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Asked by paula32 on 11th April 2018 Report this content
How long (roughly) will it take for a remortgage and transfer of equity? We have both signed the TR1 and a new mortgage offer has been put in place but no completion date has been set. This is stressing me out as I need to move forward. If anyone has any idea of the time scale as we opened this case in the new year, that would be helpful.

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Answers (2)
Report this content Pyssycat Written on: 12/04/2018
Useless we binned them cancelled our mortgage offer look on glass door for reviews from their employees
Report this content Usually007 Written on: 13/04/2018
I am sorry to have to say that I have been involved with Optima Legal at least twice when re mortaging Buy to let properties and they are painfully slow. Unfortunately Optima Legal were the designated solicitors put in place by the mortgage lenders on both occasions but I would not have chosen them if I was my personal choice. I believe both remortgages took in excess of 2 months (one even longer as my wife was added to the TR1 thus incurring an additional charge from Optima, more documents to sign and a Stamp Duty charge of several thousands!) I found it frustrating trying to chase them through their online secure messaging system and eventually tracked down a phone number to ring them on but even that didn't really speed things along. I think they have to deal with so many clients sent to them by the mortgage companies that they go at a slow pace. I wish you the best of luck with your remortgage and transfer but I wouldn't expect a stress free transaction if Optima are involved. Good luck!