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Stocks and Shares are the hot potatoes of the business world. With the credit crunch causing share prices in some of the largest and best-known companies to rise and fall at an alarming rate, many companies, investors and also members of the public are now seizing the chance to buy shares while the current share prices are low.

With the sub-prime mortgage crisis governing share prices, many are turning to investment management companies to help them choose the best time to buy or sell shares. But with so many private companies offering this, and banks offering dealers services through companies such as RBS Share Dealing, the number of organisations offering advice and assistance is huge.

If you're an investor, share dealer or just someone who likes to \"dabble\" from time to time, send us a review of the website, bank or investment management company you trade shares through. Do they offer you clear and concise advice? Have you made a profit or a loss whilst dealing shares through them?

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