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Gone are the days when your mobile simply made and received calls.  Even now, with all these latest smart-phones available, you'll be hard pushed to find a handset   that doesn't take a picture or fail to locate you, based on new GPS technology.

Mobile phone applications, or abbreviated to “Mobile Apps”, are the new buzz words to hit the mobile phone world. Mobile Apps are simply different applications which you can download straight to your phone. These apps range from educational to entertainment and business to game downloads.  Many of these applications are available for free, or can be downloaded for a small price.

Leading the way in mobile application development is Apple, with their app store, specifically targeting their latest iPhone handsets.  Following the recognition of the app store, competitors such as Palm, Microsoft, Nokia and Blackberry have developed their own software stores.

So, have you tried any mobile apps?  Have you visited Apple’s app store and downloaded an application?  Whether you’re currently logged into Facebook using your Facebook app, or twittering on Twitter using your Twitter app, we want to hear from you. There are thousands of apps out there, so have a look around, download your favourite app, and submit your review here, at Review Centre.

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