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Latest Reviews

“Update to our MyPos review on 03.12.2021 ”


written by ThomasB100 on 17/12/2021

Update on 13.12.2021: The transfer order to Mypos with the request to transfer our bank balance immediately has still not been carried out, although Mypos received all the required documents on December 7th, 2021. There was also no written confirmation by e-mail. The customer support only informed us that the order was currently being checked. More details could not be given. We have rarely seen this kind of treatment for customers. Update on 17.12.2021: We haven't received any response from MyPos. Today we have sent a last reminder to MyPos to immediately transfer our bank balance (52k euros) now. Otherwise we have to take legal action against MyPos. We will continue to update this information.

3 December 2021
We had a company account with Mypos. Despite still valid debit card (valid until 03/22, last 4 digits 5612) and a bank balance of over 52k euros, this was suddenly deleted in summer, as we could not use it for a period of time due to Covid. I was then asked to open a new account, which I did middle of October 2021. I have been waiting now since then. For over 6 weeks now I have been put off. I have often written to Mypos. I talked to Mypos on the phone. I used the online chat and the mail service. All without success. Just consolation. Even with written contact, it is apparently not possible to get any proper answer or at least a confirmation that the e-mail has arrived: You have to call and to ask them whether they have received the mail or not! The statement of the support team is always the following excuses: "I understand sir, I will notify our internal department again, but I cannot do anything more. I end this chat for now" I am waiting now almost 6 weeks for a decision. This is absolutely not acceptable. I have set a final deadline to send us a decision until today, the 3rd of Dec 2021. Again, no answer, nothing. I have also sent a transfer order to transfer our bank balance (52k Euros) to another account. Today I asked customer support for confirmation. Again, only excuses. If this also remains undone, I assume that either something works absolutely wrong in this company, or something much more serious is going on there. In this case we must take legal action and we also will inform Companies House Investigation and the Financial Ombudsman.

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“I started using myPOS in 2018. At the beggining...”


written by eiVargas417 on 28/02/2021

I started using myPOS in 2018. At the beggining everything was good. In 2 years our POS sale was tens of thousands of EUR went throught on them. I even moved my 2nd Company's account there... But after 2 years I think our money is in the worst hands ever. - My card and my account is been blocked by this company since the 10th of July 2020. - Since this time they are not only just blocking their services (which is fine because I dont care anymore), but they have taken away my money too. - The reason of this whole procedure is the fact that I temporarily suspended my business as an entrepreneur. (By the way this is very common in Hungary especially these days... No Hungarian Bank closing/blocking an account because of this) - Its been more than 8 months since they have taken away more than 1000 EUR that belongs to me. Since this amount of time during the way they are handling this issue I have witnessed total lack of professional support, total lack of the safety that I should feel when someone is handling my money, and total lack of care and understanding. - Despite contacting both on emails and on phone altogether more than 20 times I was given confusing orders what I should do, and many times even the support didnt know how this whole procedure should go. Basically they are using my money and it seems they dont want to give it back to me. We are moving to REVOLUT. I reported both Hungarian, Bulgarian, and UK authorities and commercial bank regulators who are strictly supervising the European financial institutions. I will hand over all the documents, conversations both written and spoken, and force them to act and do what is necessary to be done to prevent taking money away from clients like me. Not even 0.01 EUR ! This is the worst thing a "financial service provider" like this company could do with a client. - As a company owner with more than ~20 years of experience in the Hungarian platform I will inform all my business partners, Hungarian company owners, decision makers, friends, friends of friends, every single potential customers of yours, on every single platforms, every single media surface you could possibly imagine what kind of service you are giving, and make them think it over which company do they trust to handle their money. This is serious. Bravo! This is the perfect way how to loose a good client with no reason. And it is not about the blocking. It is everything else what happened after... So just to make it clear. I want to warn everybody! 1. The more of your money is laying on your myPOS account, the more vulnerable you are. They can just make up whatever reason to block your account and take away all your money. YES. THEY CAN DO THIS. 2. You can't go in their office, to make a claim. They are in Bulgaria. (Yes. In Bulgaria.) So the only chance to talk to them if they answer your mail, or your phonecall. And believe me. When they take away your money, they are not eager to do these things. 3. Every single time when your costumer makes a claim you will lose. Lose money: 50EUR each case on day 0.! That's how myPOS start these cases. But you will lose time too because it takes months to prove your right. And you will lose your patience and your manner too. Because guess what! myPOS represents you in these cases! Not you for yourself! So you can imagine the result of these cases. And even when it turns out you did right everything and the transaction was rightful and you did nothing wrong you dont get back your 50EUR. But usually at the end of these cases you will lose the transaction amount too. Imagine if you get 3-4 such claims a year. That can easily happen. You lose 1000-2000 EUR/year even if you strictly followed every rule!

Thomasb100's Comment

Written on: 03/12/2021

We have exactly the same experiences.

Our account also has been blocked, despite bank balance of 52k euros and valid debit card.

Since then, we too have only been put off, despite many phone calls, emails, live chats, etc.

We have now set a deadline for transferring our money to another bank account. If this will also not happen into the next days, we will take legal action against MyPos and will inform Companies House Investigation and the Financial Ombudsman.

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“So much better than izettle ”


written by KaliBreen on 11/09/2020

Used izettle for a year just swapped to MyPos and it’s so much better. Costs less, get money quicker, has SIM card I could go on. Wonderful service and company. 10/10

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“Perfect for my business”


written by Karson252 on 07/09/2020

Purchased MyPos combo through the UK distributors perfectpos. Got a discounted rate of 0.99% which saves me quite a lot compared to sumup. Had fantastic customer service from perfectpos and MyPos. Machine and app work perfectly, money goes into account in seconds. Highly recommended card service.

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“Very Happy with MyPos ”


written by Brennenl86 on 25/08/2020

A friend recommended I check out MyPos and after reading some reviews I was dubious but my friend was raving about them so I decided to give it a try. I searched for the best price and ended up buying 2 machines from amazon. The rate was almost half what I was paying with izettle so that was a good start. I had to provide some identification to get the account open but it was quite easy. Been using it for a few months and have to say it’s brilliant. The app is so simple and does do much, we send payment requests, take payments over the phone and having a SIM card makes it much easier than my old machines. Money is in the account instantly too so another big bonus. I really wish I’d swapped earlier it’s much better and almost half the price!

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“Please avoid mypos customer service is very poor they...”


written by tzReid77 on 19/12/2019

I would not recommend mypos. Customer service is very poor they don't care about customer.they are not helpful and supportive. Avoid

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“Transfer Charges”


written by Chardas on 29/09/2019

MyPos hold your payments in their own accounts and charge £1.50 to transfer funds to your real bank account! Deceptive to say the least and glad I only paid £20 for their card terminal.

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“I would not recommend MyPos to anyone.”


written by Shaylee494 on 19/07/2019

MyPos blocked our account after 3 transactions total of 500 EUR. No valid reason, no warning and no logical explanation. Just "security" reasons. Our clients have in all cases made 3D secure payments, with invoices and service already delivered. I will update this post with any potential solution. Currently not counting on much from this gang.

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“Company in a Legal outfit”


written by HugoJimenez on 13/03/2019

Joined the service a month ago and paid £200 for the terminal. They decided to change their supplier/provider who does their Domestic transfers. which cost £1.5 each transfer. This supplier/provider is having difficulties in resolving problems and the worse is they are testing this online not offline. to make a payment you have to use IBAN transfer= international and obviously cost more. when i contacted the call centre in Eastern Europe, all i get is someone that is reading from script. they wouldn't grasp that i shouldn't pay international fee for a domestic transfer caused by their system failure. Escalating the issue to a senior is almost like wanting to speak to parliament. that difficult. The gap in understanding local knowledge is missing and the training given to agents is to repeat the script as many times as possible. The Lesson here is that the communication is really hard and if you are thinking of joining please think twice as you don't have control over your hard earned money when you need it. paying bills and fulfilling direct Debit mandates. in my case here they don't even have any ideas or dates when they could fix the problem. in the meantime customers will pay double for the transfer using IBAN. Can I call this a CAM? Yes. one that has a legal umbrella

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“They are holding my money ransom!!!!!!”


written by zsoltszekely on 26/10/2018

They didn't like a charge that we did for a guest who stayed at one of the apartments that is in our management group. Therefore, they have blocked all of our money and the whole function of our merchant account, asking us to provide a variety of documents to prove the following things: - they guest agrees to the charges (proved with signed credit card receipts) - the services the guest has paid for (proved with reservation confirmation and signed invoice) - the guest has stayed at the property (proved by a personal declaration from the guest attached with a phone number for myPOS to call if they still consider things to be unclear) Yet, still they say that they need further proof. Proof that breaches trust and privacy of guest to a whole new level, similar to what secret services are doing. Here is their last reply: "myPOS (Support) Oct 26, 20:37 EEST Dear Mr. Szekely, Thank you for the provided document. Please be kindly advised that we are unable to verify that this declaration has been issued and signed by the cardholder Mr. *********. Please provide us with a proof justifying that the details and signature of the cardholder who stayed in the property and authorised the payments are the same as of the person who issued and signed this declaration. Please be also kindly reminded to provide us with the correspondence with your client (********) and a direct link to the platform where you advertise the property in Singapore and in which Mr. ******** managed to make the booking reservation (we were previously provided with a screenshot of the booking reservation made in this platform). Thank you in advance for your cooperation! Have a nice weekend. Kind Regards, myPOS Team Customer Support" They never listen to what I tell them. They still want a link to a direct platform when the guest booked via a travel agent (which has a client database), therefore it's impossible to provide that. And the guest refused for his conversations to be shared, it's a high privacy breach that we are not going to allow. This situation has been going on since September 25th. Now it's October 26th. The blocked account had the following effects on our business: - we weren't able to pay our invoices, we had to borrow money to pay them at a later date, after they were due - they keep all our money ransom, with renewing the blocking from 30 days till 60 days now and they might increase that further - we incurred a loss around 2000 EUR because of reservations we couldn't charge and we are sitting with another 1200 EUR of virtual cards that cannot be charged as we have no other way to charge them, than their Merchant Services. They REFUSE to talk on the phone to sort out this issue, citing that the department dealing with these things does NOT communicate via the phone. They never give clear indication to what they want to writing e-mails back and forth has gotten us into a vicious circle that is never ending, with us sending documents and they asking for more or finding different issues with everything. One can find an issue with why the Earth is round, so they are abusing this situation. They keep harassing us like this and they have created a very dire situation for us, for a situation that is really non-existent. The guest didn't file a charge-back for them to do all this to us, it's just their unfounded fears. The worst is the refusal to communicate directly and the lack of interest to solve this case. We might need to file a lawsuit against myPOS, as we see no other way to recover our money from them. Truly truly horrible company with the worst Customer Service ever!!! Steer clear of them and if you're using their services, better cash out and go somewhere else, to a bank that actually respects their clients.

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“Despite the inspection at the first entry, when my...”


written by nadyalimited on 19/03/2018

Despite the inspection at the first entry, when my payments started to arrive, my commercial account was suspended under the title of SECURITY. What is necessary is unknown! No explanation! Want to me invoice same like they goverment! Suspended my account and block my money!  I will not let them get a single cure. I'm going to sue with my lawyer. I read here and leave comment everyone with contact us but i write mails but can not turn any person! And all online supports person is unknow work! NEVER BELIEVE AND WORK WITH THIS SITE!

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“Excellent service!”


written by valeried789 on 26/02/2018

Excellent service! The pos terminal is very easy to use and accepting card payments is piece of cake.

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“Awesome system!”


written by Malkulm on 07/02/2018

Awesome system! The best part is that there are no fixed fees and the POS terminal is extremely easy to use. The account is packed full of reports, useful data and services like Top-up and GiftCards, which are available for free.

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“Best payment solution ever”


written by MagusExperience on 03/02/2018

Fantastic payment solution. I was a bit skeptical at the beginning but the service is amazing I bought myPOS Combo for my clothes store back in 2016 and ever since use it every day. myPOS teams adds new features every couple of months and the recent introduction of giftcards really helped my business grow. I recommend them to everyone who is looking for alternative of banking services at better price.

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“Fantastic company!”


written by altroid on 30/01/2018

myPOS is great! The card readers support all major card schemes and even payments with smartphone. I use the mobile app a lot, because it allows me to stay on top of everything from anywhere. Definitely recommend!

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“A fraudulent company”


written by visdeluxe on 10/01/2018

Be careful, this is a deceptive company. They sign up for an account, recommend that you buy terminal devices and then close your account and give you no explanation. It's not a banking institution, it's a simple company. The service is with operators who say there is an internal department with whom only an e-mail is spoken. I stand firm with the name of my company that I manage. This is one of the deceptive companies on the territory of Bulgaria!'s Response to visdeluxe's Review

Written on: 31/01/2018

Dear Vis Deluxe ltd,

myPOS Europe is a promoter of myPOS platform and myPOS Service. myPOS Service is for legal businesses in all Europe. The financial services are provided to the customers by an EU licensed E-money institution and EU licensed bank, which details are in the agreement for myPOS account. All companies are very real and have more than 500 employees in several EU states.

All licensed E-money institutions and banks in EU are subjects to very strict anti-money laundering and anti-fraud regulations and are obliged to terminate the services in case of breach and non-compliance of the customers.

Your service was terminated because of compliance and security reasons, stated in art.14.4 and others in your Legal Agreement.

myPOS Team

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“Instant access to your money”


written by MarcellaPisani on 09/03/2017

The online account gives you instant access to your money and allows you to make money transfers in few minutes. Good service and there are no anual or monthly fees.

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“Very good”


written by Ardonmunoz on 02/03/2017

The only reason that I gave 4 stars to myPOS is that the Customer Support was a bit slow in getting back to me in regard to a question that I had. myPOS itself makes financial management less complicated than it usually is.

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“Quick and friendly service”


written by SilviaPrice on 21/02/2017

Quick and friendly service, i would recommend to my friends and business partners

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“5 stars”


written by AlenThompson on 20/02/2017

Great method for taking card payments within my business. I have to say that I am very impressed with the service: the terminal arrived promptly, as do payments taken with it. I have also integrated their online module with my Magento store and now all the payments goes instanly to my account.

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