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“I started using myPOS in 2018. At the beggining...”

written by eiVargas417 on 28/02/2021

I started using myPOS in 2018. At the beggining everything was good. In 2 years our POS sale was tens of thousands of EUR went throught on them. I even moved my 2nd Company's account there... But after 2 years I think our money is in the worst hands ever.

- My card and my account is been blocked by this company since the 10th of July 2020.
- Since this time they are not only just blocking their services (which is fine because I dont care anymore), but they have taken away my money too.
- The reason of this whole procedure is the fact that I temporarily suspended my business as an entrepreneur. (By the way this is very common in Hungary especially these days... No Hungarian Bank closing/blocking an account because of this)
- Its been more than 8 months since they have taken away more than 1000 EUR that belongs to me. Since this amount of time during the way they are handling this issue I have witnessed total lack of professional support, total lack of the safety that I should feel when someone is handling my money, and total lack of care and understanding.
- Despite contacting both on emails and on phone altogether more than 20 times I was given confusing orders what I should do, and many times even the support didnt know how this whole procedure should go. Basically they are using my money and it seems they dont want to give it back to me.

We are moving to REVOLUT. I reported both Hungarian, Bulgarian, and UK authorities and commercial bank regulators who are strictly supervising the European financial institutions. I will hand over all the documents, conversations both written and spoken, and force them to act and do what is necessary to be done to prevent taking money away from clients like me. Not even 0.01 EUR ! This is the worst thing a "financial service provider" like this company could do with a client.
- As a company owner with more than ~20 years of experience in the Hungarian platform I will inform all my business partners, Hungarian company owners, decision makers, friends, friends of friends, every single potential customers of yours, on every single platforms, every single media surface you could possibly imagine what kind of service you are giving, and make them think it over which company do they trust to handle their money. This is serious.

Bravo! This is the perfect way how to loose a good client with no reason. And it is not about the blocking. It is everything else what happened after...

So just to make it clear. I want to warn everybody!

1. The more of your money is laying on your myPOS account, the more vulnerable you are. They can just make up whatever reason to block your account and take away all your money. YES. THEY CAN DO THIS.
2. You can't go in their office, to make a claim. They are in Bulgaria. (Yes. In Bulgaria.) So the only chance to talk to them if they answer your mail, or your phonecall. And believe me. When they take away your money, they are not eager to do these things.
3. Every single time when your costumer makes a claim you will lose. Lose money: 50EUR each case on day 0.! That's how myPOS start these cases. But you will lose time too because it takes months to prove your right. And you will lose your patience and your manner too. Because guess what! myPOS represents you in these cases! Not you for yourself! So you can imagine the result of these cases. And even when it turns out you did right everything and the transaction was rightful and you did nothing wrong you dont get back your 50EUR. But usually at the end of these cases you will lose the transaction amount too. Imagine if you get 3-4 such claims a year. That can easily happen. You lose 1000-2000 EUR/year even if you strictly followed every rule!

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Thomasb100's Comment

Written on: 03/12/2021

We have exactly the same experiences.

Our account also has been blocked, despite bank balance of 52k euros and valid debit card.

Since then, we too have only been put off, despite many phone calls, emails, live chats, etc.

We have now set a deadline for transferring our money to another bank account. If this will also not happen into the next days, we will take legal action against MyPos and will inform Companies House Investigation and the Financial Ombudsman.

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Icanfitness's Comment

Written on: 30/07/2022

Thank you for this review. I'm struggling with them now

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