If you love Chinese Food, then you need to own a wok! There's a lot of different Woks; stainless steel woks and anti-stick layer woks alike. Luckily here at Review Centre you can read great reviews of people who have actually used a particular wok and will tell you what you need to hear.

People use their wok for all sorts of stir fries: chicken stir fry, beef stir fry and prawn stir fry. But your wok is also a great kitchen accessory for anything else you want to fry or perhaps even deep fry!

Once you have chosen your wok, go to our homeware and furnishing forums to discuss your wok, or find great new stir fry recipes or perhaps share your own tasty wok recipes. So from wok reviews to wok recipes, everything-wok can be found here. Why not join thousands of other reviewers and join the Review Centre community and start writing your own reviews today!

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