An Utter Disgrace

Bennetts Motorcycle Insurance
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Mook16v's review of Bennetts Motorcycle Insurance

“An Utter Disgrace”


written by Mook16v on 18/02/2022

For such a well-known established company such as Bennett's I'm completely sickened by the way I was treated. Good company until you must make a claim!
I was knocked off my bike & had to make a claim as I thought this what you are paying insurance for, how wrong I was to make this mistake. Seem quite straight forward until they pass you over to their claim handlers who is a completely different company, nothing to do with Bennett's, which is where the problems started. The claim handlers are an extremely dodgy company called 4th Dimension Innovation ltd, who should be avoided like the plague. Essentially these guys will try their best to incur as much additional costs as this is their only way of making money. To cut a very long and tedious story short if you don't want to use 4th Dimension Innovation Ltd.’s repair centre you can chose the repair centre you wanted to use, however there is a huge catch. You will be refused service if you don't take a courtesy motorcycle which I found shocking. The representative from 4th Dimension Innovations' exact words to me was "If you won't take a courtesy motorcycle from us, we don't earn any money, and can't offer you a service"
Essentially all Bennett's do is take your money then wash your hands of you if you ever need to make a claim. I contacted Bennett's to try & resolve this as I thought it was extremely unfair however Bennett's will only tell you to get in touch with 4th Dimension Innovation Ltd as Bennett's don't have any control over 4th Dimension Innovation Ltd.
In the end since I needed my bike back on the road, I had to grudgingly paid £3,000 out of my own pocket for the repairs and currently have an on-going case with the financial ombudsman against Bennett’s however Bennett's have managed to weasel their way out of any responsibility and have come to a dead end. I'm truly shocked that such a sham can operate in this day and age, even more so by a "reputable" company such as Bennett's. Whenever I phone for an insurance quote now, the first question I ask is which company handles the claims, if the answer is 4th Dimension Innovation Ltd I simply put the phone down. Believe me when I say the top 3 big friendly bike insurers use 4th Dimension Innovation Ltd. I hope who ever reads this is doing so to avoid being out of pocket like me, however I suspect it they will be on here like me as they've been tricked by Bennett's, an utter disgrace of a company!

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Squillion's Response to Mook16v's Review

Written on: 24/05/2022

We are having exactly the same issues as you. My husband was knocked off his bike by a Sainsburys' delivery van. They have admitted liability and everything should be straightforward, except that it isn't. Like you 4th Dimension took the handling of the claim. The claims number on the Bennetts policy document went straight through to 4th Dimension. We are 6 weeks since the accident and repairs are still to be authorised. The bike is only 7 months old and we fear we might never get it back. We can't find anyone to sort this mess out, have spent literally hours on hold trying to make sense of what is going on and to get things sorted. It's apalling.

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