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“Just for clarify things around Pareto and their methods”

Written on: 06/01/2015 by DannyBignuts (1 review written)

Dear Readers and other commenters,

I am a person who literally never writes comments about anything, but I felt I really need to write something about my experience as well, so whatever you will read now is my honest and objective review of Pareto Law and the hiring process.

In February 2014 I saw this opportunity at a world leading IT company, they were looking for Inside Sales Graduates. I would rather not say which company in which country, as I am still working there.
I quickly applied to the position and kind of forgot about it afterwards, as I thought I would not have a chance to land a job like that anyways. But apparently I did have a chance, as 2 weeks later I had a message on my phone from a graduate recruiter at Pareto Law that she would like to talk to me. I missed the phonecall, and you have to know that they have a target of something like a 150 calls a day, so calling her back was extremely difficult, it took me over 40 tries, but finally she picked up. We did a quick phone interview which was successful as I knew exactly what she wanted to hear, and I was picked for the personal, in house assessment day at the EMEA headquarters of the company.

The assessment day was a month later and I did a lot of prep, and read many comments the same way you are reading my comment now.
A month later I traveled to the EMEA HQ of the company for the assessment day, hotel accommodation and travel expenses were all covered by the IT company that was hiring.
The assessment day was a bit X factor like to be honest, but that is not true that you need to outshout others and be agressive. I was diplomatic, fair, and well spoken, and that is why I got hired. Anyways in my case it was not Pareto that made the decision but my own future manager at the company, Pareto in this case was nothing more of a facilitator, or more like a host to the event.
We had to introduce ourselves to the other candidates, about 25 of them, and to the IT Company Sales managers.
That was followed by group exercises where we had to pick a person we look up to, and play out a situation where this person gets stuck in a liferaft with other candidate's idols, but there is only enough space for 3 of us, and we had to decide who we want to throw out. Than survival scenarios, where we had to prioritize between tools, and a personal interview with your future direct managers.
The announcement of the "winners" was the funniest, they broke us down into seperate groups and said nothing to us beside"come with us". I was in a group with 5 others and as we were going down in the elevator to god knows where I looked around and thought: I cannot be in a bad position as the guys around me stood out all day even to me. As we got down there was the entire management team applauding and cheering us, but when I say management I mean even the EMEA Sales Director, literally everyone, super cheesy, but a great experience.
One month later, after all the background checks cleared I was officially hired.
I am with the company ever since and let me tell you it is absolutely amazing, I have never been so happy in my life.

So the conclusion of this story is, don't believe everything you read in these reviews, or take them with a pinch of salt at least. Regarding comments like:"They picked only the people who stood out and spoke out", well obviously, like who else would they pick for a sales job, not the mimosas and the introverts, its SALES, they are not hiring for librarians. But there are many other ways standing out besides outshouting everyone, altough, if you think this is the only way, maybe they were right not to hire you. Play the assessment day smart.
Also my assessment day was at the IT company directly, not in a Pareto Assessment center, so maybe it was different because of that. What I mean is, it was at the IT company, so therefore, their hiring rules and policies dominated, not the Pareto ways, the Pareto guys there were just advising, not actually hiring.

All in all my personal experience was great, but I suggest to go along to one of these assessment days if you are invited, it is quite an experience.

If you have comments or questions let me know.

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