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Asked by Ball1952 on 26th December 2014 Report this content
Have Prestige flowers ever made good on poor delivery/quality of an order? I get the feeling that their website is highly praised, but not much praise is given to the quality of their flowers, delivery or service when something goes wrong. Have they ever accepted responsibility for disappointing their customers?

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Answers (18)
Report this content Mdsgibson Written on: 29/12/2014
Yes I had awful flowers delivered to me, the roses arrived half dead within 2 days they needed throwing but it was obvious the poor flowers were dying of thirst by the time they reached me. I called and they were not very helpful accused me of not looking after them properly (I love flowers) but to no joy I could not get them to rectify it, all I wanted was a replacement bunch, my mum called and I said originally they were lovely and thank you, but a friend mentioned how bad they were to her, so she got me to forward a photo of them how bad they were and she demanded a new bunch to be sent which they did, but my mum I must say will get her own way, they could have prevented the embarrassment by just listening to me and clearly I was not forceful enough so if it goes wrong you need to be prepared to fight for your query :-) x
Report this content Smiggle Written on: 29/12/2014
My order never arrived, I called to query and they apologised and promised a free upgrade and free chocolates. This order too never arrived. They then stopped answering the phone. I had to email countless times and eventually threaten legal action to get a refund. DO NOT BUY YOUR FLOWERS FROM THIS COMPANY. PLEASE.
Report this content nhutch1968 Written on: 29/12/2014
No, failed delivery as per advert and dreadful quality when they did appear. An aggressive defensive attitude with no regard for customer care.
Report this content Jodelou Written on: 29/12/2014
Hi, I ordered flowers for my motherin law's birthday which was a bank holiday- on the website it appeared this was no problem as I paid a premium for them to be delivered on this day. When they didn't arrive I emailed prestige who denied I had paid for this service do I had to forward them my confirmation as proof. The flowers arrived 4 days after her birthday and that was with me chasing every day- even then they were delivered to a completely different address but the recipients were very honest and helpful and delivered them to my mother in law themselves several streets away. When I chased this up I was told my in laws were out so they had been delivered to a neighbour which was utter rubbish as they weren't even in the same road. When they did arrive they were very disapointing- half dead and half the amount - I paid over £50.00 for these. Prestige just made excuses and weren't interested in the state of the product that arrived- the only offer they gave me was to refund the difference for the premium delivery at first they offered a voucher for free delivery which I refused as I won't ever use them again.
Report this content kyza Written on: 29/12/2014
I have had great flowers delivered in the past, however I ordered a hamper recently and paid for named day service (Saturday) so my parcel would arrive on my father in laws birthday. We live in Aus and he lives in the UK. We were so disapointed when we called him to find nothing had arrived, huge let down. The parcel was eventually delivered on the Tuesday. When I enquired about the late delivery, I was told that next day delivery can not be guaranteed and that it states this on their website. I never ordered next day delivery, it was ordered a week in advance to arrive on a specific day, that I paid for - so even a decent reply of the mishap was not looked into either. We order online a lot for overseas deliveries and they have lost my custom - Much better service from John Lewis, this is who we use now.
Report this content Apba Written on: 29/12/2014
The short answer is no. They accepted no responsibility and did not answer at all when asked to make reparation for flowers which should have been delivered for a specific date (special occasion). The flowers also left something to be desired.
Report this content nenny11 Written on: 29/12/2014
No, they are not interested after the flowers have been dispatched, it then becomes your problem for not being able to resurrect dying flowers ! When you complain they tell you their senior florist advised you follow the instructions included with the flowers and they will 'perk up and last 7 days' , no chance , they are almost dead when you receive them. Customer service is non existent, everything is your problem. It's interesting to note their website is glowing with comments, that's because they remove any negative posts immediately, what better way to fool the public ?! I would certainly not advise anyone to use Prestige Flowers.
Report this content Anthony20 Written on: 30/12/2014
Hi, So my order arrived a day late for my mums birthday because apparently Devon is so far out of the way. The roses were black all around the edges. I sent pictures and they said they'd investigate and get back to me. They never did! I emailed them three times with no further reply. In short, I would avoid them. They delivered dead flowers late and not only essentially ignored me but also didn't refund me!!
Report this content gearl Written on: 30/12/2014
They have never not delivered for me (sorry for the double negative)so it's hard for me to feedback on this. I've used them multiple times for flowers and hampers and they've never disappointed in both timeliness and quality
Report this content aldor Written on: 30/12/2014
I strongly suggest that you sue them, don't bluff, see it through ! Action is all that is understood, never threaten if you're too weak to follow on !
Report this content ttownstokie Written on: 30/12/2014
Ive always had good flowers delivered from them, only problem I had once was they arrived before the date I asked them to arrive, asked them why and got no reply…apart from that all good.
Report this content WarrenMA Written on: 30/12/2014
When I complained about the flowers dying in a couple of days they sent a lot of waffle, wanting photographic evidence within a few days of receipt, which not realistic as a complaint us unlikely to reach them for quite a long time after the flowers were sent. They did eventually send a £5 voucher which is not much use as we will not be using them again. 
Report this content Dottykat Written on: 31/12/2014
Have only ever had one minor issue with Prestige flowers as their service is normally faultless. I emailed them and it was resolved immediately and they also gave me a discount for use against my next purchase which as they had resolved the issue anyway was an added bonus.
Report this content spbarrett Written on: 09/01/2015
The worst florists I ever dealt with. They tried to deliver a day before requested when no-one was in and then left the flowers in the Royal Mail sorting office over a hot bank holiday weekend - all dead of course. When I complained they invoked their small-print which said they didn't deliver on Sundays - even though the Sunday came up on their list of options - and that they would then deliver a day late (not a day early). They had a false address for correspondence and eventually I issued a claim through the Small Claims Court and only then got an apology. I was still out of pocket on the court fee. I was also disappointed by Trading Standards who were completely uninterested.
Report this content Nostromo1973 Written on: 06/03/2015
None of the flowers I ordered ever arrived, even though payment was taken. I contacted them frequently and never received a single reply or apology. The only way I managed to get my money back was by involving my bank. I posted a public question on their Facebook page, which was immediately deleted and I was blocked. I saw this happen to someone else as well. Negative comments are erased. Avoid this company like the plague.
Report this content Zappa55 Written on: 21/04/2015
I doubt it. Very well observed. I've also just come to the conclusion that there are a lot of fake reviews on here, noticeably those praising the website, it the delivery, lacking in real information, or posted before receiving the goods yet giving high ratings. They did not make good on my complaint, but PayPal did agree a refund. Prestige were systematically evasive and unhelpful, refusing to refund for not-as-described flowers including half-dead drooping roses. Then (email exchange No. 13), they tried to get me to withdraw my PayPal escalation saying they'd try and help through customer services. Yeah right. Thank you PayPal for sorting it out in the end.
Report this content Zappa55 Written on: 12/05/2015
If we all took the trouble to report them to Trading Standards via CAB it might help put a stop to their appalling practices.
Report this content markplayford Written on: 10/02/2017
I have used them a few times and the online process is great. We have had the odd flower not last very long, but never a bad bunch. This Valentine's I order flowers for my wife to be delivered to her work, but she then took the day off. I called five days before (the first time I realised!) and was told that the flowers had already been boxed, labelled and sent to the post office so it was too late to do anything!!!!
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