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written by Angiespin on 12/10/2023

I booked a home visit for 10am Thursday 12th October, by 10.20 am nobody turned up and I received a phone call saying the Belfast shop didn’t do home visits on a Thursday. After a lot of debate I said I would take another day. I was told I would get a phone call giving another day. It is now 4.30 pm and no call. Very disappointed and would not recommend .

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“Excellent service ”


written by Puzzles on 23/01/2023

Made welcome as soon as we walked in. We had an OT to help us with choosing the right chair, she let My partner sit in every chair, that was suitable, he was never rushed, he is paraplegic and it took time for him to transfer into them. Had tea brought us, such a pleasant experience can’t fault the OT. Gave him so many points to be comfortable, feet on floor when sitting normally, room to move from side to side and much more, thank you so much.

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“Great attentive service ”


written by Maryagnes on 04/06/2022

Made sure chair was suitable, coffee and biscuits, no rush to sell, will reccomed

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“Excellent service”


written by RHLW on 14/03/2022

They arrived spot on time,having let us know when, and we're efficient, cheerful and quick to do the job, transferring out a large 3 seater sofa and bringing in two chairs. We were impressed with them and the excellent service.

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“Such a welcoming shop without being annoying. A staff...”


written by on 09/03/2022

Such a welcoming shop without being annoying. A staff member even brought a large umbrella out to the car when we arrived! Kind, thoughtful staff members who inspired confidence. Immediately understood my needs, even though I didn’t. Generous help to find a suitable fabric - plenty of time, cups of tea, fun. Everything was so easy.

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“Farnborough store”


written by Blunt123 on 10/01/2022

We were helped by a member of staff who showed us the many difference in three ranges we were interested in.She was very patient helpful and professional.there was no pressure given to buy that day but was happy to give us a quote to take home to think about.We telephoned the next day to order.

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“three piece suite”


written by britchcombe on 08/11/2021

We visited THE SWINDON STORE twice each time we were greeted by a staff member who made us most welcome ,She did not make us feel we had to buy on our first visit When we went back the second time again she made us feel welcome she also made us a coffee We had already decided what we wanted to buy. We would recommend both the shop and the assistant . Three days later I had a query and phoned the shop the assistant was not available but the lady who answered was also so hepful

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“Great friendly service”


written by Drummond25 on 21/10/2021

Thank you to Jemma for excellent service last Monday at Glasgow branch of HSL.The store is bright and airy ,with chairs and sofas well laid out, so that movement round the showroom is easy .No pressure to buy but all information was given to me in a clear and understandable ways. Left to study all chairs available ,I was then given a welcome cup of tea , as I studied the colour swatches. I really enjoyed my experience at HSL. and felt confident in making my choice of chair,feeling certain that I was making a wise purchase. Well done Jemma!

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“Great place lots of choices.”


written by Janerii on 29/03/2021

Excellent from the word go.Time And great patience to assure us that we were getting the correct chairs to suit our needs . Could not have been better.the whole shopping experience was made so much better by a very pleasant person

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“Lost my mum and lost my money”


written by Dugganzn389 on 07/12/2020

I am a deaf person, living in Hull. I recently visited the Hull branch of HSL to order a new bed for my mother. She wasn't feeling very well so I had decided to complete this whole transaction on her behalf. I had some cash saved up (which I had been saving for my children's Christmas presents), so I would make this purchase using my own money (in cash, not by cheque or card payment) and my ill mother would later make a bank transfer to me for the cost of the bed. I carried out this process, I paid and signed for the bed (which I still have all the documentation for) to be delivered to my mother's house in Coventry. Sadly, 2 days later, my mum passed away so I contacted HSL to cancel the whole transaction as the bed would no longer be needed. The head of customer services at HSL, agreed to refund me the full amount of the cost and cancel the delivery. She was well aware that I paid for the bed in cash as there were two staff members present at the Hull store when I made the initial purchase who witnessed me counting all the notes out on the desk. There will also be CCTV footage to reinforce this. Whilst in the store, making this transaction I was wearing a face mask to follow Covid19 Government guidelines. As a deaf person, this makes communication even harder than normal. When I returned to the store where I made my purchase and requested my money to be returned to me, I was shocked to hear that they refused to give me my money back. They said the refund would be made to the person whose name was on the delivery address, my mum, and not myself, who actually paid for the bed. This was not made clear to me at the time of the initial purchase. BSL is my first language and I do not fully understand when being spoken to in English without the help of an interpreter. The head of customer services did not seem interested that I was losing my money and said she would send a cheque to my mum's address and make it payable to my dad. My dad is himself deaf, has learning difficulties and cannot read very well. My sister (who lives in Coventry) dealt with this situation on his behalf and at the same time, took my money. After the poor way HSL dealt with this situation, I will never shop with them again. I have used their services many times in the past. I am very disappointed in the way the head of customer services and the staff in the store have dealt with this and feel they all need some sort of training in how to deal with deaf people and people for whom English is not their first language. I had no interpreter with me, so I put my trust in the staff to be able to deal with this properly. Please read this thoroughly before you part with your money when dealing with this company because that is all they want and their after sales support is appalling. The head of customer services is saying this is not their problem and is following company policy. I came into the store, paid with my own money, which now, they will not give me back! I signed my name on the documents which I still have as proof. This whole scenario has been very upsetting for me and my family after recently losing my mum and now my money thanks to HSL, causing all of this at a very sensitive time for us. I find it very sad that the head of customer services refuses to help me in this matter. I intend to report this matter to Disability Discrimination and failure to solve this or make reasonable adjustments to relieve this matter, the police and other relevant authorities will be informed.

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“Very satisfied”


written by McBride486 on 05/12/2019

We were very pleased with the attention we received at the Swindon store. The staff were very helpful and advised us what chairs suited us. We had problems with the delivery people but after ringing your Head Office they sorted this problem for us. We are very pleased with our three piece suite.

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“Stylish Comfortable Seating”


written by JanaeBrown1985 on 03/05/2019

We were looking for comfortable chairs, my husband chose the Grande size. We are both tall, we tried out quite a few chairs. It was pointed out to us that we required to have our knees in a comfortable position. We chose the Glenmore Standard back chair. We had seen the chair we chose advertised in the daily paper, when we tried it out we decided it suited or needs. I have arthritus and have trouble with my knees. We found that our first choice suited us best even though we tried out quite a few. The staff were very helpful.

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“Terrible product and service”


written by Santiago437 on 24/01/2019

Paid £2520 for settee and two chairs. 4 years later seat is sagging on sofa due to springs buckling ,had the company out ,looked at it and adjusted springs ,sat on it when gentleman was here and it broke immediately ,said they would have to come back .over 1 well later still not been back ,awful and not fit for purpose

Unhappy80's Comment

Written on: 19/03/2022

LIke you purchased from same store. Fireside Chair three years old cushion sank and zip wore seat webbing told pay a 100 pound we only guarentee cushions and fabric for 1 year, You have sat on it for three years, !!! These people advertise and their brand is aimed at the elderly ...so by that criteria get ready to replace all cushions !!.Nice little extra revenue earner ..Locally I have no complaints but their complaints centre department attitude was sadly lacking any regret. I almost expected them to ask how much I weigh as an excuse. First time in 53 years that I have ever had a furnture complaint and all have lasted at least 15 years with out having to go to a upholstery company to replace cushion with density foam

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“Aysgarth 3 seater sofa and slipper box”


written by Frankieconstantine on 29/09/2018

Very good service at HSL Taunton by the person I dealt with mainly but other two very nice as well.

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“After care”


written by Alsrsv on 27/09/2018

Bought my mother in law a new chair costing £1625.00, she had the chair less than 2 weeks before she passed away. HSL were not interested when we asked if they would buy the chair back. Probably worried to make us aware of the amount of profit they made out of the old lady. The chair is still in brand new condition. I would look for a more caring company before parting with your money with HSL.

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“Expensive chair not fit for purpose.”


written by Knitterlady on 23/07/2018

Visited our local Romford store and purchased a Ripley Petite dual-motor riser/recliner chair in early April 2018. The store staff were very helpful in picking our chair. Unfortunately, and from the day the chair was delivered there was an obvious fault with the seat pad, which was uncomfortably uneven, being higher on the right than the left. (Their quality control leaves a lot to be desired!). A call to their customer services resulted in an engineer's visit, who was a really decent chap. He examined the chair and immediately picked up on the unevenness of the seatpad. After turning the chair over and removing the riser/recliner mechanism, he pointed out that the material used to attach the seatpad to the side structure of the chair, had been cut too short on the left and was pulling the whole seatpad too tightly to that side. He attempted to fix this fault by removing and replacing staples holding the seatpad in place, but was only partially successful. The fault persisted over the following 9 weeks and it was causing me to suffer back pain every time I sat in the chair. Having taken some legal advice, I wrote a letter of complaint to HSL at the end of June, in response to which I received a telephone call from them, requesting permission to send someone to inspect the chair. The chap who came out, agreed that the seatpad was faulty and submitted a report to this end to HSL. In respect of this, I received a telephone call from HSL customer services, during which it was stated that the lower section of the chair would be replaced. However, it seems to be the case with HSL customer services, that they do not communicate with each other and fail abysmally to put anything in writing! The week after we'd accepted the offer of a partial replacement, we were astonished at having been sent what looked like a DIY repair kit, this being some pieces of foam and material in the same pattern as our chair, which was followed up the next day by a call from one of their engineers, who wanted to come to "repair our chair"!. When we queried this, we were told that we were obliged to accept another repair, which our legal advisor stated was not the case at all, having previously accepted a repair in April that had been unsuccessful. At length and another 2 weeks on, HSL have finally confirmed that our faulty chair will be replaced. But I felt obliged to point out to the female member of their customer service team, that if the offer of a replacement that was made to us on the telephone on 6th July had been correctly put in writing, there would have been no need to have sent us the repair kit. Currently we've had an over-priced riser/recliner chair for 3 months, that has been too uncomfortable to use for its intended purpose. Still waiting for the requested confirmation email, stating that our chair will be replaced. Not a good recommendation for this company we think.

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“various problems”


written by kvGarcia344 on 30/06/2018

Customer Services appeared to have limited knowledge about individual items and gave different information at different times Delivery company very poor service Chair and sofa different sizes (was told both would be petite)Chair too small and makes legs ache, prefer to sit on sofa which could be standard or large labelled Grande Items soiled. At first they refused to take old furniture even though I had proof of paying for it to be recycled . One said he had broken hand the other said van full Did take eventually but they tore off the leather cushions saying it was only to be crushed I explained that it was fire retardant ,I do not know if new furniture is! Walls damaged and one item bought not delivered at all. They did not know anything about it. No explanation of how to use the furniture. I have a broken back and had hoped the new chair would really help now that my back has been operated on. Very disappointed .

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“Only latest 13 months”


written by BosunBob on 07/06/2018

We purchased a sofa and two rise and recline chairs total £3500 in 2014 About 13 months the two chairs became lumpy and uncomfortable We phoned head office to be told sorry out of guarentee We padded the chairs but the time has come to buy a new suite from someone else The sofa has hardy been use. Today we asked out local charity shop to collect, they came this afternoon to check what we had, One of the chairs does not have a fire safety label on, and never had one. Therefore the charity cannot take away. We phoned HO to be told it's to late now, we can't help you.. We believe that their furniture is over priced and they are unhelpful when we had a problem . 08/05/2018

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“Very poor quality leather swivel chairs.”


written by 497McKinney on 08/01/2018

Bought 2 leather swivel chairs 4 years ago costing in total nearly £2000.Virtually straight away began to creak.Only carefully used by myself and husband.After 18 months leather began to peel off.Reported to HSL who,although out of guarantee sent us 2 new backs and 4 new arms.This was done without any examination.We are now 2 years on and these chairs are creaking like mad,leather peeling again and wearing in places.They have little use and when are are carefully sat on.A friend in the furniture trade describes the leather as 'chicken leather'.We are seriously thinking of getting rid of these very expensive chairs which we hate using because of the terrible creaking.

Christineandm's Comment

Written on: 03/02/2018

My 88 year old Mam bought a material swivel chair 2 month ago, seat is sagging in middle and has a gap between seat and back. HLS. Sent a techition out to day. He sat in the chair, took a photo of the chair, and asked if she sat in it much. My Mam is 7st 7. You can feel the dip in the seat when you sit in it. And can see the sagging material. She later recived a phone call to tell her that there was nothing wrong with her chair. If she wanted to take it further then she'd have to get it looked at independently. Think she's paid out enough. By the time my Mam came off the phone she was in teers. Hang your head in shame HSL. stop conning old people and get you act together. I have phoned them again only to leave a message and be told they will be in touch. Watch this space.

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“non delivery.”


written by JENNYCOOK on 31/10/2017

I recently bought and had delivered a sofa, with no problems,but the lamp table that was ordered at the same time has never appeared.After several visits to the Ipswich showroom,who tried to sort the problem out online & by phone,to no avail.Apparently, the table was 'lost'due to change of carriers,and could not be traced.No solution was ever given,so I felt had to cancel order this morning,and get a refund.I no way blame the local staff who were very willing to help,but there is something very wrong centrally for them to let customers down & leave them in limbo.

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Asked by mildredkeedy on 14th May 2017 Report this content
Are these recliner chairs suitable for fairly disabled people who need help with walking etc

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Answers (1)
Report this content mikeglover27 Written on: 17/05/2017
I think you would be better with an electric rider/recliner. The manually operated one takes quite an effort to put the leg rest down.