Disgusting treatment of a loyal customer!

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“Disgusting treatment of a loyal customer!”


written by AndrewH5122 on 15/01/2023

Sent a return back as I didn't like the item.

Used the drop off at post office no packaging/label needed option. Took to the post office where they scanned the provided QR code on my phone and put my return in an amazon bag and applied the return label. Told that was it and it'll be updated on my phone in a couple of hours.

After one week contacted Amazon as still haven't received my refund or been updated on my phone, was told and sent email that they have my return at there distribution centre but it can take up to 14 days to process the refund.......fair enough.

14 days passes still no refund! This time I contact amazon and say they don't have my parcel and I should contact the police and disconnect the chat. Very blunt and rude so contacted them back and got someone else who said the same, but now allow 30 days for them to conduct an investigation into the matter.

30 days passes and still nothing, contacted them again to be told we carnt help you any further and disconnect the chats. Annoyed by this I phone this time to be told the same, get a receipt from the post office so they can investigate.

Been in contact with the post office that say they processed the return according to amazon instructions and they don't keep records/receipts as its all digital/scanned now to amazon instructions and sent off. They are more than happy to confirm this with amazon but they don't want to know and dismiss it every time.

I've been mislead and fobbed off to for over 30 days by amazon and made to feel like a lifter. They have done no investigation into the matter and now washed their hands off it cause its passed 30 days. They keep asking for a receipt but there is NO receipt! its all digital QR codes the way there system works. It was scanned at the post office cause I saw him do it. But Amazon say they have no record which is a wrong because i have proof from the amazon assistant they have it in an email.

Amazon have clearly lost it, not scanned it and blaming me for it.

Amazon clearly don't value or respect there customers no more, as can been seen from all the other bad reviews, and no disentsy to respond to them.

The computer says no - Amazon motto

I advise everyone to do the same as me and send your complaints to BBC WATCHDOG and citizens advice bureau for them to look into.


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