Poor service, false & misleading claims & faulty algorithms

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“Poor service, false & misleading claims & faulty...”


written by on 13/04/2023

Their so-called customer service team are mostly ignorant, unhelpful, patronising, time-wasting, (possibly being deliberately obstructive to make you go away & not bother them any more), and very frustrating. They are incapable of understanding simple problems and have little understanding of how their own website and processes actually work!

As for their processes: their algorithms cannot do the most basic mathematics! They can't add up or subtract without making basic, fundamentally errors in their calculations (for instance £55.00 minus £25.50 SHOULD equal £29.50 - but Topcashback's FAULTY algorithm comes up with £29.49 - a small, but FUNDAMENTAL ERROR). I always say that, if they can't even do the simplest, most basic things right, then they must be UTTERLY USELESS at the bigger calculations or more complicated sums!

Other issues include their fake, made-up, misleading tracking statistics - Take eBay for example, which is showing an unbelievable, simply IMPOSSIBLE 100.00% Satisfied Tracking Stat - what utter garbage! - I have had many eBay transactions that have failed to track, and their are plenty of merchant reviews* of eBay from people unsatisfied with the tracking experience!

*The merchant reviews by users are default sorted in a way designed to MISLEAD - they are sorted by HIGHEST START RATING FIRST, rather than the fairer way of by date.

I get the impression that Topcashback have little integrity and don't care at all about transparency, honesty or accuracy. They often act in an arrogant, patronising way like they are infallible and superior, yet they are NOT a charity but are in reality, a privately owned, PROFIT MAKING business, whom would not be able to survive without us customers- about time they remembered that, started to respect customers and started to actually earn trust, (my stopping misleading customers so blatantly; being honest, transparent, and fixing the dodgy algorithms that are FAULTY and currently not-fit-for-purpose)!

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