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“would give 0 stars if I could”

Written on: 28/11/2016

Despite the reviews praising the company (I wouldn't be surprised if they were fake), here's what actually happened in my experience:

1. I called a personal injury helpline, not really expecting to be able to make a claim, but simply wanting to find out if I would be able to.
2. The helpline was not actually a solicitors' firm, but was used by Express Solicitors to get clients.
3. I was contacted by Express Solicitors, was told I could make a claim, and was pressured into making a verbal contract over the phone. I have a mental health condition and do not function well when asked to make a snap decision. I get very anxious and just agree almost automatically. I wasn't asked about any disability (such as a mental health condition) that I have besides the recent injury. I was illegally told that I couldn't cancel (in reality, there is a legal 14-day cooling off period which solicitors legally have to tell you about - but there is an exception so never invite them around to your house (which I didn't), until you've had time to think and make a decision away from them). I had to make a decision over the phone.
4. I was then asked to jump through all sorts of hoops, and the firm didn't even bother to get my name correct despite it being in the signature line of every e-mail (I adjust the line depending who I'm e-mailing, but it always gives my first name and surname).
5. Because of the way they handled getting me to agree to the case on the spot, the illegal avoidance of mentioning the 14-day cooling off period (clearly intended to avoid allowing people to exercise their legal rights) and illegally telling me that I couldn't cancel, and the firm's inability to get my name correct (despite the fact that I made it clear what my first name was), I could see they were unprofessional.
6. As a result, I cancelled my contract via e-mail (I hadn't signed half the stuff they sent me anyway as it wasn't in my name). This counts as cancelling in writing.
7. They continued to hound me, interfering with my ability to focus on my university studies.
8. Despite the clear cancellation, they began acting against the defendant WITHOUT my permission. I'm not sure that's legal, and may make a complaint to the relevant regulatory bodies.

Because of their actions, it may now be difficult to get a local solicitor to take on the case, because one has already begun (without my consent). I am now very stressed and anxious. It was bad enough having an injury, I didn't need the extra anxiety and stress. On the bright side, my injury seems to be slowly healing.

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Mtg1970's Comment

Written on: 30/11/2018

Hello sorry you , like myself and plenty of others , had a bad experience with this company. Thank you for stating that you too called a number who then put you in touch with these unprofessional company. All they are interested in is money and to win no matter what the outcome is for the client. I too think all positive reviews are fake , or claimants are pressured into making when the claimant is only just signed up, say 6 months , as this in my experience, is when they are at their most helpful .

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Mickeyboy22's Comment

Written on: 08/06/2020

The number he rang was probably injury lawyers for you same one I rang

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Mickeyboy22's Comment

Written on: 19/05/2021

Yes your right mate they had my honest review taken down like many others they only want positive feedback.i wouldn't recommend them to anyone I sacked them after year and half.my new solicitors did more in 4 months then these ever did

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