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“Excellent service.”


written by on 03/07/2016

Decided to revert to my maiden name after splitting from my husband, some years ago, but not having divorced. The reason I chose The Deed Poll Office.com was, initially, the cost - always important when you're on a budget!
I found the website easy to navigate & the forms easy to fill. The service was very quick & the extra deeds were at little cost & very handy when there are so many people to notify. The 'Deeds' themselves are very professional looking & I am probably going to frame one of them to hang in my new home.
The company also emails a covering letter to print off, to forward to the people you need to advise of a name change - banks, etc, - which helps to save time, plus give the appropriate wording if, like me, you struggle.
The only thing I would possibly have done differently is choose the option to have the company advise all 'those who need to know', instead of doing this myself, as this has become quite a chore because I opted not to. I never realised how many companies I'd need to contact - either by email, letter or phone - & it has taken me a good week just to get through a few of them! :( So, if you decide to use this company & have lots of Direct Debits, Insurances, DVLA & Passport to change, then go for it! It will save you going crazy keeping up with it all.
I would definitely recommend this company to anyone thinking of a name change.

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