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mattprince's review of Talk Photography Forum

“This is what they think of you. ”


written by mattprince on 14/08/2022

Been a member since early 2017. Thousands of posts. Hundreds of sales on there. I leave somebody negative feedback as he messes me about. The feedback was deleted as it was “deemed unfair”. The person is well in with the moderators I’m told. I pm the moderator and just state this “Deleting my honest feedback just makes a mockery of the feedback system. Please delete my account and any of my posts. Thanks”. It’s been deleted and my threads are still there but my username has been purposely changed by the mod to I spat my dummy. Wow. Really good advertising there for your forum that, by the way, has about 10% of active users as it did in 2017. Good people skills there. No problem. Will be setting my own photography forum up, I know lots in the industry. Your loss.

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