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Asked by nrcklam on 6th May 2014 Report this content
HP deskjet 2540 aio printer wouldn't allow me to use compatible cartridge bought from Internet Ink. I bought the black HP 301XL Invoice date 24/1/2014. I inserted the new cartridge on 1/5/14. I have kept the cartridge in a cool dry place. Can you advise why it failed to print? I checked the solution for problems page on HP. All is well, except the compatible black cartridge. It's disappointing. Please help.

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Answers (21)
Report this content Creamola Written on: 07/05/2014
Internet ink have an excellent replacement policy, best to contact them. I have had first class service from them.
Report this content Barry Storr Written on: 07/05/2014
I do not use the HP cartridges. I use the Epson compatible cartridges. I have had no problem over the years in using them. I always obtain them from Internet Ink. I live in Spain and their service to me has been excellent.
Report this content Dicky_Mint Written on: 07/05/2014
I entirely agree with the other answers, I too have had no problems with any Epson compatible cartridges over many years of using Internet - ink. I would suggest contacting I-I help desk to resolve the problem, as I would not expect HP to be at all helpful. Sorry can't be of more help. dicky_mint
Report this content melk1 Written on: 07/05/2014
Contact internet ink. I am sure they will help you. I am only a customer. They have always been able to answer any queries I have had in the past.
Report this content Robboman Written on: 07/05/2014
It's worth checking that the sticky plastic has been correctly removed from the cartridge - if it still covers the breathing hole then ink will not flow properly
Report this content Tremough Written on: 07/05/2014
I had a similar problem with using compatible cartridges with my HP printer. HP wants HP inks to be used, full stop. I've bought ink cartridges from Internet Ink for several years and never had a problem with their cartridges before, so I'm sure it's nothing to do with them. My printer works fine as long as I use HP cartridges.
Report this content Gentle-Knight7 Written on: 07/05/2014
I use an Epson printer and have not had any problems with it. Sorry I can't help advise you.
Report this content Steve.pittaway Written on: 07/05/2014
I had a problem with a compatible black cartridge for a Dell aio printer, the printer would not recognise it and would therefore not print. I had to return it to internet ink and they sent me replacement originals that did work. However i had to wait until my return had arrived with them or pay again. I now have a HP officejet 4620 and compatible cartridges work fine, although i no longer use internet ink.
Report this content peterm17 Written on: 07/05/2014
I don't use HP ink, but I suggest you phone them - they have always been very helpful
Report this content avocet100 Written on: 07/05/2014
Does your PC or laptop display a message saying "you are using non compatible inks"?
Report this content elbmek Written on: 07/05/2014
I use the HP compat cartridges, my only complaint is the ink tends to 'drip' when the cartridge id first opened and before it is inserted. I have a lovely two tone ink stain on the surface my all in one printer stands on and it wont come off. HP ink is the most expensive fluid on the planet on price/amount. I do a lot of personal hobby web work and use my printer a fair deal, so using HP ink would be too expensive. There is no need for such ridiculous prices. Printers are almost free by comparison but ink is way OTT.
Report this content elbmek Written on: 07/05/2014
I had this problem, but only the once. I am using compat cartidges in my Photosmart 5520 all in one because HP ink is far too expensive. Internet Ink have never let me down, yet! My only gripe about the compat ink is it can be drippy when first opened and before insertion.
Report this content juliec59 Written on: 07/05/2014
Hi, I am an internet-ink coustomer, and have been for several years. mostly the ink cartridges are very good, and good value. but there is the odd time one will escape the net. I had a simalar problem some time ago, and was advised to try shaking the ink cartridge before inserting it into the printer. this may work. also have you had an onscreen message to say you are using a compatable ink, if so ok it and you should beable to use the ink. failing that sent back the ink and get a refund or another cartridge. phone first so you don't pay extra postage. don't give up its a very good company. regards 
Report this content Yahoo2U Written on: 07/05/2014
I have only used Epson compatible cartridges and on the odd occasion I've had a problem have contacted the customer services at Internet Ink. They have always been most helpful and have sorted the query - give them a ring.
Report this content MikeHayes Written on: 07/05/2014
I had a problem with my Epson printer not recognising an Internet Ink cartridge. I contacted the company and they sent me a functioning replacement next day.
Report this content irisheyes5 Written on: 07/05/2014
I do not use the HP cartridges. I use the Epson AND Cannon compatible cartridges. I have had no problem over the years in using them. I always obtain them from Internet Ink. I keep the cartridges in the envelope I receive them in, in my study. Best you contact Internet Ink.
Report this content Written on: 07/05/2014
I have had this issue with an Epson printer. My solution was to telephone Internet Ink who immediately sent out replacement cartridges which did work. I have no idea what technical tricks the printer manufacturers get up to in order to prevent the use of compatible cartridges but I am pleased with the efforts of Internet Ink to supply good quality cartridges at a price I can afford.
Report this content Allybally3 Written on: 07/05/2014
I use an Epsom Printer. Only very occasionally have I had difficulty with a cartridge not working. When this has happened, I remove it, then simply put it back in and it has always worked second time round. The service from Internet Ink is superb if you need to contact them.
Report this content Squerryes Written on: 07/05/2014
The HP Deskjet 25340 is a cheap all-in-one printer etc. Suggest you trash it and buy something better.In the meantime: 1. Does the printer wotk if you use an authentic HP cartridge? If it does then that's a good first step. If not then there are several fault possibles so: uninstall the printer then re-install using default parameters. If it now prints that is good, if not go to hp.drivermanager and download the latest drivers and try again.If it now prints then go to step 2, if not it's really not worth wasting any more time - consign to trash can. 2. If you can get the printer to work with authentic HP cartridge then it's time to try a compatible cartridge. Once this is installed you should see a message saying something like: "the cartridge is not an authentic HP cartridge - query: do you wish to proceed, print quality may be compromised" - Answer: yes and all should be well - if not you are running out of options - see 3. below: 3. Given that it prints with an authentic HP cartridge, it's unlikely that the print head is clogged but (especially if the printer has been sitting idle for some time) do a forced print head clean. If no joy try 4. below: 4. This really is a desparate cure or kill last step: remove the cartridge and GENTLY polish the contacts with a soft dry wipe then try again. If still no joy again remove cartridge and clean contacts with a cotton bud moistened with meths. If still no joy go out and buy a decent new printer. 
Report this content Craftyali7 Written on: 08/05/2014
Hello , I had a small problem like this at 1st so I called Internet Inks & they suggested two things : 1: Make sure you've pulled off tab or plastic barrier, get a folded tissue, place the ink cartridge in tissue (where the ink comes out)& give a few vigorous shakes, now you should see ink on tissue. OR 2: Call them & get them to send a replacement, nothings to much trouble, so helpful, even video on You Tube. Hope this helps, it worked for me. You know also when it's starting to run out of ink , when lines start to appear on paper. Cheers Craftyali
Report this content twinkletoes96 Written on: 08/05/2014
Sometimes the print head nozzles get blocked, especially if you ran out of ink and didn't replace the cartridge right away. That's exactly what happened with my dad's printer on a couple of occasions and it was the black that didn't work. Try printing a test page (see your printer manual). If the nozzle's blocked, it will probably prompt you to run through a self cleaning process (most modern printers have this) or the print head can also be cleaned manually using a q-tip and solvent, I believe, but you'd have to Google that, I'm not sure how that's done. When I fixed my dad's Epson, I had to run the self cleaning process about ten times before I could print a decent test page, but it got there eventually. We've never had problems with Internet-Ink - they have great products and great customer service. Good luck, I bet it's the nozzle!
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