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Asked by cbb2016 on 11th February 2016 Report this content
Tesco is continuing to try to take payment for phone contracts which have been de-activated, resulting in my ex-partner being sent a letter from a debt collecting agency threatening court action if payment is not received. He set up payment with his card, on what was our joint credit card account at the time, to Tesco Mobile for our daughters' phones. The accounts have since been de-activated but Tesco are still requesting payment from, what is now, just my credit card account. I have contacted my bank and they have now stopped payments to Tesco but advised that I cancel the contract with Tesco. We have both phoned Tesco to resolve this, separately and together, but continually fail at the security questions - I suspect because the card details are mine and therefore different to when the payment was set up. Add to this the fact that the Tesco account is in my ex's name but the payment is in mine! We can't access the accounts online because they are de-activated! Tesco can offer no solution to this, despite us suggesting we go to a store, together, with photo ID etc. This surely can't be the first time this has happened? My ex has now received a letter from a debt collecting agency threatening court action if £100 odd is not received within the week! Any advice will be much appreciated. Thanks

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Answers (1)
Report this content jasondunlop Written on: 11/02/2016
By the sounds of things you have done everything you can to resolve this & Tesco are obviously still not listening! Contact them one last time by e-mail, send your email directly to their complaints department and let them know that if they do not resolve this within 14 days then you are going to take it up with the financial ombudsman. Its an easy thing to do & its free. I would also make your complaint via their facebook page and make it as public as possible! (Capital Letters & Bold Print) Believe me when i say big companies like Tesco fear being exposed for poor service via media sites like facebook. I think you'll get justice on this sooner than you think if you do both these things. Good Luck..... JD