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“They! made an error with the addressing and I had to...”

Written on: 26/06/2019 by robvangelder (1 review written)

They! made an error with the addressing and I had to pay the shipping cost again to receive my purchase.
It was their mistake and I had to pay for it !! (12,99 gbp)
So, in total I have paid 25,98 gbp shipping costs.
The item I bought costed 24,99 gbp.

They told me I did not supplied the postal code, but they know I did supply the postal code.
On Sat, 8 Jun 2019 at 15:50, I wrote:
The parcel has been returned to you 2 days ago! (Thursday)
Please Can you reship it ?!

From: Dynamic Sounds
Sent: maandag 10 juni 2019 10:19
Subject: Re: 
Ok we have received yes and postal code looks like it was
missing from address you supplied.
Please send £12.99 via pay pal to sales
so we can reship your purchase.
Thank you.
They showed me the shipping details, and the postal-code was in it. Still they keep saying that I did not supply it.
I payed the double cost because I needed the item and was already waiting weeks for it.
I just don't understand. In our e-mail conversation there is proof that I did supply the postal code.

I quickly looked at their Order Web-form and had some findings:

A) Why is the complete webform in English and only the field 'Post Code' is Dutch shouldn't it not be 'Postal Code',
even in the code it is called postcode.
B) If you change the country, the required asterix for 'Post Code' is invisible by most countries.
Although I think that the field still is required ??! (id="payment-postcode-required")
And if it is not required THEY have a problem, and cannot blame people for omitting the postcode.
Royal mail obviously returns the parcel if there is no postal code, so postal code should be required everywhere.

C) But the problem lies deeper: In their database they have gotten the correct postal-code from me (they showed it),
but somehow the process wich prints the shipping label does not find/print it for some countries, or puts it in the wrong position on the label.

Some advise to Dynamic sounds:
- Get some good programmer to correct the errors on your website and especially the errors in your labelprint system.
- Test, Test, Test. (I think there is no problem with Uk, but overseas adresses have problems)
- If you see that the error was with you, Apologize and don't continue. Some customers can prove what they say and will do it at all costs.
- If a parcel is returned, first check if you have made an error, and not right away blame the customer and let him pay for it.
From: Dynamic Sounds
Sent: zaterdag 18 mei 2019 10:47
Subject: Re: 

Yes that is very strange, if address was accurate then it should have
found its way to you either way?
We can re ship yes but obviously are you happy to pay the shipping
charge once again on return?

On Sat, 18 May 2019 at 10:04, wrote:
Off course I am not happy with paying the shipping charge again because it is not my fault, I filled in everything correctly.
But if there is no other way, I will pay the shipping charges again.

Once again: It's not about the money, I don't need a refund for the extra shipping cost.
But keep saying that it is my mistake is unacceptable, The error is 100% with them.
I hate Injustice and Deception.
Below is their response on my review (trustpilot) that made me furious and decided to not let them get away with it:
'You realised your mistake which we pointed out to you hence you paid the £12.99 to ship the order again which went overseas'
On trustpilot they try to silence me and have reported my review after I responded and gave proof.

Avoid this company at al Cost !

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