
no problems at all, even when i had problems with my flight provider it was all sorted out really quickly, the vouchers were easy to understand and everything matched up at the other end, accomodation, transfers etc. They also send timely reminders for due dates to pay which is helpful and everything is booked and confirmed at more or less the same time.
Report this content SteveS33 Written on: 04/02/2014
If anything goes wrong with your booking Travel Republic will not help you, they refuse to take any responsibility. I had this experience with them last year. If you have a problem with any part of the booking they will tell you to sort it yourself as they only act as agents
Report this content XStephenHX Written on: 04/02/2014
It was a safe as houses for us, online it said our documents would be emailed within a week or so, but in fact they arrived within seconds, it was that fast - from the moment I pressed "pay" to having all my travel documents was 5 minutes (that's the time it took for me to print them!). Bite the bullet - go with it - they are safe and do know what they are doing.
Report this content williamsons Written on: 04/02/2014
used several times and again for this august. Simple and efficient from hotel flight transfer and their insurance.
Report this content pavilion Written on: 04/02/2014
I have used travel republic 4 times never had a problem and now I wouldn't think of using another company, everything went as planned Docs emailed on time. only advice I can give is to chose your hotel and if booking a flight make sure you have read and double checked your details but I have never had a problem
Report this content Croatia Written on: 04/02/2014
Do NOT touch this Company with you hard earned money. There is a litany of complaints against Travel Republic, on various travel forums on the internet, look these up for yourself, I wish I had. They phoned me and left an answerphone message at 5.20PM the night before we were due to fly. When I received the message their office was closed and their website "down". They had changed our chosen accomodation to an alternative that had been described as a "Glorified Hostel" in travel reviews. We lost £800 in flight and other expenses and they virtually laughed at us when we asked for some refund. To my horror, I then read reviews that made the same complaint about them over and over, too many to be a coincidence. They were dismissive and rude on the telephone and their final words were, "Read the small print and go ahead and sue". I have made many reviews of holidays on various sites and I always try to be measured and look at both sides of the argument, however my honest advice to you and any others is DON'T TOUCH TRAVEL REPUBLIC..! You can research them yourself on the internet if you don't want to take my advice.
Report this content delyon Written on: 04/02/2014
I use travel republic for accommodation at least twice each year and have always found them very reliable . the booking process is simple and when I once made an error with an online booking the problem was quickly sorted out by a very helpful lady over the phone . I would never hesitate to use them
Report this content Bearded_Warrior Written on: 04/02/2014
Booking flights and insurance are OK and comparatively good prices, e.g. our Ryanair flights were the same price had we bought them directly with Ryanair. Travel Republic let us down badly on car hire - they grossly misrepresented what was included by lying about inclusive car excess insurance and describing fuel charges for a full tank of fuel as being slightly higher than at the pump, when in fact it was charged as more than double per litre than at a filling station. Book flights with Travel Republic BUT DO NOT FALL FOR THEIR CAR HIRE SCHEME.
Report this content TartanSmiler Written on: 04/02/2014
Like others I have used Travel republic many times now, both for UK hotels and holidays abroad. They always seem very competitive and often in UK hotels have breakfast included and still cheaper than other companies with no breakfast option. When traveling abroad the paper work they send is very clear and I have had no problems. One observation you might want to note is that when abroad there is no holiday rep that you can go to should you have a problem and for some people that may be important. Holidays are ABTA protected
Report this content Golfwidow63 Written on: 04/02/2014
I've booked through travel republic for a good few years now and haven't had the need to complain yet, always found it cheaper than other hotel websites and just love the offer of £1 deposit too! Would def recommend!
Report this content BigGmfa Written on: 04/02/2014
Hi there, like one of the other replies, I am always nervous about using something new but a very good friend recommended it so I tried it and it was absolutely fine, no issues whatsoever. I would definitely use them again. Give it a go, I would be surprised if you didn't find the experience to your liking, . Thanks.
Report this content realey Written on: 04/02/2014
I have booked 5 holidays with Travel Republic over the last 3 years and I have always had excellent service, last time I used travel Republic was just for airport transfers when myself and 3 friends went to Nice, transfer arrangements worked like clockwork. I have no hesitation in recommending Travel Republic for your holiday arrangements.
Report this content Dean2230 Written on: 05/02/2014
I have booked many times over a number of years with Travel Republic I haver had any issues or problems. I have always found it a great service and you control the booking of your holiday
Report this content spenditlikebeckham Written on: 05/02/2014
i booked a girls weekend to liverpool with them everything was as described and requested it was an amazing hotel the price was fantastic and i have used again since and will be doing so again this year to book same weekend away again they actually do what they promise which makes a change
Report this content M1lly Written on: 05/02/2014
Our holiday to Algarve last September was first time we used Travel Republic. Flights were with Ryanair, car hire with local hire firm, hotel through Travel Republic. All communications were excellent. Travel Republic are members of ABTA and ATA and are ATOL protected..for extra protection we used credit crad payment. Of course you are not booking a tradional package holiday as each booking...flight, car if you wish or tansfers and hotel are separate bookings...and there is no local rep. If you prefer tradional package holiday with support and assistance of a holiday rep and all local transport sorted as part of the package then I would recommend high street travel agents....but if you are travel savy and want to make good saving and have more choice and like to look after yourself then give them a go.
Report this content mckelvie Written on: 06/02/2014
you will be perfectly safe. This was my first time using the site and I was most impressed. we got a really good deal on our city break.the cost was a lot less for same dates and hotel compared to another two well known travel sites. the hotel was beautiful and the booking process was so easy .highly recommended site and would definitely use again.
Report this content Rayjman Written on: 06/02/2014
Don't worry! I have been booking with them for the last 10 years and we have stayed in about 30 or more different hotels in the UK, Spain, France, Portugal. Only once, on a French/Spanish driving tour from the UK did we arrive at a hotel and we didn't get what we had booked. That problem turned out that the restaurant was closed, it was the end of the season and we couldn't get dinner in the evening! In the end the owner of the hotel managed to offer us something, even though it came out of the micro-wave oven!!! I have no hesitation in recommending Travel Republic to anyone, in fact, I have just this week finished booking hotels in Spain for a 35 night driving tour in September! So don't worry, go for it. Hope this helps?
Report this content Mrscully Written on: 07/02/2014
I have used Travel Republic many times over the last 8 years, and I have never experienced any problems. You do have to make your own arrangements for transfers to and from your resort, as they don't offer this service. But safe?.....yes I'd say so.
Report this content eastie53 Written on: 08/02/2014
it was our first time with travel republic and every thing was so easy and safe ,we had no worries over any thing from entering the airport to arriving at the resort and the price beat the other holiday firms on line and travel shops, I will be using travel republic again that's for sure ,
Report this content Well_Satisfied Written on: 10/02/2014
I have used them a few times and they have always been good. But as with all travel agents make sure they are members of ABTA and have an AYOL number. This will ensure that if things go wrong you are protected.
Report this content Far_Travelled Written on: 11/02/2014
Sorry for delay, I have been moving unexpectedly: have used TR many times and never had any problems. In fact, I have worked along-side some of their Reps in the past :-)Ask me any question you like on Marmaris or other areas of Turkey - happy to assist - check-out my previous reviews, which are fair and honest :-)
Report this content hernehillian Written on: 11/02/2014
I used them twice last year and have no regrets about this whatsoever. At first I was like you: a little hesitant about using an unknown brand. The deal that they got for us on a short stay in Valencia was so good that I kept thinking that there had to be a catch, but the hotel delivered everything we hoped for at a fantastic price. It was the same again when we took another trip a couple of months later. Based on my experience I'd say go for it!
Report this content jdraoc Written on: 11/02/2014
As with other reviews I was cautious about using them.i contacted them by telephone and email and always got good communication with friendly staff.when balance of invoice was due I was sent a reminder that the payment was about to be taken from my card.all paperwork was promptly sent and everything went smooth.i had contact phone numbers and a rep on site at the resort.never had a problem and have booked again with them for this September.
Report this content OllieL Written on: 11/02/2014
We booked with Travel Republic last year. It was very well priced, very professional. Will do so again in the future.
Report this content rhonastrachan Written on: 16/02/2014
I've been using Travel Republic for years and their online booking facility is easy to use, reliable, with fast confirmations and the prices are excellent value, in fact I check their prices before booking anything!! I recently booked a hotel using Trivago only to find it was a Travel Republic deal! TR are bonded so are as safe as anything out there.
Report this content robert renshaw Written on: 27/06/2014
hello you can be sure its safe we use them a lot twice a year at least .had no problems they are good and will help all they can, have a nice holiday
Report this content Paul1801 Written on: 27/06/2014
I booked a holiday with travel republic last year to Turkey flight hotel and resort transfers all together, and I never had any problems. They email all the documents to you. I have also booked hotel only in the past with travel republic no problems. This year I have booked transfers only. Documents are emailed to you once booking is confirmed.
Report this content heidiandiain Written on: 29/06/2014
Beware: many parts of their holiday elements are NOT protected by ATOL or ABTA (it's in the small print) and I was ripped off over car hire in Siciliy. Travel Republic gave no support beyond forwarding my complaint to the car hire agents ( another go-between) and after 28 days and an appeal they firmly told me the case was closed. They were completely unsupportive. The flight and hotel were fine. So, as long as it goes smoothly, OK. But don't expect support from them or ABTA if things go wrong.
Report this content DPhillips Written on: 08/06/2015
I have booked with these a few times and been pleased
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