Not even if you paid me!

Hello Fresh
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yyMeier298's review of Hello Fresh

“Not even if you paid me!”


written by yyMeier298 on 16/02/2023

Saw a deal online and thought I would check out what seemed like a good idea to get some variety on our dinner recipes. Ordered it, was looking forward to trying it. On the day the delivery (that could come anytime between 7am-7pm) 2h before the cutoff I receive a message saying there was an issue with my delivery in transit and I wouldn’t receive it or any replacement. Great. They refunded my hello fresh account but not directly the bank. I was a bit annoyed but decided to cut them so slack so placed an order for the following week. Kept receiving emails saying I received my delivery asking how was it and if I could rate it. Then noticed they charged me for my second delivery before I received it instead of using the funds I already had paid for my ghost first delivery. Tried to contact costumer services to cancel my upcoming delivery and the hello fresh account, they quite literally blew me off. When I explained my situation they said there was nothing they could do and tried to placate me with discounts. I told them the money was not the issue but the flakiness, lack of communication on their part and to be honest terrible customer service was and therefore, no, I wasn’t after discounts I just wanted to cancel my account and get a refund of all the money they had already taken from my account. I was told that was against company policy and was just not possible so could I please be understanding of their situation. I told them they should be the ones looking after the customers not the other way around. They said ok let me see what we can do and left me hanging for 40 min and in the end never got back to me. Don’t use this service if you don’t want to risk going through some really unprofessional organisation issues and appalling customer service.

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