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Asked by Helene2 on 30th November 2015 Report this content
Ordered two games for my son for Christmas on Saturday but so far I've not received an e mail to say they have received my order, nor a copy of my order and needless so say I haven't been notified as to when they'll be delivered, should I be worried? This is what I've come to expect having ordered other things online. Reviews are reassuring! Thanks

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Answers (13)
Report this content intercityboi Written on: 01/12/2015
I ordered from them and they are pretty good. Just drop their customer services an email to put your mind at rest. Im sure they'll come back to you promptly.
Report this content Teedoubleudee Written on: 01/12/2015
I've ordered a few time from them over the years and cannot remember having any problems with them. Remember, this weekend was Black Friday w/e and most on-line e-tailers would have been extremely busy. Like the other reviewer says, drop an email to their CS team.
Report this content cybercathi Written on: 01/12/2015
I have found their custmer services excellent in the past, but I haven't needed to contact them for a while. I find they can take a while to despatch and deliver sometimes, but they do get there in the end. Just email them and ask what is happening. I expect the black Friday shopping is probably going to slow things down a lot now. This time of year can be a bit frustrating.
Report this content TonyFoister Written on: 01/12/2015
Sorry I cant really help. The only time I used Base was to purchase box set of Howards Way no problems whatsoever, cant remember if I received any notifications or whether the goods just arrived. Previous answers seem best way to proceed.
Report this content bigredbucket Written on: 01/12/2015
It is odd that you haven't had an order confirmation email. Check your junk mail & spam folders. If you created an account with them, you can log in and check order status there. It is the busiest weekend of the year as others have said, but there should be no problem with delivery in time for Christmas.
Report this content bigredbucket Written on: 01/12/2015
It is odd that you haven't had an order confirmation email. Check your junk mail & spam folders. If you created an account with them, you can log in and check order status there. It is the busiest weekend of the year as others have said, but there should be no problem with delivery in time for Christmas.
Report this content ChrisJM Written on: 01/12/2015
As long as your games are over £18 each then you should be ok once you get confirmation of despatch. The problem with this company for me was that in their terms and conditions it states that they reserve the right to send your orders from Base CH, which is in Switzerland, if they are under £18 but in all correspondence with them they state that items are being despatched via Royal Mail 48 hour delivery which, of course, is just not true. My CD took 3 weeks to arrive and they wouldn't do anything until 20 days had passed.Obviously they know how long things are likely to take getting through customs as my CD arrived on day 20! If you think these items might come from abroad, I'd cancel the order because, in my experience you are unlikely to get them before Christmas as they will get stuck in customs. If it can take 3 weeks in May then you can imagine how long it might take in the run up to Christmas!!
Report this content Poppit1 Written on: 01/12/2015
I have ordered from them in the past and have had no problems. I ordered a game on Sunday 29th and I received an email confirming the order. They will not debit your bank account until the item is ready for dispatch. If you have an account set up with you could check on there on the status of your order. Or, as the other reviewer suggested email their customer service, they are very helpful and they will be able to reassure you.
Report this content MisterHappy Written on: 01/12/2015
They used to be good but have gone seriously downhill lately. If you have a problem their so-called Customer Service Department is an absolute joke, unhelpful, ignorant & uncaring about your problems! In the past few months New Release pre-orders are frequently arriving late, especially CD's since the release day changed from Mondays to Fridays. They ship everything from Switzerland so you are better off using a company that ships from within the UK as it will always be a day or two faster from posting and BASE seem to be having serious internal problems causing shipping delays. I would recommend ordering elsewhere. However, if you want to risk it just log onto the website and any outstanding orders will show in Your Account, (if it's not there then the order didn't go through). They are normally fast & reliable at sending order confirmations so I'd check your Junk/Spam folder to see if it's gone in there rather than your inbox, if so just add them to your address book and future emails should arrive without problems. I used to give this company 5 out of 5 but this dropped due to 4 due to damaged Led Zep box sets that weren't packed well enough to protect them in transit... then it took ages to get a replacement. Since then after lots of pre-orders arriving 1-3 Working Days late I dropped my score to 3 but after three problems where I've had to bang my head against their useless Customer Services, (advertising items as In Stock which not only they did not have but also turned out to be DELETED & unavailable, then being totally unsympathetic & unhelpful + passing the buck when the refund failed to be processed); now I would give them maybe 1.5 out of 5!
Report this content tigereyes86 Written on: 01/12/2015
Agree with the others, I've never run into any trouble with them, they've been friendly and helpful when I've had any questions. I'd ask them to be on the safe side, but I wouldn't worry!
Report this content wendywonga Written on: 01/12/2015
I would send them an email of your concerns, but as Teedoubleudee stated, it was Black Friday and as well as Cyber Monday.
Report this content PaulBryett Written on: 02/12/2015
I would check your spam in case your confirmation is in there, if not i would log into your account, and there should be an outstanding order, and maybe i would call them. I use them regularly and touch wood have never had an issue, normally on placing an order you get a confirmation straight away, its standard practice. Hope that helps and you can straighten it out.kind regards 
Report this content Supersweetharibo Written on: 02/12/2015
Had no problem in the past, strange you did not get a mail. Check your junk mail as you do normally get one but just confirm with them. The company is fine , sounds more like a technical issue.
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