EE Orange was top deal on Moneysavingsexpert ??

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ob1cnoby's review of Money Saving Expert


“EE Orange was top deal on Moneysavingsexpert ??”

Written on: 29/01/2015 by ob1cnoby (1 review written)

I like many found the EE advice on moneysavings expert, and their review was glowing,
( it should be pointed out, that EE pay to be on moneysavingexpert and what is on offer,
£132 pay up front, +30 with an offer of £100 cash voucher redeemable at Amazon after 70 days sounds great so far and thereafter £ 2-50 per month with all calls charges lower than BTs. also free weekend calls from Fri midnight to Sunday midnight

Sounds too good to be true so lets all join (lets NOT - just read on)

My first bill arrived at £38-11, with after hardly ever using the phone and was not the 2-50 I was expecting plus approx £4 bill, (1p per min,BT -Plusnet and many more but turned out to be approx 10p as they (EE_Orange) is waht they charge- + add ons of 15p for every connection and even 9p per minute thereafter which also includes for 0844 numbers etc etc which are normally normally 1p with BT

It appears they were charging me at top BT charges, of 10 p per min, not the lowest,(1p) or even midrange on anyones elses scale, all of which unexplained in their initial add on MSE-
(I downloaded it for safe keeping, and would advice anyone esle to do the same-luckily I did, as the misleading add vanished shortly afterwards.

I have complained both to EE (Orange) and MSE many times and still I am waiting an reasonable answer.(lots of emails are 'noreply- and bounce back-
Whats that really means is they know waht they are doing, and wont answer, and while they arent answering your mails that have been blocked, they are stealing your money by robbing your account

I then downloaded BT charges, (different packages of course) and in the EE blurb it states - and I quote (Call costs Weekend Calls are included in the 2-50pm (ie free) and states others slightly less than BT (another lie - see 0844 nos above)

I and most others would say they should be around 1p per min, as this is Bts low price bracket, and not 10p per min as being charged by EE which is BTs highest price bracket.
( I could ring almost anywhere on the planet for around 2p max, )

Whereas, if I tel my neighbour on EE costs are 15p connection- 10p per min therafter, and if you stay your on the phone as I was on one call for 30 mins (thinking EE were cheap) this would amount to £3 call costs and £3-15 with the additional 15 connection charge. (have a nice day ??)
Now in the first month, if your thinking as I did, EE is an honest fair company (after reading their add on MSE) EE is cheap so I didnt worry, so you make make 2-3 such calls per day, this would roll out at approx £10 per day x 30 days =£300 per month. according to their add on MSE, this is a great deal a 5* buy

When I called them I was told they charge 15p just for any single connection on all calls.
I then went on to ask them on their 0800 number, what did they charge me on the on 0844 numbers which BT charges at local rate of 1p,

With EE or Orange they charge 9p per minute + 15p connection charges on these calls - so your 24p down before you speak on a call that costs 1p with BT then 9p per min thereafter - what a conning company.

This is after declaring on MoneySavingExpert, that their prices are cheaper than BTs

I would strongly advice anyone not to go near either EE or Orange (same company) in fact ban them. Get your friends to read this, dont rely of using moneysavingsexpert as they are using this simply to get a cut without scruples (we all have to live i know) as when I rang EE they denigh even putting the add on MSE, and claim moneysavingsexpert have themselves put this add up and simply pocket a percentage

- This again I find untrue as i had to enter a Link Code when going with EE and as such they should know that MSE are gettinga cut, as its directly linked to their site, and should bare the responsibility of advertising in this way, just for the sake of making a percentage .

I tried to contact moneysavingsexpert many times and ways, and they too are 'unavailable' ie mails bounce back- phones unavailable etc

So it seems that both companies basically tell lies, and when asked for an explanation, dont have open lines' of access, either by email or direct telephone, (mind you this would cost a fortune on EE / Orange rates)
I even left message on MSE site - through different outlets (no response)

I have now reported them to the Ombudsman for deliberately lying with misleading information, companies like this should not be allowed in business with such misleading jargon coupled with entrapment.

After many letters and phone calls they have still have yet to reply to me, all I get from the accounts operators is,
"We will talk you through your bill' ( DUURRR- as if I cant read ?? condescending to say the least, I can see they overcharged me, do I want someone to say it to me ??.

There is such a thing as a cooling off period with normally is 14 days which they abuse as well.
The scenario is this with all their clients.
You sign up with them as I did mid December 14, your 1st bill will not arrive or be taken from your account till mid Jan (ie well out of the 14 days cooling off period)
You are given an account name and number, which I only managed to access once, and this was 'pre bill' I have tried several times since, and this in my oppinion deliberatly 'misdirects' you to a mble phone account ( I dont have a mble account woth them)
like many others (please Google) as it throws you into entering your mobile number- not your account, hence you cant check your account till you see a hole in your Bank account statement.

You then make many attempts in all directions to resolve this, and basically they dont want to know about your problems don,t ring back- or answer emails, this of course can go on for months and I am sure does, hence you pass any 'cooling off period" by some distance and can be stuck with a 12 months contract, due to their lies and devious actions.Without doubt this whole scenario is contrived

Now in my estimation a normal household would be around £100+ per month at their rate (EE) against their claimed cheaper than BT charges ??

All I wanted was an explanation of why they are conning me and are using the highest possible rates without declaring so in their advert on MSE as I from the tone of the add was expecting the lowest charges
In effect they are charging 10 times the rate of BT, plus all the connection charges involved above on top.

I like others were lead to believe this was a good deal and should they would be using the cheapest plan,like everything else in their add
(quote from add
'Call Costs, Weekend Calls to landlines are included, Others are slightly less than BT)
what a bunch of liars as it doesnt say anything close to the truth in their blurb - or using such high charges- it should be upfront in their initial add- and its not.

I telephoned EE today and they offered me 'another plan,' which I promptly told them what they can do with it, as I am not taking any plans out with such a deceitful and dishonest company.

Needless to say, I have cancelled with them - and will be looking for another provider, albeit the chances of getting my £162 initial cost + £6 router, +£38-11 rip off out of my account looks a bit grim.

If I have to lose this, yet warn others off of this it may be money well spent, why do we have such people in companies thinking up such devious underhand ideas,

At one stage I was asked why I didnt go directly to EE or Orange website to check out the details, my response was as they advertised with moneysavingsexpert, and were collecting vast amounts of money via the link, each link needed and EE MSE code, they should be responsible for making sure that their adds at MSE were true, and not misleading, as they were profiting by it. They should be upfront with such important information, not hide it in links or preamble

Wouldnt it be a better world if people were straight and honest - mind you finding one in EE or MSE surely is an impossiblity

Hope this is of some use to someone- avoid EE which is a subsidiary of Orange

Google EE complaints and my my what do you see

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