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Propagators, whether heated, for seeds or an electric propagator are great tools. Perfect for propagating plants, seeds and cuttings on your windowsill.

Seed Propagators come not just in a variety of sizes, they also come in a variety of brands; popular brands like a Sankey or Stewart; very specific like the Garland Super 7 Propagator; or perhaps one from your local garden centre, nursery or your own DIY version.

Heated propagators help you shield your expensive plants from colds, drafts and frost and are often a must-have for the serious window sill gardener or for use in your greenhouse.

Our reviews are written by consumers just like you and will help you compare ratings, quality and prices to make sure you pick the best propagator for you. Help grow this section by submitting your own review; this way your gardening expertise will help thousands of other keen gardeners to grown their own from scratch.

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