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“Avoid Simarc if you can”

Written on: 31/08/2012

I can't believe there is no review for Simarc already. They are a nightmare. As property management agents, mostly they collect ground rents and services fees. In every case they will try every little trick to add extra fees. Its what they do. They leave a bad taste in your mouth dealing with them, even for small amounts of money. Ground rents are often relatively trivial, but nothing puts your back up so much as when they start sending officious, legal letters and adding outrageous fees, hiding behind small print and their so called terms and conditions (which you had no say in accepting in the first place).
I've had to deal with them for years and they screw me over 50% of the time. Normally because I have not received some letter they sent.

Avoid if you can, be organised and pay what you owe on time - don't rely on them to invoice or send a reminder - they are just waiting for you to miss something and they pounce. Their reputation sucks if you look online.

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Lotusmig's Comment

Written on: 20/09/2012

I know. I am in the same boat. Barratt sold the freehold to them. Barratt did not charge for so called 'sub-letting' fees but SIMARC are. I engage with e-mails in a battle of wits but then they go away. Last I heard was April 2011 now they have reared their ugly faces as I have just paid my ground rent. They are never consistent & pick & choose their 'fees'. This would be humourous in court. I have never paid & never will. The trouble is, they get rich & powerful cos people pay them. If nobody paid then they would go bankrupt. Notice how they never take anyone to court it's always the other way round! They obviously do not want the expense & they could not prove their 'reasonable' costs anyway before a judge to get a hearing. Engage in a 'dispute' as CCJ cannot be authorised whilst a dispute is ongoing. Remember, they could not afford to take us ALL to court, so I wish people would be brave & not pay.

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Margotfrobisher's Comment

Written on: 20/08/2018

Despite being pronounced during an Early Day Motion as unscrupulous and other terms that would have these people (they are also lawyers - of course) suing for defamation and other bogus litigation were it not for the protection of Parliament, they blithely continue with their outrageous money for absolutely nothing demands on home owners. It seems that even the motion signed by 28 MPs has had no effect at all. They are impervious and clearly above the law it seems, relying on laws instituted long ago by rich land and property owners. They provide absolutely no service, no improvement or useful adjunct to the leaseholder. They exist simply to charge. It astonishes me that barefaced highwaymen like this are allowed to continue trading.

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Smithsonian's Comment

Written on: 16/01/2013

I completely agree. My ground rent is £12.50 every 6 months. I missed an email that they sent me for the first time in 15 years and received a letter saying I owed them £120.00. Beware of these people. When I challenged it they dropped the charges to £54.00 which I paid under protest, however I intend to take the matter further as I don't think what they are doing is fair. It is just a very clever way of making extra money. I am going to set up a direct debit so that they doesn't happen again. In the meantime I am going to do everything I can to stop it happening to other people.

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Kevinc123's Comment

Written on: 23/01/2013

Just read your note regarding late payment fees I pay £30.00 every 6 months for the first time in over 10 years I missed their e-mail due to network and computer faults. I received an e-mail asking for £54.00 charges I phoned them and disputed the amount they said put it in writing which I did then contacted them again bottom line I should have paid on time. No chance of a reduction so I paid the outstanding amount plus the late fees. Like you I have asked them for the documentation to pay via direct debit. I would love to know how we could recover this and at least prevent other people from being overcharged in the same way. I did mention the OFT their comments were you will be wasting your time you should have paid it's your fault, they also threatened credit rating would be affected and they would contact my mortgage lender. Any thoughts out there very welcome.

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Radzio69's Comment

Written on: 10/03/2013

Hi, could you please instruct us (perhaps here) how to challenge them, they charged me 98 pound administration fee for delaye payment of the ground rent,
many thanks, Rad

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Dingding1's Comment

Written on: 03/10/2012

Well, I have been late a few times, and always ended up paying the added on costs in the end. Its their day job to chase you and I hate the hassle and now they have an automated online system to do it for them so they never miss a deadline. They now make it impossible to pay just the original invoice (even if you are a day late), and I think will return cheques AND charge to do so (they say they can because its on the terms attached to the invoice!).
As I said, they are nasty, but best just to pay the ground rent and stay well clear.

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