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bmw e30's review of Shark Vision R Series 2 Motorbike Helmet


“Excellent quality, comfortable and quiet helmet”

Written on: 09/08/2014 by bmw e30 (1 review written)

I've done a few hundred miles using this helmet so i will give my opinion on it. My previous 2 helmets which i still own i alternate between, are a Shark S800 and a Shoei XR1000. I've always had Shoei's up until i tried the Shark S800 3yrs ago and found that the Shark S800 fitted my round shaped head just a little bit better than the XR1000.
I tried many helmets on in the shops, AGV's K4 Evo, K3-SV, Shoei Quest, Shark Vision R series 1(previous model to the Series 2 of 2014), X-Lite 603 and HJC IS-17. But the new Shark Vision R Series 2 felt better made than all of them, especially the drop down visor mechanism which is one of the smoothest operating and best out of all the helmets sporting the drop down visors.
Compared to both my previous helmets the Shark Vision R Series 2 is much more quiet, there's a breath guard that works well to deflect exhaled breath down away from the inner visor and the chin skirt to stop drafts coming up as well as a substantial amount of padding to seal the bottom of the helmet when you are wearing it. This is great, no more drafts coming up around the ears, tested by raising my shoulders to see if there's any change in wind noise as i'm riding, so proves that it's draft free to minimise the noise level even further.
Helmet padding is very nice, a high quality feel to it and well placed cheek pads. The chin strap is a rachet style and is easy to use and very secure with small increments of adjustment, the padding on the straps themselves is generous, overlapping in the middle when the strap is fastened together.
The clear visor is impeccible, crystal clear and free from any imperfections. It doesn't flex hardly at all, and is easy to lift up by the tab on the left side and seals against the rubber sealing strip when down very well, it feels air tight!
The front chin vent is designed to tilt and allow air to flow in and up to the brow of your head and works great, very noticeable when opened and doesn't blow on your eyes. The two top vents do very little, i tried opening them and could not tell any difference between open and closed, not even a noise difference so i have them closed.
A nice touch by Shark is a demist position of the visor, a sprung loaded clip on the left side lifts and holds the visor open about 5mm to allow a breeze in and rapidly clear any misting inside the helmet(the visor is treated with an anti-mist coating inside and has never misted up but the drop down tinted sun visor will be more prone to misting as its not treated). Lift the visor up a tad more and the sprung loaded clip retracts allowing the visor to be dropped down closed. It's a brilliant design, simple yet works perfectly every time, well done Shark!
Outside, the shape of the helmet allows tilting and turning your head side to side without the wind getting hold and buffeting it, i ride a Honda VFR and a Ducati Monster(one faired and one un-faired) and there's no issues with turbulance or whistling noises etc.
Reflective stickering is located on the sides and rear of helmet for visibility by other road users come night time.
So am i happy with my purchase? Yes i am. These currently retail for £220 in plain colours(black or white), i have the white as my old Shoei XR1000 is black and i fancied a white helmet this time round.
The overall design and features of the helmet are excellent, vision left to right is probably one of the best of all helmets ever made, the upper brow is high so being in race crouch position or just head down still allows you to look up far ahead, and the helmet's rear is high enough so not to press on the collar of your jacket and cause undue neck strain.
Thoroughly well designed and high quality helmet, sizing is accurate, if your inbetween sizes i'd recommend going for the smaller size. I went to the larger(XL) one as i meausre 60.5cm and the XL was 61-62cm(Large is 59-60), and its not quite as tight fitting as i'm used to, although becuase of all the padding around the base these are tight helmets by design to get your head into, so me going up to the XL its that bit easier, though i am purchasing a 'skull cap'(balaclava style headpiece to designed to keep you cool in hot weather and vice versa) so will wear that and make the fit just right hopefully.
There's hardly any user reviews on these new 2014 Vision R Series 2 helmets, there were a few complaints by owners of the Series 1 about wind noise and Shark have worked well addressing that with the Series 2. Its the quietest helmet i've ever had. I always wear ear plugs but a quiet hemet is important as sound can still penetrate the skull all over not just through the ears so can still cause hearing damage, a quiet helmet also reduces your stress level.
Anyway i'd recommend this helmet if your budget is sub £300, it's the best i found in that category.

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Bmw E30's Response to bmw e30's Review

Written on: 20/08/2014

So i thought i'd update you on the helmet. I had to purchase a inner lining and Cheek pads in the Large size(they were XL), as after a drastic haircut it brought my head measurement down to 59.5cm and meant the current XL internals made it too loose on my head. Cost was £29.98 for the cheek pads and £29.98 again for the inner head lining. So £59.98 total. Helmet fits much better now.
A negative i have found though which is almost a deal breaker for me is that the chin strap securing/fixing point is low on the sides of the helmet meaning there is little in the way of 'give' for where the chin strap position naturally hangs. Its too close to my throat and so presses against my Adams apple which is very uncomfortable. I've tried on my other 2 helmets, a Shark S800 with seatbelt style buckle, and Shoei XR1000 with its double D ring and neither have this problem. Both have the chin straps anchored to the sides of the helmet higher meaning longer length straps and so its easier to vary where the strap sits under your chin. Its mostly a problem on upright seating positions as on a sports tourer your leaning forward and head back so the strap moves further away from your throat, on upright bikes your position means your head is tilted forward and the strap digs into your throat. What to do about it, i don't know. I've had the lining out, to try and tweak the strap angle, i've stitched back the strap padding to lessen the amount of material in the neck/throat area. Neither has sorted this problem, so if you are trying out this helmet make sure the strap isn't against your throat as its the hard toothed plastic part of the strap that is against it.
The other issue i find is the high brow means come late afternoon and evening when the sun is getting lower, i can't block it out by tilting my head down, and the sun visor creates a double reflection in itself-lower the visor and you can see a 'ghost' of your face as the sun reflects off it, then lower the sun visor and you create this double ghost. Only way around this i found is to lower the sun visor just halfway so you look through the main clear visor but can block out the sun with the sun visor being partially lowered.
I'm still happy with the rest of the helmet, its very quiet, fit is plush, it's visor seals well and there's no wind noise under its skirt, but i wish it had double d chin strap, and i may purchase a dark visor as there's no substitute for one in my opinion.

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