Quit Smoking Products


Review Centre can give you information about the best ways to stop smoking, and to stop permanently. If you want to know how to stop smoking then you can compare unbiased consumer reviews of products from all the top brands such as Nicorette, Nicotinell, NiQuitin and the Boots NicAssist Range. With a variety of brands and methods to help you stop smoking, such as Patches, Gum, Inhalators, Microtabs, and drugs, including Zyban and Champix and many other products there's an awful lot to choose from.

If you have recently stopped smoking let other people know what helped you, what did you do to help you forget about the nicotine withdrawal and cravings? Your experience can help others get through this the same as you did.

If you want extra support why not look go to our Stop Smoking Forum for stop smoking help where other like-minded people can offer you their advice and you can give yours.