Sunglasses are the top summer accessory. At Review Centre you can use our reviews to compare the best quality sunglasses, along with the most affordable shades from top designer names such as Oakley, Ray Ban, Dior, Chanel, Prada and Police. Our reviews feature unisex, womens and mens sunglasses in the most popular styles such as aviator sunglasses, the classic Wayfarer sunglasses and the shutter sunglasses made famous by celebrities such as Kanye West. Read our reviews for advice on everything from high street to prescription sunglasses.

Do you have a favourite style, brand or a favourite store to purchase your sunglasses such as Sunglasses Hut? If so then write your own review and tell us about it. Maybe you were disappointed with your last purchase? Whether your experience was good or bad, tell us about it and help other consumers find the perfect pair of sunglasses for them.

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