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Asked by valeriesandy on 16th March 2015 Report this content
Do I need to be worried? I've ordered ashead but read horrid reviews since ordering.

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Answers (6)
Report this content GarethWaterman Written on: 18/03/2015
I think it depends what you've ordered and whether you need any after-sales service. It seems the simpler the job the less likely there is to be a problem. We ordered a large summerhouse and had a terrible experience. Firstly the wrong lengths of wall were delivered. We asked for a new delivery but they re-supplied only the parts that had been incorrect. This took so long that the originally correct parts warped and were unusable. It then took a similar time to convince them to re-send a new building. They even asked for all the old wood to be returned then sent a van too short to carry most of it. We ordered in March and only finally completed the summerhouse in October. It's difficult to find the right person (if anyone) to talk to and there seem to be three different companies involved; the manufacturer ('Kybotech'), the seller ('GardenBuildingsDirect') and the delivery firm (who, conversely, were excellent). They are substantially cheaper than most other manufacturers and the summerhouse itself (although not perfect as you might expect for the price; you will want a good firm to build it for you) is decent enough. Personally I would, if you're within the required period, cancel and go to one of the larger, reputable companies that have real UK offices / showgrounds (e.g.. Burtenshaw). The extra you spend will be worth it for reliability and service.
Report this content YeahRight Written on: 18/03/2015
Hi Valeriesandy, You may be one of the lucky customers who didn't have problems but unfortunately we did. What are you worried about and how long ago you did you place the order because we had delays with the delivery and something didn't sit right with the wait beforehand... Not sure if you read my review about this company, but my partner and I have never experienced such shoddy service nor goods and I battled with the company with the help of my credit card company to get a refund while we waited for them to collect the log cabin. I have photographic evidence of all the curved planks and log cabin in its final stages which was assembled by two experts who agreed the shoddy materials were appalling. If you ordered by credit card, I'd suggest contact them asap and tell them of your dilemma as they protect you under the Consumer Act to get you a refund should you have a problem. Hope that helps?
Report this content Rob_Infiniti Written on: 18/03/2015
Hope your one of the lucky ones, make sure you get the right shed when it's delivered as I was delivered the wrong shed the first time. Also check all pieces are their to build it as soon as you can, this can really hold you up with bits missing. I have the Tongue & Groove Shed & tbh the quality isn't all that. It's very flimsy & weak & doesn't fit on the top quality base floor (well that's what they called it). Make sure you purchase a couple of tubes of translusant silicone to put between the panels to keep it water tight! Also my doors don't meet by 10-20mm & had to buy a pink of wood to cover it. I'm sorry I can't recommend these sheds to anybody. Good Luck
Report this content Gus67 Written on: 18/03/2015
It depends on the quality level you're expecting, I ordered a Billy Oh Licoln 4000 shed (16x10) and the quality was nowhere near what I was expecting - structurally seems quite flimsy and as for the roof and felt - 8mm chipboard and basic level felt - think it'll need re-roofing in 18-24 months!
Report this content ianbuz Written on: 18/03/2015
I don't think so, it's more of an inconvenience really, because if you start putting the thing together and find out you're an item short, the job stops ! However, in my case I was quite lucky, I was able to fabricate the missing part myself (that was where the videos provided by gardenbuildingsdirect on the website were usefull. I would say at this point that if I'd had to fabricate the missing item from the instructions, I wouldn't have managed. (In other words... the videos are better than the instructions). I think 'should I be worried ?' is a tough question to answer accurately; I would say that the bits fit together quite well and if you've watched the videos, erecting the thing is quite intuitive, so if you are fairly competent at DIY, you won't have a problem, in fabricating any missing bits (if there are any of course. if on the other hand you don't know the differrence between a chisel and a screwdriver you'll find it difficult. 2 tips : Firstly : the screws and stuff are pretty low quality - I used screws and stuff from my own stock. Secondly : I used an impact screwdriver to erect the shed - far easier than drilling and screwing but of course not everyone is fortunate enough to own one In summary - don't panic, just take time out to arrange all the pieces on a lawn / flat surface and check everything is there before you start; after that.... take your time ! Would I but from this company again ? - absolutely !
Report this content mickythebricky Written on: 18/03/2015
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