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Asked by weebella56 on 16th September 2014 Report this content
They did not honour their price guarantee and a further 10%. Has anyone else had this problem?

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Answers (15)
Report this content eeyorific Written on: 17/09/2014
That's strange, maybe you should escalate it - I bought a dual ring gas cooker then realised it was cheaper elsewhere once I got home. When I went back they refunded me the difference and the 10%. It does depend where it's cheaper though. I think they have Ts & Cs you need to check out.
Report this content PaulWillis Written on: 17/09/2014
Did they give you a reason why? I had no problem with getting a price match & 10% on my items. I did have to provide links to the competitor's website that they could check
Report this content Deb123 Written on: 17/09/2014
We bought a winter walking jacket and whilst still in the store my son Googled on his phone the name of the jacket and found it cheaper from an on-line retailer. We showed the cashier the phone screen and they honoured their price guarantee and reduced it by a further 10%. They did take a note of the website and the price (including delivery). As long as you can prove the lower price elsewhere (remember to include any delivery charges) on the same day as your purchase I would challenge it.
Report this content Nicgeraghty Written on: 17/09/2014
Hi, I have always found Go Outdoors to be very good when it comes to price matching. There are some conditions to the price match though, you might want to check them out. The item must be the same, cheaper including delivery charges and in stock on the day, our local store looks on a computer and prints out the item in order to price match. I hope this helps.
Report this content tayhuq Written on: 17/09/2014
No! I have used this price guarantee many times and did so recently to buy a new tent and cooker. I have also used it when buying several tents for our Outdoor Education department in school. As long as you have proof they have always honoured this guarantee. Maybe should take this further.
Report this content klthompson Written on: 17/09/2014
Agree with the other answers, always honour it as long as you can prove the item is available either to buy that day or for immediate delivery. You can't get it on back-order items or items where the complete price, i.e. with delivery, is more than their price. Doesn't include e-bay or other auction sites, has to be a recognised retailer. If you did provide this proof in-store then you should take it further. Full Ts&Cs are on their website to check what is included in the offer.
Report this content Thermexman Written on: 17/09/2014
I have used this facility twice. The first time they matched the price only, not the minus 10% though but only as a good will gesture because they said my size wasn't in stock, on the cheaper site. The second time I covered myself by checking stock availability first and had no problem having the full promise met.
Report this content Lazmo Written on: 17/09/2014
Done this several times and they have always honoured it. Sometimes takes awhile online but, personally, i've had no problems.
Report this content RowlyH Written on: 17/09/2014
Agree with the other answers. I only had to use this facility once and had no problem whatsoever. You do need proof of price and availability though. My item was priced VERY much cheaper on line, but after checking, they honoured the agreement in full. No quibbles.
Report this content PJCC Written on: 17/09/2014
Have found that all the offers were sold as priced less discount - have had no problem with GO either on home deliveries or purchases at one of their stores
Report this content johncuthbert Written on: 17/09/2014
Again, I agree with the other postings. My comparison was on walking boots and involved a price MUCH lower. My local GO checked the website, accepted the difference and gave the additional 10% - all in very good grace. No problem, so do pursue it - IF you are sure you meet the T & Cs
Report this content adrianwilliams Written on: 17/09/2014
yes, I had a price match and the 10%. Ask to speak to the manager to explain why he/she isn't honouring their policy.
Report this content TichG Written on: 18/09/2014
I researched the price of my walking boots before going to the store. They checked with the website I gave them. The boot and size were in stock. They honoured the price and took off the additional 10%. No problem at all. The price comparison has to be in stock, both in style, colour and size. I suspect this person maybe faulted in one of these area`s.
Report this content v1535s0 Written on: 18/09/2014
No they absolutely did both for me
Report this content Gatser Written on: 18/09/2014
I am also surprised, as I told them about the retailer and price of some Berghaus boots and I got the difference plus 10% no problem. I would ask why they are refusing to honour the price promise?
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