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Asked by shabzg on 17th February 2014 Report this content
Why, why, why is their signal and services so poor?

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Answers (5)
Report this content ken.webb Written on: 18/02/2014
Three UK cannot provide the coverage they advertise, they do not have the infrastructure to do it. Offering unlimited data has attracted an extra influx of customers that are helping to drain their already limited resources. They are very happy to take your money, with you tied into a long contract. You will not be able to leave, because of the small print that you never saw. 4G was supposed to be rolled out last year, it still only has trial usage and their share of the 4G spectrum is insufficient. Yet they have attracted many thousands of new customers with the promise of UNLIMITED 4G data. This is yet to appear, yet the added strain on their existing network is strangling it from within. So, you have a phone on 3G showing a full/strong signal, yet incapable of maintaining a call or even send a text, internet is non-existent or so slow you can't use it? This is typical of severe bottlenecking on an overcrowded network. Three will provide you with a range of excuses, but they are known to lie to customers, so much so that many now record conversations to the call centre, and this is recommended. Sorry for the long reply, it is easy to just say it's because they are **** in one sentence, I want to justify my comments. Good luck
Report this content veii Written on: 18/02/2014
Also, 3 use the 2100Mhz band for their 3G network (like most UK networks do) but dont have a 2G fallback. This means that because of the higher frequency you will struggle more inside buildings than with something like O2/Vodafone's 900Mhz 2G, however that is next to useless for data usage. So its a toss up between the 2 bands until O2 and Vodafone have their 800Mhz 4G network up and running to 98% of the population (including indoors) at the end of 2015.
Report this content picdriver Written on: 18/02/2014
As veii said...3 don't have 2g to fall back on should the 3g signal be weak. Also the slower speeds/signal penetrate buildings better. (Think veii said that too lol). As I stated on here my own personal experience has been great except for indoors at home..(due to the situation of my home)...which was remedied by a free device using existing home internet connection. Guessing experience is also down to location...No problems here in the North-west but a lot of gripes seem to come from people around the London area?
Report this content Roger1243 Written on: 19/02/2014
If you are experiencing any signal problems then call customer services and ask for a signal booster. They are extremely helpful and friendly. If you ask them for the booster they will send it to you in 1 day for free( other networks like Vodafone cost about £100 for a booster). Remember It's not just three who have network problems all networks are like this. Also there are stories that say three might buy O2 uk. They recently bought O2 Ireland so may buy O2 uk to ensure their signal coverage is hugely improved. In my opinion and from experiencing most networks, three is definitely the best. Their data plans are fantastic and there Europe plans and abroad plans are also really good. They do have some weak areas just like all networks but this can be helped by using a signal booster. My advice is stay with three but at the end of the day it is your decision. Hope this helps.
Report this content Xendor6011 Written on: 25/02/2014
Because they just haven't got the infrastructure in place. Thinge are getting progessively worse because with recent advertising they're getting more subscribers to share what was already an inadequate infrastructure. I personally know six people who have been sucked in by their advertising and all bitterly regret it. Worse, their "all you can eat" daata hook-line has exacerbated Three subsciber's problems.
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