Wow! Bouncer extremely rude!

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Madabe's review of Dreamboys Hen Nights.

“Wow! Bouncer extremely rude!”


written by Madabe on 21/10/2013

Dreamboys hen night in Rise nightclub London
I wold like to say thank you very much for a great night on 19th of October 2013 in London. Once we finally got inside everything was perfect. The food, the drinks, the service, drag queen and of course the boys were great!
However there was one person from the service who spoiled my evening.
My friends and I arrived half past five, as we had lot of time we went for a drink and came back just before six. We were waiting in the queue. I do understand I might wait in the queue and go inside later, but I think there should be somebody at the door from six. I was told to be at 6pm on the dot, why you couldn't do the same on your end. Quarter past six somebody appeared and was walking around waiting girls I told him it is not nice to leave us waiting outside for 15 minutes and if it would be raining would be leaved there as well? He ignored me.
They start letting people in and when we came to the front of the queue the same person start causing us problems. He told us we are in the wrong queue, because I had only bronze package and we need to go to the back of the "bronze queue". I refused, because - and I told him this- we were waiting 15 minutes before they start doing anything, there is no sings or informations about different queues, people on the beginning of the "bronze queue" were behind us in the queue and we were there 6 on the dot as asked. He told me to stop causing problems or he will not let me in. I told him I wanted to speak with his manager and I want my money back as I saw there is no point talk with him as he had got "God complex" and was trying to show me I am going to do what he wants. He told me manager is busy. I asked him to write on the back of my ticket name and number of the manager. Only one thing he wrote it was "Chase". I asked him what this supposed to be and he told me to wait on the side for the manager. My friends, clearly scared by this bully, persuaded me to stop.
We waited on the side, but the manager didn't appear, so we went on the back of "bronze queue" and when we got to the front he told me I thought you wanted your money back I replied "I want, but this is clearly not going to happen with you, I have my bronze package ticket, I waited in the wright queue so you had to let me in". He did and I told him that I will speak with his manager anyway, he came to me and asked why I want to speak with his manager. " It is for me to know and for you to find out." He threatened me with security and told me I am causing troubles and he can still not let me in. I told him I am using laud voice to make my point and I pretended everything is ok.
I am educated ( master degree), I am mother of two year old, I am very responsible, I used to be a manager, I was on time, I followed the rules, I didn't swear or offended anyone, I do not deserve to be treated like a stupid cow just because I had few drinks, was a bit silly on my hen night and mentioned what is not nice.

I am not happy with the way I was treated and disgusted by the fact I couldn't talk to the manager. I do not know the name of this person, but he was one of the stuff, probably bouncer from the club, because security had wests and there was one lady who welcomed us inside. He was there by himself, obviously except the security, because later there were more bouncers. I do not think this complain is going to change anything, but I will post it wherever I can, because I think is not how you treat your customers. It is a shame really, because as I said once we were inside everything was perfect.

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