Candles And Room Fragrances


The world of smells has expanded from scented and unscented candles to anything from oil burners and fragrance sachets to vaporisers, ionisers and room plug-ins. Here at Review Centre you can make sure your house doesn't just smell, but that it also smells nice and that the smell lasts. From Hopi Ear Candles to Ear Candles and Floating Candles.

Not Just Candles but also Room Fragrances are great gifts. Not just to others, but also to yourself! Read our unbiased candle and room fragrance reviews, or write a review about the best and worst room fragrance products. We have all the top brands such as Yankee Candles tea lights, votives and jars. Or perhaps you're more into Hopi Ear Candles or favourites by Harry Slatkin & Co.

Finally check out our reviews of Candle Parties, such as PartyLite and DeeLights. Hosting a Candle Party is a growing phenomenon. Not only is it a good excuse to get together with friends and family and have some food and drink, it also means you can often get great commission which you can use to make sure your house smells the best!