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“deceptive business practices ”


written by on 20/07/2023

I wanted to share a very poor customer service experience. One that really speaks to the intent to deceive of this business. Please purchase your " diamonds" elsewhere as this site actually names their products in a deceptive manner as a means of passing off fakes as lab diamonds.

If you don't "read" the fine print on this site you will in all likelihood make a purchase assuming you are buying a lab grown diamond but are actually purchasing Masonite. This is what happened to me.

In 2017, my fiance and I purchased an engagement ring via this site. We fully believed that we were purchasing a lab grown diamond not a replica. All told we paid approximately $7000.00 dollars for the 3.5 carrot stone in a platinum setting we purchased. Clearly no one would spend this type of money on a pretty fake.

Unfortunately this engagement did not result in marriage and the ring has sat in my jewelry box until recently, when I have finally decided to move forward and re-purpose the stone into a pendant.

I took the ring to a very reputable jewelry store for this process and was called that same day to advise me it was Masonite not a diamond as I had always believed was purchased. To say I was shocked was an understatement. I felt swindled as I am sure almost anyone would in this situation.

I contacted the company with my concerns and with actual evidence of the cost of lab grown diamonds today ( which incidentally cost either equally to on the very high end or much less than on the lower end) . I was advised it was a buyer beware situation, that it was my issue as I clearly didn't read correctly about what I was getting for my money at time of purchase.

The only, remediation offered was to replace the stone with the lab diamond at a further cost to me. Please keep in mind I had already paid at the high end for what I believed to be a lab grown diamond and platinum setting at the time of purchase. Why would I give this company who was not transparent in their approach to their sales any further money? I think this call this throwing good money after bad.

They indicated that based on their name for the "diamond", I should have known that it was not a pure lab diamond. This sits so poorly with me. This is clearly is not transparent business practice and absolutely makes me wonder who else has fallen to this misrepresentation. I would not have known to this day, had I not chosen to reuse the stones in the ring. Please do not be deceived.

I like to support Canadian businesses, I believe in paying for what you receive, I believe in transparent business practices. None of this was provided by this business, Quorri is not a business I would recommend to anyone. I am extremely concerned by their approach to remediating this issue.

As such please do not purchase from this retailer, there are many other ones present and their sites are very clear about if you are purchasing a diamond or Masonite. They do not rename the stones so as to confuse the purchaser and then hide behind that when they are challenged on this lack of transparency.

Due to their lack of responsibility for their role in this situation, I will pursue a resolution via the better business bureau.

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