Update to our MyPos review on 03.12.2021

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ThomasB100's review of myPOS - www.mypos.eu

“Update to our MyPos review on 03.12.2021 ”


written by ThomasB100 on 17/12/2021

Update on 13.12.2021:

The transfer order to Mypos with the request to transfer our bank balance immediately has still not been carried out, although Mypos received all the required documents on December 7th, 2021.

There was also no written confirmation by e-mail. The customer support only informed us that the order was currently being checked. More details could not be given.

We have rarely seen this kind of treatment for customers.

Update on 17.12.2021:

We haven't received any response from MyPos.

Today we have sent a last reminder to MyPos to immediately transfer our bank balance (52k euros) now. Otherwise we have to take legal action against MyPos.

We will continue to update this information.

3 December 2021
We had a company account with Mypos. Despite still valid debit card (valid until 03/22, last 4 digits 5612) and a bank balance of over 52k euros, this was suddenly deleted in summer, as we could not use it for a period of time due to Covid. I was then asked to open a new account, which I did middle of October 2021. I have been waiting now since then. For over 6 weeks now I have been put off. I have often written to Mypos. I talked to Mypos on the phone. I used the online chat and the mail service. All without success. Just consolation. Even with written contact, it is apparently not possible to get any proper answer or at least a confirmation that the e-mail has arrived: You have to call and to ask them whether they have received the mail or not! The statement of the support team is always the following excuses: "I understand sir, I will notify our internal department again, but I cannot do anything more. I end this chat for now" I am waiting now almost 6 weeks for a decision. This is absolutely not acceptable. I have set a final deadline to send us a decision until today, the 3rd of Dec 2021. Again, no answer, nothing. I have also sent a transfer order to transfer our bank balance (52k Euros) to another account. Today I asked customer support for confirmation. Again, only excuses. If this also remains undone, I assume that either something works absolutely wrong in this company, or something much more serious is going on there. In this case we must take legal action and we also will inform Companies House Investigation and the Financial Ombudsman.

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