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Asked by AndyCe on 7th November 2014 Report this content
Has anybody sent any diamonds bought from this company for appraisal by an independent professional? I did send a diamond to an independent certified professional and his appraisal was way off from what I was sold -- about 6 points down on the colour scale and about 25% less carats... The appraiser called me to check whether I sent him the correct diamond certificate because it was so way off! I end up sending it back for a replacement but they never obviously admitted that they sold me an inferior diamond. Now I will send it for a second appraisal. Other than that, staff has been extremely helpful and friendly and an excellent service & website.

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Answers (4)
Report this content JoRixon Written on: 10/11/2014
I have just been going through a very similar thing with Vashi! I was always dubious about the weight of my diamond and so asked another jeweller what they thought who instantly confirmed my fears - much smaller than it should be for the weight. I therefore complained and sent it back to Vashi who kept denying it was underweight even when I pointed out that in order for it to be the correct weight it would have to be so deep as to render it a very poor cut etc. Anyway, they eventually agreed to replace it which I have just recevied and am now going to get this one checked also although the size seems much better at least! Part of the problem, i believe, is that all their diamonds are graded in house so it's not independent at all and their certificates give very little information compared to most other jewellers I have come across. I also notified the British Jewellers Association who have been quite helpful - I am sure they would be interested to hear from others who have had similar experiences!
Report this content Robert2109 Written on: 10/11/2014
I have just ordered my third piece from Vashi. I have had my other two independently valued for insurance purposes and to be fair they have come in pretty much spot on. I too was dubious as the savings seem too good to be true. I will of course being having this latest piece cross checked, for my piece of mind, hopefully I won't be having to eat my words!
Report this content C10GHL Written on: 10/11/2014
I didn't have an independent certification carried out although I experienced some other issues and after going to the very top I finally got a refund 9 months after my first purchases which was redone 4 times. Fabulous polite helpful staff but when it goes wrong it goes wrong. I ended up going back to a very reputable high street store and paid not much more in their sale for a much bigger and clearer diamond than from Vashi. I'm sure there are many great reviews but the gamble of saving money didn't pay off for me. Good luck with your purchase, I hope it all works out.
Report this content AndrewCallanan Written on: 03/12/2014
Your question worried me, so I sent a diamond ring for valuation and it came back with a value close to what I was expecting.
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