Incredibly unprofessional & egotistical

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“Incredibly unprofessional and egotistical ”

Written on: 10/04/2017 by 103Burgess (1 review written)

I was sceptical of this agency at first after reading other reviews, but decided to give it a chance. I can say with the utmost certainty the negative reviews are right.

Initially I received a phone call from a "graduate manager", who without really asking me any questions invited me to assessment. He also scheduled a call to take place two days after the initial call, but this never happened. I had to chase for information on the assessment two days prior to the event, due to the lack of communication from Pareto.

The assessment was even worse, I expected 20 people tops, however the number was closer to 60, probably even more. The event started late, and much of the day we were just sat around with no idea as to what was going on.
The employee operating the event was, by far, the most egotistical human I have ever had the displeasure of meeting, ranting and raving about his own achievements, as if to elevate himself above the room full of undergrads before him.

A typical - and professional - assessment day would comprise of at least 2 group exercises, however Pareto operated just one, whereby a celebrity we said we were inspired by, among others, were trapped on a boat and half had to be kicked off. Despite the pleas of the event coordinator stating it was not a shouting match, it most definitely was. The only guaranteed way to not get kicked off the boat is to choose bear grylls, and most certainly not a sporting figure.

Following this, a three minute presentation ensued, whereby you presented why you want to work in sales, and why they should pick you. The graduate manager on the phone will tell you to script what you aim to say, much to the detriment of individuals who feel more comfortable free styling so as not to panic during their presentation. Considering the nature of sales, and the fact thinking on your feet and reacting quickly is an important skill, I find it bizzare to be marked down for demonstrating such ability.
As one of the last people selected to present, I had to wait a significant time, and while I was presenting, other candidates were offered food, which I unfortunately missed out on thanks to the poor organisation and scheduling skills of the assessment staff. The food however, according to fellow candidates consisted of crisps and biscuits, so not appropriate for all diets.
After this was more waiting around until finally, the candidates are split apart, with the successful being removed from the room, and the unsuccessful receiving a very brief and abrupt farewell. We were also asked not to write reviews like this.

In summary, if you are good at shouting and forcing opinions on other people, then Pareto is great for you. But if you are a civilised human, no matter how skilled you are, a Pareto assessment simply gives insufficient to showcase your abilities.

Avoid this place like the plague, you are much better served spending your time finding jobs elsewhere!

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