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“Excellent service, friendly and professional ”


written by McCain59 on 28/05/2023

I bought a bike online and travelled to Derby from Surrey to pick it up. The bike was exactly as described and waiting for me to ride away. The guys were a pleasure to deal with. Thank you guys. The bike is exactly as described (included a few very minor defects) and I am a very happy customer. Do not believe the 1 star ratings - it’s nonsense. Highly recommended dealer

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“Honda CBR1000 RR”


written by WrightDan on 04/05/2023

I purchased my CBR1000 RR from the guys at EMS and I must say that my experience throughout the whole process was brilliant. The guys there are very helpful and extremely diligent in the customer experience and the quality of their bikes. I predominantly dealt with the agent who I asked many questions regarding the bike due to the bike being a distant purchase (Live in Bromley, Kent - Dealer is in Derby) and my overall lack of knowledge. I had a part exchange which they took into consideration based on on mutual trust. He was very helpful from the very first inquiry right through to the collection. They accommodated access for Datatool to install alarm and tracker which I had organised so that this could all ready prior to collection. Bike is immaculate and was serviced and MOT'd prior to collection, beyond this the bike had front fork seals replaced and also new front disks as they felt that these would be needed in the near future. This was unexpected but equally pleasing that they weren't prepared to let it leave until they were completely happy. Great experience would definately buy from them again. "If the wife lets me get another bike"

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“Bike purchase”


written by StuartTriumph on 06/04/2023

A positive experience. I identified a bike and arranged a visit to see the bike. Bike was well presented, all the important documents were comprehensive and available to review. Service/PDI carried out as promised and bike looked great. The shop team answered all my questions, were attentive, polite and spoke my language. All round good experience, thank you 

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“Trade sale ZZR1400”


written by Gavzzr1400 on 23/09/2022

Travelled over from Northern Ireland after noticing a trade sale of a ZZR1400 2007.As per trade sales no warranty implied so a bit of a risk but one I chose to take.Deposit taken and approx 1 month later I arrived..The bike is of an age which doesn’t suit the stock of EMS.The bike was ready outside the store.Paperwork all correct and the bike itself was stunning with just a few rusty bolts here and there.From EMS went down the road for its MOT which passed with an advisory a part that that has now been ordered.Really pleased with my purchase it’s a gorgeous 15 year old brute of a bike.Thank you..

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“Avoid, ”


written by Reeseh133 on 08/09/2022

Brought a brand new bike from here which didn't start on picking up. Wouldn't refund. Had to wait a week. Then ongoing faults with the bike. Wish I'd gone to court like the others have in the past. Refused to do the warrenty, had no trust in them doing anything more to the bike anyway. Totally abrupt with customers when they get their money. Just ring them. You will see how they are, I reported them to trading standards. Just look how they respond to customer reviews. Always accusing the customer. I've kept all their emails and there shocking.

Andyzx10R's Comment

Written on: 29/01/2023

Not bought from them , glad I read the reviews on here, before purchasing tho, had my eye on a nearly new bike from them, too many motorcycle dealers, charging dealer prices, when really they're just flipping bikes, charging extra & not honouring warranty, or fixing problems,

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“Top staff made to feel very welcome ”


written by Gooldy on 16/12/2021

Top staff was made to feel very welcome purchased a triumph well pleased with the bike and the after care would highly recommend

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“Outstanding customer service!!!!”


written by Jackvickrage on 15/12/2021

Came in for help with a problem with my bike and the member of staff was more then equipped with knowledge to help! Was very enthusiastic and had no problem at all resolving my issue! If you have any bike needs or general issues highly recommend coming to these boys! Was tempted to get a new bike myself! Will defo be coming back for my next bike! Thanks!

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“Arrogant rude man”


written by 242Crawford on 13/12/2021

Arrogant, very rude and simply extremely unhelpful. I asked to buy two bikes and was treated like i had asked to get them for free. He's downright rude, unhelpful and knows nothing about bikes clearly... AVOID

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“Not intersted in Customer Care”


written by hzDowling33 on 17/09/2021

You were able to visit their shop on spec once,but no longer. They always did have a problem with face to face meetings,and now are by Appointment only. Surly staff,and unwelcoming attitude.Only really interested on off-loading bikes on the Web,and have very little workshop resources,so won't be much use in Warranty issues. Avoid if you want a decent buying experience,and After-Sales Service!

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“Awful, no customer care, rude”


written by KadenceGibson on 27/08/2021

Brought a brand new bike, when picking up it didn't start. Had ongoing recovery pick ups. Warrenty with them is worthless as they never find the fault. They take a week to repair. Basically the customer is always wrong and after sales, they aren't interested at all. Wouldn't trust them with the warrenty anyway.never again. They even wanted storage costs for not excepting the bike back. They refused to do the warrenty but by law it has to be done by the garage it was brought from. Had engine light come on all the time, then other lights to be told it will be a bulb. No care at all. They reply to reviews polite as it's for the public to see. Awful.

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“I Took them to Court and Won £1,283.30!!!”


written by VFR800XCrossRunner on 09/12/2019

On 2nd June 2018 I bought a VFR800 Cross Runner 2016 from these clowns. The fuel tank leaked within 6 weeks of purchase. I had to pay to take it back to their shop 2.5hrs away. They then welded the tank and didn't tell me!! The weld from the tank then leaked again within 11 months of purchase. They said bring it back to us and we'll assess it. Yeah right. They said I had to take it back to their shop again or 'take it or leave it'. So I left it and I got an independent Honda Dealer to investigate it & video'd it. I was told I needed a new tank at a cost of £947!!! (cheapest quote) So I got it fixed and paid out of my own pocket.I gave these clowns the chance to pay my costs but they refused. I took these clowns to court and won!! Today I received a cheque from them for £1,283.30 courtesy of a court order from Skipton County Court. They had to travel all the way up from Derby and LOST. OMG, LMAO. If you treat your customers like this EMS, then this is what you get. HEALTH WARNING Don't go near these merchants!!

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“Couldn’t of been more helpful ”


written by michaelbullock on 02/04/2019

The guys at east Midlands superbikes were great from start to finish I went in to part ex my old 1998 Kawasaki against a 2006 Kawasaki ZX10R they found a finance company that would do finance for me but not on a bike that age so the person I dealt with got to searching for me as I had informed him that was the bike I wanted, he called me back 2 hours later letting me know he had found another finance company and boom we went from there , I got a good trade in price for my old bike and picked my new one up a few days later serviced and new mot, I’ve had the bike just over a week and it’s fantastic thanks to the person I dealt with and the other guy too for sorting everything out!!

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“Had the unfortunate experience with this company on...”


written by Greenwoodjt1964 on 13/02/2019

Had the unfortunate experience with this company on the 11th February 2019, My father who is a pensioner at 75yrs made a deposit in good faith for a Ducati Strada 2014, he was advised the bike was fully serviced with timing belts renewed in September 2018. Upon back ground checks and general research it was soon apparent they had mislead my father into a sale with underhand tactics.No such work had been carried out and when challenged about the situation they accused my father of picking a argument to pull out of the purchase as they had added £79 charge to his bill for Admin which he was not happy about and went on to refuse him the refund of his deposit. This company do not follow any procedures protocol at all they seem to operate a very dated and old fashioned approach to modern day selling, similar to the WILD WEST. I would strongly advise Customers to seek and to source Genuine motorcycles for repeatable dealers and save yourself the heartache their Negative feedback on Ebay speaks for its. self Shame on them for treating badly OAP's who are vulnerable

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“I brought my FJR1300 entirely over the phone as living...”


written by Griswold01 on 15/01/2019

I brought my FJR1300 entirely over the phone as living miles from the shop. They were more than helpful putting me at ease over the transaction, videoing the bike so i could see it and pointing out the odd stone chip. The bike was professionally delivered and was exactly as stated. I cannot wait for the better weather so i can ride to the shop and shake there hands. I would certainly recommend this dealership to anyone. Thanks Guys

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“Rude Ignorant Staff”


written by Briggs230 on 12/07/2018

I bought a bike from this company and after less than 5 weeks it had a major fuel leak. Very unhappy. Expressed my annoyance to staff only to be told I had an attitude with the sales man snatching the keys or of my hand. Customer service sir zero. Attitude of staff stinks. I would not recommend you go anywhere near these idiots.

Eastmidlandsuperbikes's Comment

Written on: 20/07/2018

thank you for taking the time to leave a review. yes your bike developed a fault which we agreed to fix even though it was not a fault covered under any warranty but we did this as a gesture of good will. we even supplied a loan bike which we would not normally do (which you damaged and refused to pay any costs for repair).
getting annoyed and having an aggressive attitude towards our members of staff when we are doing our best to help you out will not be tolerated.

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Vfr800Xcrossrunner's Comment

Written on: 20/07/2018

If my bike want covered by a warranty they would have had to fix anyway under the new consumer legislation. Yes I had an accident on a loan bike which was fully insured by them. He attempted to trick me out of £300. The person who hit me on the loan bike agreed to pay for the damage. EMS tried to double his money and day the small dent in the exhaust cost £600 for as CBF1000. They're selling for less than £300.

He said a witness came forward and reported to the police that I had cut the other driver up and it was my fault. He said if I didn't pay £300 I would end up paying all of the costs. I called the police back and they said there was no witness. I called the person I had the accident and she said there was no witness. I spoke to the woman's mother and they said there was no witness. They said he told them I'd agreed to pay £300! For something that was not my fault.

Don't go anywhere near them. Not good people. Not good people.

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“Good if you live local”


written by Apollosnatch on 21/07/2017

Ok to deal with is you live close by. Engine warning light on dash when first looked at bike. Was told it would be fixed when I went to collect bike. It was until I got home which is two hours away. Called them straight and was told I couldn't take the bike to my local authorised dealer, I would have to take the bike to them. So do a 4 hour round trip to drop bike off, then another 4 hour trip to go pick it up once it was fixed. Told them this was unacceptable, but nothing was offered. I work for a car dealership and if we had sold a car and it had a fault we'd go and pick the vehicle up and get it sorted at the least inconvenience to the customer. Maybe this company should take a leaf out of that book!!!! Took it to my local dealer who found an exhaust valve sensor not fitted correctly. Would definitely never use again unless I lived a lot closer. Lesson learnt.

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“Fantastic can't get better service”


written by Cobbyy448 on 05/01/2017

I bought a yzfr 125 ere absolutely fantastic bike plus fantastic and polite staff. We'll recommend.

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“So far so good.”


written by 1946biker on 31/10/2016

Bought a bike from them a few weeks back,the bike seems ok so far,3 month warrenty,what annoyed me was when I queried the registration when I got home for insurance purposes ( the bike was up against the wall in the showroom ) I was told it was a private plate,turns out it was registered in Ireland !,surley a motor trader knows the difference,also told when asked it had 2 previous owners,turns out it had 4 previous owners,was shown a piece of paper,not the V5C,would'nt have bought the bike with 4 in 2 years. The low mileage bike is ok so far.

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“Could Not Be Arsed”


written by gzKirk62 on 13/09/2016

Well having driven a round trip of 150 miles, all he was interested in was football and going early! Had cash in the pocket, he was totally uninterested in anything could not be arsed. I never bother with these review things but felt I had to. Shame as would have bought it! stuff you

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“Excellent Service”


written by chrisward800x on 06/07/2016

After searching Autotrader and Ebay I found the bike that i was looking for at EMS. After making some initial enquiries I received very prompt responces which encouraged me to proceed with the purchase. I was quite nervous about buying a bike without actually seeing it first but I was assured that if I wasn't happy with it or it didn't match the description I would receive a full refund, the bike was described as immaculate and it looked immaculate in the pictures. The bike had the engine oil changed before it was dispatched to me which was good as it had only done 3600 miles so probably didn't really need one. It was delivered on the arranged day by a courier driver who was very pleasant and called me twice before arriving which was very good. when I first saw the bike all I could say was WOW. It was even more immaculate than I had anticipated an absolute credit to EMS and their staff. All I can say is thank you very much to EMS and the delivery guy for making the purchase of my new toy a very pleasant experience and I would recommend them to anyone. Just can't get the smile off my face.

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