Fondue Sets


The idea of a Fondue Set originates in Switzerland, but is now a favourite way to entertain guests all around the world. And you can see why, having a fondue party is a very sociable and fun experience, especially since there is a variety of different types. Bored of the Cheese Fondue? Why not try a Chocolate or Meat Fondue?

As with most other cookware, the eye wants something too. So the Fondue Set market has it all, from cast iron to stainless steel and even sets featuring a stoneware bowl! The big names are all there: Tefal, Kitchencraft, Le Creuset and Meyer. But let's not forget about brands such as Typhoon and Russell Hobbs, who also offer a variety of Fondue experiences!

Once you have chosen your fondue set, go to our homeware and furnishing forums to discuss not only your Fondue Set, but perhaps even Fondue Etiquette! If you want a more general discussion about cooking, then don't hesitate neither. Our lively forums are buzzing with recipes and tips!

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