Experience with David Wilson HOMES PLEASE READ

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CharlesNewson's review of David Wilson Homes www.dwh.co.uk


“Experience with David Wilson HOMES PLEASE READ”

Written on: 29/06/2022 by CharlesNewson (1 review written)

Experience with David Wilson HOMES PLEASE READ

David Wilson Homes has been BEYOND terrible and rude to us and now we find ourselves HOMELESS, seeking compensation and legal action on them. PLEASE do not buy a house from them!

Where do we start with this?
We, like you, we're looking for a nice new build, to move into. Being a young family of 2 soon to be 3 as my girlfriend is pregnant.

We went to view a Showroom place in the Overstone Development in Northampton. They had made it look really nice so of course we were coerced into liking it and then asked them about the next steps on how to reserve the property.

**First WARNING sign**. They immediately told us to go with their recommended Mortgage Broker “Grange Mortgages” (most likely so they can make money commissions) as they said as they’re on their Panel, they will get the whole Mortgage Application done in 30 days and they said it’s much better doing with them as they can speak to them one on one as they’re close partners.

So we did, whilst in the showroom, with the fake smiling and fake happy staff, they told us to call them to do an “Affordability Check”. I called up, completed their questionnaire form and sent it off. Within 24 hours they called back and said “Great news! You have been accepted!”.

**Second WARNING sign**. As an excited family, we rushed back in and signed the papers and put our reservation fee down. After doing this, we went back through the papers with our family and noticed that there were multiple parts missing. Such as inclusions of Flooring and Wardrobes etc. We then called up the Lady, to enquire about this who showed us the showroom property and she said she had mentioned this during the viewing but she definitely hadn’t. So after working out the 10% deposit amount that we could afford to get initially accepted, we then had to find another £20,000 on top, pretty much the next day to continue the purchase process. This was an extra £8000-£10,000 on the carpets, £4000 on the kitchen and the wardrobes (add-ons) was another £6000. As a first time buyer, we were not aware about most of these costs that they did not make clear to us before putting down our deposit, luckily I have a well paid job, but regardless this was again hugely inconvenient and unappreciated, and put a negative taste in our mouths that they expected us to just pay this and expect to pay this. So really their deposit amount includes the basics and expect to pay an extra £20,000 on top of the initial deposit. Not ideal for most first time buyers who have limited savings and income, this building development really wants to extort as much money from you as possible.

**Third WARNING sign**. When we came to choose our Kitchen Selection after paying the deposit, we found out at this point that they only had a limited selection of Kitchens to choose from, even when paying £4000 pounds for their premium Range. More annoyingly, the kitchen they advertise in the showroom to reel you in, Isn’t even available! And they only give you basic options that don’t look like the same quality. Again, very suspect. And they don’t allow you to fit your own kitchen as they say it’s against the law apparently. So you’re forced to get in one of their basic kitchens if you want it to look half decent after spending £55,000 plus on the house just to move in (which you most probably do want it to look nice).

**Fourth WARNING sign**
Then we were invited to the Pre-Plaster Visit as they call it a “Key Stage of the Development”. As we live 2+ hours away and my girlfriend is pregnant, with our own work commitments, we were only able to do certain days, and long drives is not good for us but they were not understanding at all and would only allow certain days to be done or none at all. And so we had no choice but to get our parents to go to view it, which they had to take time off work to meet the strict times they set. Whilst calling up David Wilson Homes, to ask for flexibility on the date to view, A Lady at David Wilson, Was so Rude to my Partner on the Phone, and it was on Loud Speaker, I had to jump in and say How dare you speak to my Partner like that! She was shouting at my partner and speaking to her with no respect. We then Sent in a Complaint via email (see attached) and she apologised.

After 3+ Months of Waiting around since March and it’s now June, Having had no real updates from Grange Mortgages, or David Wilson, whilst on Holiday for our BabyMoon. We received the following email. Saying that they had “tried” to call and the Reservation has been cancelled and put back on the market. And the sarcastic remark at the end to top it off “Good luck with the Baby!”.

Our mouths dropped, We were speechless. The amount of rage that turned to sadness, struck us like nothing you can imagine. Whilst we were meant to be enjoying our holiday.

A house that we had signed reservation contracts, made over 3 deposits for: To secure the house, to pay for the kitchen, and to pay for the add-ons (wardrobes) was taken from under our feet, like that, with no warning, no discussion, or anything. We couldn’t believe it.

Grange Mortgages, had made us go through two rounds of a Mortgage Application Process BEFORE conducting the 3+ month waiting period and we were 100% sure the house was going through as David Wilson Homes and Grange Mortgages had said “It’s definitely going through” and “Congratulated me and Approved me for the Lending” multiple times.

My girlfriend who is heavily pregnant, may I add, and I, had taken their word and reassurance for it and put our own place on the market and now made us “Homeless” based on the promises from them. We had spent thousands on furniture for the house, we had visited the property which takes over 2+ hours over 15 times, we gave up hours of time from work and loss of earnings, did measurements for furniture,chose our kitchen, add-ons, and more than anything looked forward to moving in, just to be treated in this way.

Grange Mortgages had never warned us of any contract deadline and we were the ones having to continuously chase them for any updates, which they never really had any urgency or anything important to tell us. No contract deadline of any sort was ever told to us, we assumed that as the move in was the end of october, they would just ensure it was all done and dusted by then. How wrong we were.

And the worst thing was, David Wilson Homes, said they had been “Fair and Reasonable” in the way they had treated us.

What we found most Suspect is that they were relentless in calling us up to get the reservation fee, and to pay the deposits for all the different parts on time, but they didn’t once call us or contact us for updates on the Mortgage Application or notify us about the contract deadline.

Please read this and take this into consideration.

They DO NOT care about you. At all.

Their Sales Department is only interested in one thing. MONEY and COMMISSION.

We think they did this as we decided against going with them for the carpets and most of the add-ons so we think they decided they can get another £10,000-£15000 pounds extra from someone else. So they did the dirty on us and pulled the plug last minute.

HOWEVER We think we’ve dodged a bullet. As if they can be like this now, imagine what they’re like when you’re living there and have problems with your property?! My step dad noticed that there were many building errors, such as door handles not on the right way, things placed in the wrong places.

The building development they represent is inconsiderate, money hungry and David Wilson has no customer care or consideration for their “Clients”. We went through all of that, for them to just pull the plug like that on us, when they knew how far into the process we had gone and all the commitments we had made to move in there, it’s utterly unforgivable and beyond disgusting.

When I've been recently speaking to them about this, they’ve put me through to their “Sales Manager”! That’s how much they care, putting you through to someone who’s not even a senior member of the company or the right person to handle your issue or complaint properly.

I hope you think twice before going with them, and we will be continuing to share our Story on all Social Media and publicly on News Channels as they have really caused us so much Problems and Stress to myself and my pregnant partner.

£Thousands wasted on Furniture for the Property. Plus Other Outgoings for Nothing. 3+ Months wasted. Now HOMELESS because of them with my girlfriend soon to give birth to our son.

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