Turned me into an excellent interviewee!

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“Turned me into an excellent interviewee! ”

Written on: 11/02/2014 by FinallyEmployed (1 review written)

I was successful from the assessment day and highly recommend using Pareto with your job hunt. That is not to say I would solely rely on them to place you, but instead I would heavily recommend using them to help you in your job hunting journey. I have never experienced a company that was more willing to help me. I understand all of you negative nancies out there will put that solely down to financial reasons but so what? At the end of the day, they are trying to make a living just as much as we are and their services helped me become an excellent interviewee.

Although I did not end up with a sales roles through them (only because I was applying for other jobs apart from using their services) they provided me with multiple interviews after my assessment day for some awesome sales jobs. They also made sure that for each interview I was fully informed on the role and the company and would call me periodically leading up to the interview to ensure I was ready and comfortable. Included in the preparation was helpful sheets with example prep questions I could use during my interview to help me stand out to the potential employer. They also gave me feedback after every interview that helped me improve where I was lacking.

The assessment day itself may be an absolute nightmare (my day had 55 people for instance - yuck!!) but if you've got nothing to lose and possibly want to pursue a career in sales, then I would highly recommend them. If anything, use them to help you get better at interviewing. I personally decided during the process that sales wasn't for me and I went with a job offer for a role outside of sales. If you are still questioning my review, as someone who has been unemployed for the last six months with a masters degree, I really valued what I got from Pareto and would really encourage you to try them out if you have any interest. At the end of the day, you won't lose anything from the experience and can only gain.

I also can't be honest enough with you on how much I enjoyed working with various agents from Pareto. I know they are there just to do their jobs and not to be friends with you, but I experienced genuinely nice people. After I called and told them I would not be able to attend 2 interviews I had set up through them because I had gotten a job offer elsewhere, they were incredibly understanding and friendly about it. Say what you will about it all being fake, but fake or not, they helped me in more ways than anyone else throughout my 6 month job hunt and it was free!

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