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Asked by raymondjohns on 17th February 2014 Report this content
I am still waiting for the delivery of my valentine flowers. I have sent them 3 emails and have had no reply, I have tried phoning and no reply. I am not happy with their service and am now in wonder to their service. Are they a real florist?

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Answers (8)
Report this content AdeleH84 Written on: 18/02/2014
They are a 3rd party company that deals with local florists. When an order is placed online via this company (and others including interflora) they take the order then they have to try and get a florist to take on the order - as you can imagine valentines day is a massive day for any florist. They will probably reply, eventually. But even Interflora received a lot of complaints about them not delivering flowers. I know it doesnt help now, but, for future, use a local florist direct X
Report this content lnnedane Written on: 18/02/2014
I used them to send flowers to my daughter, they were dead on arrival. It took me a long time to get hold of them but when I eventually did I was refunded after sending photos of the flowers. To this day (a year on) they never replied to my emails.....I would never use them again. I hope you get your flowers. X
Report this content ctingle Written on: 18/02/2014
It appears they haven't learned their lessons from last year, I sent someone 12 dead roses, it took almost 2 weeks for them to reply by email and they weren't in the slightest bit apologetic, I did receive my money back in the end but it was a complete hassle, I'm surprised they're still going really. If you paid by credit card I'd contact them, check your sent folder as the credit card company will want copies of the emails you've sent them to prove that you've tried to contact them for a refund, if you paid by debit card contact your bank, again they'll probably want to see proof that you've tried to sort this out yourself. With this company it's not even a case of paying peanuts, they're not the cheapest but are by far the worst. Good luck getting your money back.
Report this content Helendunlop Written on: 18/02/2014
I used them last year and it was the worst experience I have ever had with a 'florist'. The flowers that were eventually delivered were nothing like those I had ordered, also the teddy bear and chocolates werent even included! Had terrible problems with them answering emails etc and kept getting fobbed off by them! Also the flowers died within two days! Worst company ever! Eventually, I got a refund for the missing items, but nothing for the dreadful flowers.... Not much help for you, but good luck trying to get your money back :(
Report this content IanDalling Written on: 18/02/2014
I had flowers delivered three days late and no response to email compliant.
Report this content raymondjohns Written on: 18/02/2014
still no answer from them. it is now 4 days and still no flowers or replies.
Report this content crazystuff Written on: 18/02/2014
They are a typical online company who use local florists, as said before but I think the florists must work on very tight margins, hence the flowers I had sent were mainly just leaves. They used to be called a different name and they play hard ball with anyone who complains, as they did with me. I am considering running the myriad of complaints I have found about them through the OFT because so many people are unhappy that something should be done about them. I only wish I had checked the reviews before choosing them. Good luck with your case.
Report this content jean123789 Written on: 03/06/2014
I used them and they delivered dead flowers to my friend. Left a review saying as much, they replied on this site saying they are sorry and would be in touch. Yeah right they never got in touch and I doubt very much that they are even sorry. I will never use them again. There can be no excuse for delivering dead flowers.
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